Royal Canadian Mint New Product Releases April 2013

The Royal Canadian Mint has started accepting pre-orders for another group of numismatic product releases. The new products include the latest releases within popular ongoing series such as the Venetian glass insects and O Canada. A new silver coin features five different finishes and celebrates the end of the Seven Years War. Two new series make their debut featuring Canada’s maples from unique perspectives and animal architects.

At this time the new products are only available for pre-order by Master’s Club members. Orders will open to the general public on April 2, 2013.


The third release within the series incorporating hand-crafted Venetian glass insects features the butterfly on a purple coneflower. The previous issues of the series have sold out quickly and went on to sharply higher prices on the secondary market. This latest release is no exception and quickly sold out after the opening of pre-orders.

The coin was limited to a mintage of 10,000 with an ordering limit of 2 per household. The price was $149.95 CAD.


A new 99.99% pure silver coin marks the 250th anniversary of the conclusion of the Seven Years War. The reverse design features representations of the people involved or impacted by the war, including British and French soldiers, First Nations people, colonists, and a child to symbolize hope for the future. The group gazes east and a map appears in the background showing the North American battlefront region.

This coin showcases five different finishes, each with a separate degree of luster and engraving techniques. There is a mintage limit is 10,000 pieces and the ordering limit is 3 per household.

Each coin has a weight of 23.17 grams and diameter of 36.07 mm. The price is $69.95 CAD.


Kilo sized gold and silver coins also recognize the 250th anniversary of the end of the Seven Years War. The design features a period map inspired by mid-1700’s map maker Didier Robert de Vaugondy. The map depicts the battlefront region in North America with the Royal Arms of France and Britain.

The proof quality gold kilo coin has a mintage of just 20 pieces and is priced at $69,000.00 CAD. The proof silver kilo coin has a mintage of 500 pieces and is priced at $2,249.95 CAD.


The Canadian Maple Canopy 1 oz Silver Coin begins a new series featuring Canada’s maples from unique perspectives. The present coin features a view from the base of the tree, looking up towards the branches and canopy of leaves above. The coin is struck in proof quality and painted to provide the leaves with some color.

Each coin has a weight of 31.39 grams and diameter of 38 mm. There is a mintage limit of 7,500 and price of $99.95 CAD.


Another new series begins which will feature Canada’s architects of the animal world. The first release features the honeybee sitting on a flower blossom to collect nectar with a honeycomb design present in the background. The 99.99% pure 1/4 oz. silver coins are struck to proof quality with a painted honeybee.

The mintage limit is 10,000 pieces, with a price of $69.95 CAD.


Next up is the Grandmother Moon Mask Ultra High Relief Gold and Silver Coins. The reverse designs feature a reproduction of a wooden moon mask created in the mid-2000’s by Aboriginal artist Richard Cochrane.

The 1 oz ultra high relief proof 99.999% gold coins have a mintage limit of 500 pieces and are priced at $2,999.95. The 1 oz ultra high relief proof 99.99% silver coins have a mintage limit of 6,000 pieces and are priced at $149.95 CAD. The silver version appears to have sold out during the pre-order period.


The coronation of Queen Elizabeth II is highlighted on a 5 oz silver coin. This is indicated as the largest coin ever issued by the Royal Canadian Mint which features color. The reverse design contains the images of the official coronation photograph taken by Cecil Beaton on June 2, 1953.

Each coin has a weight of 157.6 grams and diameter of 65.25 mm. The mintage limit is 1,500 with a price of $524.95 CAD. The coin appears to have sold out during the pre0rder period.


The latest releases in the O Canada series feature the polar bear. The coins include a 1 oz silver coin with a mintage limit of 8,500 priced at $89.95 CAD, a 1/2 oz. silver coin with a mintage limit of 40,000 priced at $39.95 CAD, and a 1/10 oz gold coin has a mintage limit of 4,000 priced at $279.95 CAD.

As stated initially, all of the coins mentioned in this post are currently available for ordering by Master’s Club members only. Ordering for the general public opens on April 2, 2013.

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  1. G says

    I think this is the most exciting collection of offerings of any mint so far this year. The butterfly, mask, and canopy coins are excellent. I have to confess that little bee coin is really growing on me, too.

  2. G says

    I have a hunch that the little animal architect bee is going to be a hard coin to find down the road. Just a lot of good possibilities of subjects, and a really solid first in series. I could see it being a sleeper.

  3. Hidalgo says

    @G – not so sure about that honeybee. 10,000 mintage. And only 1/4 ounce silver…. Hmmmmm.

    The butterfly coin, because of the coloring, is my favorite.

    I was surprised at the high cost of the UHR Moon Mask coin. About $150 (US). Wow. A lot of money for a one ounce silver coin, even though only 6,000 were made. With silver selling for around $30 an an ounce, the Royal Canadian MInt s making a huge profit…

  4. G says

    @hidalgo- I know, it’s just a guess, but I do think that the extra 21$ melt value silver that the butterfly coin contains isn’t much considering what some of these RCM coins are going for. All the high price really does is take out the bullion speculators. It’ll be interesting to see. Not a lot of 3 dollar coins in any market 🙂

  5. Andrew says

    Oooh Wow!!! Simply wonderful series of coins. I loved the butterfly coin; since its coloring brings out the best artistic intricacy. One of a kind! I would surely like to pick this up for myself and for a gift.

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