Royal Mint Coins Celebrate Royal Birth

The Royal British Mint captured a great deal of worldwide media attention when they announced that babies born in the UK on the same day as Prince William and Kate’s baby would receive a free silver penny. The Royal Birth on July 22, 2013 was followed by the unveiling of a range of numismatic products to celebrate the occasion.

Royal Birth 5 Pound Silver Coin

The coin which seems to have garnered the most attention is the £5 silver coin featuring Benedetto Pistrucci’s classic design of St. George Slaying the Dragon. This design has traditionally been used for gold sovereigns, and this release marks the first time that the design has appeared on a silver coin in more than 100 years. The .925 fine silver coins are struck in proof quality with a weight of 28.28g and diameter of 38.61mm. The issue limit is 10,000 pieces, of which the Royal Mint indicates over 50% has already been sold.

Update: As of July 26, the Royal Mint has indicated that 80% of production has been sold.

Silver One Pound Coin

A £1 silver coin is also offered to celebrate the Royal Birth. This coin features the reverse design by Matthew Dent, featuring the heraldic shield of the Royal Arms, struck in .925 silver to brilliant uncirculated standard. The same coin does seem to be available under different packaging. The coin issued to celebrate the Royal Birth comes in “baby edition packaging” and is limited to an issuance of 10,000.

Royal Birth Gold Sovereign

The Royal Mint has also offered a limited run of gold sovereigns, which were minted on the day of the Royal Birth. The 22 karat gold bullion quality coins have a weight of 7.98g and diameter of 22.05 mm. The coins are shown in special packaging which indicates the special striking. According to the Royal Mint website, the full limited run of 2,013 coins has sold out.

Definitive Edition UK Set

Lastly, the Royal Birth 2013 UK Definitive Set is offered, which includes all eight of the definitive circulating UK coins from 2013 within a specially commissioned set. This is indicated as the first UK coin set to be issued to commemorate a royal birth.

These products can be found on the Royal Mint website in the Christening and Baby section, which includes the Royal Birth range in addition to other baby-themed products.

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  1. Wes says

    I have used my Debit card many times for online purchases and the only time I had trouble was with the Royal Mint because they use Visa verified they flagged it as an unusual purchase. That put a hold on my bank which caused a freeze on the account. At the time I just cancelled the purchase and I was glad I did it was one of those Royal wedding coins. It has never been flagged for any other international purchases. I asked the Royal Mint if they accept Discover and they said they have never heard of it. I cancelled my other credit cards after they started playing games with annual fees. I sure hope this time there are no problems.Unusual purchase? I hope I don’t need to travel to London anytime soon.

  2. Wes says

    Same problem again with my bank not allowing charge to go through by the Royal Mint. I am switching banks. Glad I tried to make another purchase before the St George coin is released.

  3. Wes says

    Anybody else showing order for Royal birth St. George coin being held or charged for order already?

  4. Wes says

    HSN has the coin for 199.95. Funny video presentation on the site. He claims it is one full ounce of silver. What is interesting is he says the certificate list it as limited edition of only 7500. Not 10000 and he says the 10000 number is a mistake.

  5. Schalk says


    The coin will only be dispatched from Aug 23rd, only at that time will the RM charge your credit card.

  6. Wes says

    Schalk on another site someone commented that they received there coin yesterday and when I originally ordered the coins page said they will start going out August 2nd. Also HSN showed them today and said they were only able to get 200 of them.

  7. Samuel says

    just received the 2 britannia, not that impressive. like i said before the figure is too small, and too plain. i will give it 7 out of 10.

  8. ultra-crepidarian says

    I canceled my order for 5 Britannia proofs today. This was the first time I ordered directly from the Royal Mint and quite possibly the last. I had no idea their fulfillment system was so poorly implemented.

    The fiasco started with the Mint claiming that my issuing bank declined my credit card (a pretty common claim from what I understand). I put the charge on one of my American Express cards. So I called American Express to find out why they declined the charge. They assured me that they didn’t decline the charge. In fact, their data base indicates that there was never any charged submitted from the Royal Mint.

    I called the Royal Mint representatives, but I couldn’t get them to accept alternative forms of payment in real time. I don’t want to go on with the blow by blow description of all of the needless communications back and forth and all of the misstatements made by the customer service representatives but suffice it to say that when I logged into the Royal Mint web site today and saw that they increased the price of my order I called and canceled.

  9. Wes says

    My debit card was declined as well I called my bank tried again still failed. I am going to try to call them again with a different card but I noticed when checking my orders today they took away the free shipping discount. I hope this isn’t a problem again. Last time I tried to order from them the Credit manager claimed they didn’t care to accept my order because I am an American . He said I should use their US distributor. I don’t think they should discriminate against Americans when their website says they accept overseas orders. He referred me to Gov mint. They don’t even have the coins I ordered and if they did there is going to be a huge mark up.

  10. M says

    This appears to be another New York Mint offering. A huge chunk of these coins are graded in the NGC population reports. All are 69 or 70…I expect NYM to promote these soon. Just a hunch. Big distributors can suggest and oversee product offerings with places like Royal Mint and Perth. Makes for some creative offerings. We are stuck with US Mint offering the same boring stuff…except for the great West Point Eagle set and Reverse Proof Buffalo.

    Fine coins are works of art..I expect a high premium. I collect becuase I like it…not becuase of a slight chance it will increase in value by a few bucks. Look at fine jewelry etc…all have markups similar to these coins.

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