Kazakhstan 2013 Long Spine Hedgehog 500 Tenge Silver Coin

Kazakhstan has just issued a new coin within their “Red Book” series which depicts endangered animals of the country. The series seems to go back to 2001 and has featured some eye catching designs like the latest release featuring the Long Spine Hedgehog.

Long Spine Hedgehog Coin

The obverse design of the coin features the stylized image of a Long Spine Hedgehog at the center of the coin. Inscriptions indicate the issuing authority, “2013” date, composition, and weight. The reverse design features the image of a “caked” or cuddled hedgehog with the name in Kazakh language “ҚАРА КІРПІ” and in Latin “HEMIECHINUS  HYPOMELAS”.

Each coin is struck in .925 silver with a weight of 31.1 grams and diameter of 16 mm. The mintage is limited to 5,000 pieces.

There is also a nickel silver alloy version of the coin, which carries a face value of 50 Tenge. This version carries a mintage of 100,000 pieces.


Shown above are two previous releases within the series, which have featured the Ovis Ammon Mountain Sheep and a species of Praying Mantis.You can view all prior releases of the  series on this page of the National Bank of Kazakhstan website.

The website indicates that commemorative coins are sold at cash desks of the NBK. These may also be carried by certain world coin dealers and can be found listed for sale on eBay.

Some of these issues are reminiscent of the popular Mongolian Endangered Wildlife series, which was covered in this previous article.

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