Royal Canadian Mint New Product Releases June 2013

The Royal Canadian Mint has started accepting pre-orders from Master’s Club members for a large batch of new product releases. These include a new silver coin with niobium insert, a hologram coin, an intriguing Maple Leaf impression, coins celebrating Canada’s “Lady Liberty”, more War of 1812 coins, the latest releases in the O Canada and Group of Seven series, and many more.

At this time, these new products are only available to order by Master’s Club members. Orders will open for the general public on June 4, 2013.

Silver Niobium Coin

A new series of silver coins with colored niobium inserts features contemporary aboriginal art. The first release features the image of an Inuit mother ice fishing with her baby rendered in a contemporary Inuit style. The coin has a weight of 8.5 grams, diameter of 38 mm, and mintage limit of 6,500 pieces. There is an order limit of one per household.

Dreamcatcher Hologram Coin

The next coin brings together ancient First Nations culture with modern technology. A dream catcher is depicted in full color against a hologram of the sky and clouds. The coin has a weight of 15.87 grams, diameter of 34 mm, and limited mintage of 10,000 pieces. There is an ordering limit of one per household.

Maple Leaf Impression Silver Coin

The 2013 Maple Leaf Impression Fine Silver Coin features an intriguing impression of a central maple leaf created from the negative space within a field containing more than 100 maple leaves. Each coin has a face value of $3 with weight of 7.96 grams and diameter of 27 mm. The mintage is 10,000 pieces, with an ordering limit of one per household.

Canada An Allegory Silver Coin

Gold, silver, and bronze coins features Miss Canada or the allegorical “Lady Liberty” used in Canada’s past. The coin features a rendering of a new Miss Canada for modern-day Canada. She sits on the “throne” of the Canadian shield wearing a crown of maple leaves while her right hand is posed in a welcome gesture and her left holds a staff. The background scene represents the country’s robust natural variety. The coin incorporates the use of five different finishes, each with a separate degree of luster.

The 1 oz 99.99% fine silver coin has a face value of 25 Dollars. The diameter is 38 mm and the mintage limit is 8,500 pieces. There is a limit of one per household.

The 1/4 oz. 99.99% gold coin also has a face value of 25 Dollars. The diameter is 20 mm and the mintage limit is 2,000 pieces.

Also available is a bronze version (95% copper, 5% zinc) with a face value of 3 Dollars. The weight is 19.2 grams and the diameter is 35.75 mm. A mintage limit of 15,000 pieces applies. This is indicated as the first bronze coin ever produced by the Royal Canadian Mint.

War of 1812 coins

Gold and Silver 1-kilogram sized coins reproduce an illustration of the Battle of Châteauguay. The mintage limits are 500 pieces for the 1 kilo silver coin and just 10 pieces for the 1 kilo gold coin, which features a different view of the battle.

A new release in the Heroes of the War of 1812 series features Laura Second. The 99.99% fine silver coin has a weight of 7.96 grams, diameter of 27 mm, and mintage limit of 10,000 pieces.

Louisbourg Gold and Silver Coins

Gold and silver coins are released to celebrate the 300th anniversary of Louisbourg. The 99.99% fine silver coin has a weight of 31.6 grams, diameter of 40 mm, and mintage of 8,500 pieces. An ordering limit of one per household applies. The 99.99% gold coin has a weight of 1/25 oz. with diameter of 13.92 mm and mintage limit of 10,000 pieces.

Martin Short Canada

An unusually themed new silver coin features Canada through the eyes of actor Martin Short. The reverse design was created in consultation with Martin Short and features his summer home in Muskoka, northern Ontario. The 99.99% fine silver coin is struck in proof quality with a weight of 7.96 grams and diameter of 27 mm. The mintage limit is 15,000 pieces.


A new Canadian dinosaurs series begins with a depiction of Bathygnathus borealis. Future coins in the series will feature life-like depictions of prehistoric animals and dinosaurs discovered in Canada. The present coin is struck in 99.99% silver to proof quality with a weight of 31.39 grams and diameter of 38 mm. There is a mintage limit of 8,500 and limit of one per household.


The latest release within the O Canada series features a depiction of a lone wolf on the 99.99% fine 1/2 oz silver coin, limited to a mintage of 40,000 pieces. There is also a 1 oz silver coin featuring a wolf mother and pups limited to 8,500 pieces and a 1/10 oz gold coin featuring a profile portrait of a wolf limited to 4,000 pieces.


The sixth release within the Group of Seven series features an adaptation of J.E.H. MacDonald’s Sumacs. The 99.99% fine 1 oz silver coin is limited to a mintage of 7,000 pieces.

2013 Maple Leaf 1/2 oz silver coin

Last is the 2013 1/2 oz Fine Silver Maple Leaf coin featuring a depiction of two sugar maple leafs. This coin has a mintage limit of 50,000 pieces, which is half the level of the previous year. Struck in 99.99% fine silver with a specimen finish, the coins have a weight of 15.87 grams and diameter of 34 mm.

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  1. fmtransmitter says

    I agree. You figure the mints would see that the collectors usually prefer the “classic” style of the numismatic collectibles. Every time one is made, the ones that sell out the best are these type. Have you seen this huge 6 Ouncer? Un real beauty. Saving up for one.
    Niue 2013 $50 Fortuna Redux Mercury 3D – Cylinder Shaped 6 Oz Silver Proof Coin

  2. Hidalgo says

    When will these coins be available to buy? I am not a member of the club (is it called the Master’s Club)?

  3. VABEACHBUM says

    I may give the Miss Canada and the two Maple Leaf coins some consideration. I also see that they have implemented stricter ordering limits on most of these limited issue coins; most are one per household right out of the gate. Probably some fall-out from the rush on the $100 Silver Buffalo coins. Speaking of which, took delivery of mine today. Specimen type with “enhanced” finish. Definitely glad I added one to my collection and will be looking for the next coins in the series.

    @ Hidalgo – see Para 2 at the top. RCM opens sales to the masses on June 4th.

  4. Hidalgo says

    Thanks VABeachBum.

    Can anyone tell me how much the first coin, the one that has a colored niobium insert cost? And the second one, with the hologram and dream catcher – how much does that one cost?

  5. fmtransmitter says

    A & L Future:

    Awsome coin. I just took receipt of the NIUE Birds of Prey series Graded PF70 from APMEX. Paid a pretty penny BUT was pleasantly surprised to see the Osprey number 002 and I received the OGP with them. Saw them on eBay for $30 less but they were from a Florida seller, I live in Florida, so I would have to pay “sales tax” and would not receive the OGP. Figure I will do good in the long run with a limited mintage of 5,000. I am a big bird lover and birds of prey especially. Thanks for the link and enjoy your treasure. Cheers…

  6. G says

    Hidalgo- I think it’s 90 or 100$ for the dream catcher and 139$ for the niobium. I like the Dino and Dreamcatcher but thinking I’ll pass this month.

  7. Ray says

    The US MInt could learn a lot from Canada’s programs. These coins are absolutely amazing!

  8. Hidalgo says

    Thanks for price information!

    How much is the niobium insert coin featuring the image of an Inuit mother ice fishing ?

    How about the dinosaur coin?


  9. UncleKen says

    For those that are interested…

    The Niobium Coin is $139.95 CAD (1 per household limit)
    Composition: fine silver (99.99% pure)
    Finish: proof
    Weight (g) 8.5
    Diameter (mm) 28

    The Dinosaur Coin is $89.95 CAD (1 per household limit)
    Composition: 99.99% fine silver
    Finish: proof
    Weight (g) 31.39
    Diameter (mm) 38

  10. Louis says

    Hidalgo- The niobium is $140 as G said. Not sure on the dinosaur, but by this time tomorrow all will be revealed.

  11. Louis says

    Yesterday I received from gatewest the special wood box for the 1/2 oz silver series (O Canada) with the first 3 issues. Well worth the wait a great way to display the coins.

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