Canada: 2013 Wolf $20 for $20 Silver Coin

The Royal Canadian Mint has opened the pre-ordering period for the latest coin within the Exchange $20 for $20 series, which features 99.99% pure silver coins priced at their legal tender face value of $20.

2013 Wolf $20 Silver Coin

The latest design carries a striking depiction of a wolf against a barren landscape. The inscriptions include the face value “20 Dollars”, “Fine Silver Argent Pur 9999”, the date “2013”, and “Canada”. The obverse of the coin features the Susanna Blunt effigy of Queen Elizabeth II.

Each coin is struck in 99.99% pure silver with a weight of 7.96 grams. This yields silver content of 0.256 troy ounces. The coins have a diameter of 27 mm and a serrated edge. The mintage is indicated at 250,000 pieces, with an ordering limit of 3 per household.

As mentioned, these coins are currently available for pre-order by Master’s Club members only. Public ordering should open soon.

All previous releases within the $20 for $20 series have sold out with the exception of the most recently released Hockey themed coin which went on sale in late January.

The new 2013 Wolf $20 Silver Coin will be the eighth release within the series.

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  1. VABEACHBUM says

    WOW!! Awesome depiction that grabs your attention. I have acquired one of each release since the start of the 20-20 series, but I’m definitely in for three of this one.

    I also have a vision of this rendering on a larger canvas; say a true one ounce silver coin or even the 1.5 ouncer used with the 2013 Polar Bear. It could happen, as the RCM followed this approach with their 2006 1/2 oz Wolf and the larger 2011 1 oz Wolf. I just hope it won’t be another 5 years!!

  2. Louis says

    Was a real pain to order. The web did not work, but I finally got through on the phone and got 3. I can always spend them in Niagra Falls! I agree with VABEACHBUM, they should do a bigger version. These will go fast.

  3. VABEACHBUM says

    @ Louis – I just finished checking the RCM site, but found no indication that these coins had been listed. Did you buy through the Master’s Club??

    Just wondering…

  4. Louis says

    Hi, VAB- Yes, I recently entered the club and earlier today I got an e-mail saying that they were taking pre-orders. When you are in the club, you can see new releases on the site that are not yet available to everyone else. But I tried several times to order online and it was slow and then said insufficient stock when I tried to finish, so I had to call a couple times and finally got someone who took my order. Not quite like the 25th anniv. ASE sets, but still a bit frustrating. Hopefully next time will go easier.

  5. Brian V. says

    Does anybody know where I can order pre-sale from USA address? It’s my understanding you have to be Canadian citizen to order from R.C.M.
    It’s a great rendition…the Cougar engraver could learn from this piece.
    Thanks for any help !!!

  6. Michael Zielinski says

    Pre-orders can be placed to USA addresses, however only by Master’s Club members. You become a member by spending at least $999.99 during a rolling on year period. The RCM first makes its new releases available to Master’s Club members, and then opens sales to the general public a few days later.

  7. ED says

    It’s a quarter of an ounce of silver for 20$.What a rip off.And it doesn’t mean squat what the face value says.

  8. Sam H says

    Ed, how does the face value not mean squat? Is a basement on the value, no matter what happens to silver, it will never be worth less than the price paid. The US Mint should be taking notes.

  9. cvicisso says

    What originally attracted me to this series was the “$20 for $20” slogan (which ED doesn’t seem to ‘get’). This is a HUGE deal, and for me, was really the whole point. You’re covered both ways – if inflation goes into hyper-drive, you’ve got your chunk of silver. If not, you’ve got your original $20 – you can go trade it in for paper money (if you’re stupid). That’s called insurance – and it usually costs a premium… but Canada is giving it away for free. Think about it… if you had a choice between hoarding a stash of $20 bills or hoarding a stack of $20 silver coins (THAT COST THE SAME AND ARE WORTH THE SAME IN DOLLAR TERMS)… who would take the paper? On top of all that, you’ve got a ‘collectible’ premium built in too. It really seems too good to be true. I don’t understand why people don’t get it.

    I have all of the series so far – multiples of many – and will be pre-ordering three wolves as soon as they hit the website for us non Master’s Club members (didn’t even know there was such a thing!). I’ve been doing this for every coin in the series and as long as you don’t wait too long after the announcement – it has worked every time. Oh, and I live in the U.S.

    Speaking of which … VABEACHBUM – I live in Virginia Beach, VA… sounds like we’re neighbors?!

    Back to the coins… the wolf design doesn’t impress me like it does you guys… but I’m still buying three. For me, the best designed in the series so far was the canoe. Love it. I would still spend $20 each all day long if I could.

  10. cvicisso says

    The same people who poo-poo this series seem to advocate going back to a precious-metal-backed currency… which is exactly what this is. It blows my mind.

    Look at it this way…

    There is no difference (other than the extra collector premium that YOU GET due to low mintages) of the $20 silver Canadian series and the way the U.S. minted coins prior to 1965. You don’t think you got MORE than $0.25 worth of silver when you got a quarter back then, do you? Of course not. But the money still had some intrinsic value (a ‘basement’ of precious metal content) beyond its’ mere backing by the U.S. government… unlike our coinage today.

  11. Broooster says

    I will wait for Gatewest to get them. The one time I ordered 3 from the RCM, I received 3 coins and 1 coin envelope, had to order the extra envelopes seperate, and the shipping for those was crazy. Plus, you can usually get 10 from Gatewest, which allows for some flexibility if someone wants more than just 3.

  12. cvicisso says

    I didn’t know about Gatewest until I read your post and Googled it. Looks like they have pretty good deals – thanks!

  13. ibex says

    Easy to buy today, no reason to rush it yesterday with the bogged down website. This is a no brainer, 20 for 20, free shipping, use CC with no foreign fees, cool design, This will be sold out next week at some point.

  14. VABEACHBUM says

    @ G and ibex – I just checked the RCM site and the Gatewest site, but did not see these new coins listed on either. Are you also ordering through the Master’s Club??

    @ cvicisso – Yep. Kempsville section of VB. Agree that the Canoe issue was a great coin. Very thought provoking. I think this presentation of the wolf just reaches out and grabs at you.

    I hadn’t been to Gatewest in forever. Surprised my account was still active. I did come across a couple of previously missed items at reasonable prices. I need to check there more often.

  15. ibex says

    Yes, its MC only at this point, I think MC status conveys the free shipping too. Gatewest can’t list any coins until they are available thru RCM to the general public which will be early next week.

  16. wolfhowler says

    Does anyone know if there is a free shipping code for the new 20 for 20 wolf coin from the Royal Canadian Mint?

  17. Jay says

    Free shipping is only available thru the Master’s Club. It’s weird, but I ordered these Monday as well and mine shipped yesterday, even though I have several other things I ordered from them months ago that have yet to ship.

  18. Hidalgo says

    I really like these $20 for $20 silver coins. The artwork is remarkable!

    Considering how high the cost of postage is, does anyone here have any recommendations on buying these coins where postage is less expensive?

    Thanks Michael for sharing news of these coins.

  19. Broooster says

    @ Hidalgo, If you order from Gatewest coins, and your order is over $100, shipping is only $5. They have most, if not all, of the $20 for $20 coins still available. Give them a little time and I am sure they will have the newest one.

  20. MacPointMan says

    Just ordered 3 of these plus 3 of the Hockey coins. I’d order all of the others but they aren’t available from the Royal Canadian Mint site. If I ordered them else where they would probably cost a premium. I will be paying attention to the Royal Canadian Mint website more often.

    OUr neighbors to the north seem to do a great job with coinage.

    It is a great series and a great Idea. Wish I knew about these earlier. You can’t go wrong with a pure silver coin that is legal tender with a $20 face value that is legal tender in Canada. I wont be spending these of course but knowing that I haven’t lost anything minus shipping is great. The possibility that the silver weight can be worth more than the face value at some point in time makes up for that.

    My next AMPEX or Provident order will include some Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Bullion ounce coins.

  21. glstexas says

    Rip off. Here’s the deal. Hyperinflation (if it occurs) or even regular old run of the mill inflation will make the FV of this coin virtually worthless. However, $20 bucks spent on 1 troy ounce will be worth far more than the quarter ounce of silver in the coin and more than what the face value in fiat currency is of the coin. I like them and may buy some – but it’s hardly a win-win offer. Ed DOES “get it”.

  22. Geordie says

    ED does indeed get it. These coins are virtually worthless, and the face value that everyone is so keen about is meaningless- just try cashing these in at a bank, or using them at any store. They will laugh in your face. Avoid this scam. You are getting a quarter ounce of silver for a highly inflated price.

    Yet another RCM scam.

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