Recent World Coin Releases of Interest

As some readers are aware, I also operate the website which provides coverage of new issues from various world mints within the world coins section. I wanted to take a post to highlight some recently profiled coins that might be of interest to readers here.

Fortuna Redux

Last month, the Mint of Poland released what is being called the world’s first cylindrical coin. The “Fortuna Redux” coin features a highly detailed design covering the obverse, reverse, and expanded height. The coins are struck in 6 ounces of .999 fine silver and have a mintage of just 2,500 pieces.

Find the CoinUpdate article here.

The YouTube video embedded below shows the entire process of creating the coin from original drawings to the finish product in packaging.


The Pobjoy Mint has released a blue titanium coin issued for the Government of South Georgia & South Sandwich Islands. The Pobjoy Mint has released other titanium coins in blue, bi-color, and turquoise. The latest release is particularly fitting in blue since it depicts two Blue Whales. The blue titanium version of the coin is limited to 5,000 pieces. Sterling silver and curpo-nickel versions are also available.

Find more information on this issue here.

Notre Dame

The Monnaie de Paris has released gold and silver coins across a variety of weights to mark the 850th anniversary of the commencement of construction of the Notre Dame Cathedral. The coins feature a portion of the main pane of stained glass along with an impression of a gargoyle. The obverse and reverse features an opposite image to create a window-like effect.

Find more information on the coins here.

Royal Dutch Mint

After recently taking home the Coin of the Year Award, the Royal Dutch Mint has released gold and silver coins to mark the 300th anniversary of the treaty of Utrecht. The unique design includes a wreath of 35 quill pens around the periphery of the coin. Lines from each pen converge at the center to create an image of Queen Beatrix on the obverse and a stylized globe on the reverse.

Find more information on this issue here.

russia aviation

The Central Bank of Russia has released the latest coins in a series focused on the history of Russian Aviation. I have not seen these coins in hand but the use of a textured background to represent a view of the globe provides an interesting appearance. The previous issues of the series seemed to only use colorization to represent the sky.

Additional information about these coins and other recent Russian commemorative coin issues can be found here.

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  1. VABEACHBUM says

    @ G – Agreed on the Dutch coin. I had commented on the CoinUpdate article (M. Alexander) the the Dutch just continue to expand upon their creativity and their thought provoking renderings. Another excellent candidate for COTY awards in 1 or more categories. I hope to be able to add one to my collection at a reasonable cost.

    The “Fortuna” caught my eye a couple of weeks ago while viewing the ECI website. Unique, for sure, and I’d definitely like to see one in hand, but it’s a tough sell for me as a “coin” that I absolutely have to add to my collection.

  2. A&L Future says


    Given the unique shape of the “Fortuna Redux,” do you feel it qualifies as:

    1). a coin
    2). as an FY13 COTY contender

    p.s. I have one in-hand and based on your “handle” I’d be willing to bet we’re only miles apart.

  3. VABEACHBUM says

    @ A&L – There certainly have been other coins through history that have been more-oddly shaped. And, from a true fiscal sense, it appears that the Redux has been monetized at $50.00. If the Mint of Poland says it’s coin, then I have to accept that it’s a coin, even if it doesn’t quite fit into my coin paradigm – or my budget. But, wouldn’t be the first time (or the second) that I’ve passed up on that next great thing.

    COTY Contender?? I’m sure it will get a lot of consideration for its wonderful markings and outside-the-box concept. However, I can’t recall if the committee has a special category for, or has otherwise previously considered multi-ounce submissions. Anyone else know for sure??

  4. Schalk says

    The redux coin does not appear to be selling well as it is still available from most dealers I know – I have no desire for it.

  5. A&L Futures says

    @ VABEACHBUM – Perhaps we can dedicate a future post to coins which, as you stated earlier, “have been more-oddly shaped.” A recap of past, present, and future accomplishments by the world’s mints would be a good read.

    @ Schalk – That may be true, especially when you consider the cost to acquire it. I’m very pleased with my purchase. Now all I need to do is find a way to display it (long term), given that its surfaces are subject to tarnishing. For now it’s still tucked away in its capsule and zip-lock© bag.

    @ MZ – You never cease to amaze. Thanks for the link.

  6. im just a bill says

    The Fortuna Redux is marvelous looking. I can’t pass it up. Its like a double high relief with the side in h/r as well. I’ll display it right next to my 5oz h/r Koala.

  7. G says

    OT: I received my wolf coins from canada today. almost looks like a reverse proof. great coin.

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