Coins and Sets for the 60th Anniversary of the Queen’s Coronation

The Royal British Mint has released several products which celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. This follows the many Diamond Jubilee products issued last year to celebrate 60 years since the Queen’s accession.

The 2013 60th Anniversary of the Queen’s Coronation £5 Coin was released in December 2012. The reverse design features a depiction of the Imperial State Crown, which was worn just after the Coronation ceremony. An inscription above the crown reads “To Reign and Serve – A Vow Made Good”.

The obverse of the coin contains the Ian-Rank Broadley effigy of Queen Elizabeth II with the “2013” date.

This coin is available in copper-nickel composition in brilliant uncirculated quality, packaged with an illustrated folder. A 22-karat gold proof version is available with a mintage limit of 2,000. A silver proof version is limited to 15,000 pieces, a gold plated silver proof version is limited to 12,500, and a silver piedfort proof version is limited to 3,250. The coin is also included in various annual sets.

Just announced this month is 2013 The Queen’s Portrait Four Coin Set, available in three different precious metals options . The obverse designs of the coins feature each of the portraits that the Royal Mint has used for circulation coinage, which were designed by Mary Gillick, Arnold Machin, Raphael Maklouf, and Ian-Rank-Broadley.

A common reverse design features the Royal Arms reimagined by sculptor James Butler.

A Gold Proof Four Coin Set will be offered with a limit of 450 sets. Also available will be a silver proof set limited to 4,800 and a piedfort silver proof set limited to 2,700 sets.

The Royal Mint has a section of their website which showcases products celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the Queen’s Coronation, which can be found here.

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  1. Gary Dunaier says

    The Queen’s Portrait Four Coin Set looks awesome! I especially like that they’ve used the original lettering styles surrounding each portrait.

    Unfortunately, the set’s being issued in gold and silver only shuts me out. £400.00 for the silver set is way out of my price range. Guess I’ll just have to admire them through pictures.

  2. Ibex says

    Though nice, RM stuff is just so overpriced. Always collected the Brits but understand lots of QC problems with those coins.

  3. ultra-crepidarian says

    The designs are nice but the proof (22 carat gold) £5 Coronation Crown (Product code: UK13COGP) shown above is priced at £2,400 or about $3,756. Who is going to pay that much for a newly minted ounce of gold? How will the Mint ever develop a collector base for their coins with this pricing strategy?

    The Royal Mint coins are so overpriced and that hurts the demand for these coins. The coins don’t generate any traction in the US market. I would like to start collecting the new proof Britannia coins when they are released later this year but I am concerned with the pricing of these coins and the availability of the ounce 24 carat gold version of the Britannia as a standalone issue.

  4. hw says

    For those of you who are interested in The Queen’s Portrait Set Silver Piedfort Proof 4 Coin Set. RM had the pre-order price at 800 BP yesterday and now it is at 666 BP. Anyone know what’s going on?

  5. says

    I love the Royal Mint’s products, but their prices are just off-the-wall insane. They make the Perth Mint look cheap and affordable. Probably the only thing I will buy from them is a proof silver Britannia. Everything else just costs way too much and is unlikely to hold its value to boot.

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