Loose Change at the Mexican Mint

The wildly collectible and unpredictable Libertad series is living up to its name in 2013.

After experimenting with a 30th Anniversary Set in 2012 that contained no fractional proofs, the Mexican Mint brought back the popular 5 coin silver Libertad proof set, with a maximum mintage of 1000 pieces for the 1 oz, 1/2 ounce, 1/4, 1/10, and 1/20 ounce silver proof.  The catch is: they released it in unprecedented fashion. All 1000 of the silver proof sets were shipped to European distributors only.  This makes it very difficult for American (and Mexican) collectors to get it for their collections, but to balance that (or perhaps make it worse) the Mexican Mint created 2 brand new sets.


They debuted a new (mintage of 1000) 3 piece fractional silver proof set for sale in the U.S. only, with the 1 ounce, 1/2 ounce, and 1/4 ounce silver proof coins, and the nice wooden box with COA.  Later this year, they will be debuting a new set with a low mintage of 600 available only in Mexico, of a 4 coin silver Libertad set, with the 1/2 and 1/4 ounce in brilliant uncirculated, and the 1/10 and 1/20 ounce in proof.  With the 5 ounce proof and Kilo proof-like silver coins in the mix, 2013 will likely set the tone for future releases.

Having stopped all fractionals in 2012, it looks like the Mexican Mint is re-booting the series and trying to establish worldwide distribution paths to what it recognizes has become one of the most sought after releases of any mint.  Of course, with all of these sets, the concern is that the total mintage for the year will be higher than 2012, but as the 2011 mintage silver proof numbers show, the market can withstand a very high number of silver proofs before the secondary pricing is affected.


Also, as we are talking about Silver Libertads, the phrase “high mintage” is an oxymoron: there has never been a year where any of the offerings of silver proofs topped the 30,000 area- or in other contexts, the lowest proof of the United States Mint, still is higher than the highest proof of the Mexican Mint (that being the 1986 1 ounce proof).  Nothing since that one year of proofs has topped the 10,000 mark.  So to be clear, when we talk about higher mintages, what we really mean is: crazy low rare mintages, just a little less crazy low.

Gold Rush

The full compliment of Gold BU and Proof Libertad fractionals will be available this year as well, with one caveat: they are going to be extremely hard to find.

The gold proof set in the iconic wooden box will have a maximum mintage of only 250, setting a new key to the gold series.  It remains to be seen if the gold series will catch on the way the silver series has, as the gold proofs have only been consistently minted since 2005.  The 2013 1/4 ounce gold proof will have a slightly higher mintage of 500, so there will be a few available outside of the sets for sale.  The BU mintages are not yet set, but are confirmed to have the 1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/10, and 1/20 ounce issues again.

Perhaps the hyper low proof mintage and reintroduction of BU fractionals to a worldwide collector base that has shown a hunger for collecting gold coins will spur the Libertad gold coins to start the long climb to catch up to the sizzle of their silver counterparts.  With a mintage of only 250 sets, they certainly aren’t establishing many new fans.  But by now, Libertad collectors should know what they have gotten themselves into with their attempts to tame these elusive, winged angels.

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  1. Samuel says

    the 30th Anniversary set (1500) still available everywhere. so, i wont expect this set to do any better. same design, different date, different box.

  2. JD says

    It’s hard to believe that there are 6+ billion people on the planet….probably millions of collectors…and only 1500 30th sets?….and still available??…..this is a gorgeous coin in a cool set…what gives?

  3. Louis says

    Another excellent article.
    Do you know anyone other than Don Bailey who might have the 2013 gold coins? Don is having all of his graded before selling, and I would prefer to try to get a raw quarter ounce.

  4. VABEACHBUM says

    I also enjoyed your latest article, Gabriel. Based on your July 2012 article, I picked up one of the 2-coin sets last year.

    Any ideas as to when we might expect to see this 3-coin “US Set” on the local market?? I have found 5 pre-sale listings on the Bay, all indicating delivery in mid to late May

    I know that Panda America is one of the authorized US dealers for Casa de Moneda de Mexico, but as of this afternoon, their only 2013 listings are for the 1 oz and 5 oz BU issues.

    Any additional information would be greatly appreciated.

  5. G says

    Thanks Louis and VA- I have seen a few presales on ebay, but no word on where to get the sets. The gold proofs are going to essentially invisible and the silver sets will probably follow the pattern of a few popping up here and there and then being difficult to find again- like the past wood box sets.

  6. Dan says


    I would also like to find a set in OGP so if you should run across any please post and let me know. I will do the same for you.

    Hey G

    Thanks again for a great article on a beautiful coin. I am amazed that they still do not have that great a following. Someday these may be realized as sleepers and I will be glad to have collected them because with these low mintages, they will be nowhere to be found.

  7. JD says

    wow …only 6 comments on these sets in one day …I’ve seen 30 erupt on any SE news….reckon that tells what I wanted to know about the upside collectibility of the Libertad proofs 🙁

  8. samuel says

    G’s article is always very informative, and allows u to get the big picture in several minutes. i recently saw the “2010 Gold 200 Pesos Mexican Bicentenary”, there is one 1 on ebay, do u have more info?

  9. Louis says

    @JD- Those who follow the pack tend to do less well than those who search for hidden gems that not as many people know about.

    @Dan- I would suggest contacting Pat Stovall at Don Bailey. I managed to order a 1/4 oz gold proof, which is all I can afford, but I know he had two full proof gold sets on sale a couple weeks ago. You can reach him at texker@yahoo.com, and feel free to say Louis referred you. His company is a great resource for Libertads, as they are an official distributor for the Mexican Mint. However, he does not have those three-coin silver proof sets, which were only sold to European dealers, but he can help with the other silver sets.

  10. Andrew says

    The Mexican Silver Libertad series is an all time hit. With the safe-haven appeal around gold, I believe even the gold series will catch up with its silver counterpart. Plus, coin collectors don’t need a reason to buy these coins with winged angels.

  11. rbc says

    Anybody heard where one can buy the US three coin set or when it will be available? Any word on the gold set, also?

  12. eric says

    The gold set is becoming impossible
    Thou pat may have some 1/4 onza
    Gold proofs left. We may be
    Kicking ourselves about this
    Next year.

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