25th Anniversary of Parliament House $5 Silver Coin

The Royal Australian Mint has recently issued two coins to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Australia’s Parliament House. These include a triangular silver proof coin and 20c uncirculated coin.

2013 Parliament House Silver Coin

The 2013 $5 fine silver proof coin is touted as Australia’s first ever triangular coin. The coin’s design, which features the triangular spire of the building topped by the Australian flag, is particularly well suited to the unorthodox coin shape. The inscriptions are aligned to each side of the triangle and read “25th Anniversary of/ Parliament House” and “5 Dollars”.

The obverse contains the Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Queen Elizabeth II with the “2013” date.

Struck in 99.9% silver, this coin has a weight of 22.23 grams and an indicated diameter of 33.90 mm. The mintage limit is 10,000 pieces.


A copper-nickel 20-cent coin is also available, which shows a wider view of the Parliament House. This coin has a weight of 11.30 grams, diameter of 28.52 mm, and unlimited mintage.

Both coins are available on the RAM website here and here.

The Royal Australian Mint has recently released several coins that I have felt had well executed or captivating designs. I have particularly liked the 2013 Australian Mining 20 cent coin, which presents a partial view of a massive modern mining machine. I also liked the Centenary of Canberra 20 cent coin, which contains an image of the original blueprint for the city.

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