Arrival: 2013 Lithuania 1863-1864 Uprising 50 Litas Silver Coin

I wanted to share the arrival of a new world coin that I found particularly impressive. Struck by the Lithuanian Mint, the coin is dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the 1863-1864 Uprising, also referred to as the January Uprising.

An image of the coin in hand is shown below. Click for a larger version.

Lithuania 1863-1864 Uprising 50 Litas Silver Coin

The obverse design of the coin displays the coat of arms of the 1863-1864 Uprising, representing the three nations forming the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. The eagle represents Poland, the knight on horseback known as Vytis represents Lithuania, and the Archangel Michael represents Ruthenia. The inscription above  is “LIETUVA” (Lithuania) with the 2013 date, and below is “50 LITU” (50 Litas).

The reverse of the coin features the weapons of the insurgents, consisting mostly straightened scythes. An inscription above reads “1863-1864 SUKILIMAS” (the 1863-1864 Uprising).

What I liked about this coin was the striking and evocative nature of the design, which uses stark and uncluttered images to symbolically represent the uprising. Sometimes a single, striking image can convey much more than a detailed or literal interpretation.

Each coin is struck in .925 silver with a diameter of 38.61 mm and weight of 28.28 grams. The coin is indicated to be struck in proof quality, but the execution of the finish differs from a traditional proof. The swords on the reverse and partial borders around the images of the obverse are recessed below the surface of the coin and only these areas are mirrored. The remaining surfaces of the coin are lightly frosted with a satin-like finish.


The mintage for the coin is 3,000 pieces, which is lower than the mintage levels for some recent prior year commemoative silver coins from Lithuania.

This page on the website of the Central Bank of the Republic of Lithuania shows other recent issues and includes order forms for the coins. I am not sure which whether they will fulfill orders to other countries. I purchased my coin on eBay.

Bank of Canada Hoard 1912-1914 Gold Coins

There have been some reports that the Royal Canadian Mint has started to ship the 1912-1914 Gold Coins, which were offered for sale late last year from a hoard stored at the Bank of Canada for more than 75 years. The coins offered were classified as either “Premium Hand Selected” or “Hand Selected”.

Many readers were curious as to the quality of the coins for these categories and how the coins might grade numerically. If possible I would like to have a future post on World Mint News Blog which explores these issues.

Any readers who ordered the coins and have received them are invited to contact me to submit images and/or provide comments on the quality of the coins. If anyone plans to submit their coins for grading, it would also be interesting to see the results. Hopefully readers can submit some information and images for a forthcoming post. Thanks in advance!

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  1. hw says


    Just to let you know that I received the Premium Hand-Selected $5 1914 coin today and forwarded it immediately to PCGS for grading. I’ll let you know what comes back. Based on the latest statistics from PCGS, it will likely be MS 63 or 64.


  2. Michael Zielinski says

    Thanks for the information.

    Anyone else please feel free to contact me via the comments or contact form. I will compile everything into a new post at a later date.

  3. Tom P. says

    I received my $5 coin yesterday. I’m not into the numerical grading system, but a 63 or 64 would seem about right to me. No signs of wear, but there are very faint bag marks on the portrait side.

    My $10 coin is on the way and should be here this week.

  4. Jason b says

    I received my 1914 hand selected $5 gold coin today. It is low ms grade I would say. A question about these coins is that this particular coin appears to have a fully rotated die. I don’t know if this is an error or if they were all minted this way. I am from USA and maybe that is normal in Canadian coinage. Does anyone know this?
    Thank you for all the info on your blogs sir.

  5. deacono says

    Hey Michael I love the Lithuania coin. I am rather new to the hobby ( 3 years ) and generally buy what appeals to my eye. I do collect some series though. I have to say this is a really beautiful design. Do you have one in hand? if so what do you think?


  6. Michael Zielinski says

    Yes, I have one in hand. The image above is a scan of this coin.

    I had seen images of the coin online and immediately liked the design. After the coin arrived and I had it in hand, I was even more impressed.

    I collect world coins from certain countries and series, and also occasionally pick up various issues that particularly appeal to me like this one.

  7. Deacono says

    Thanks Michael I just ordered one off the bay. It is really a gorgeous design I can’t wait to see it. Thanks for bringing unique coins to our attention. The last coin (200th anniversay discovery of Petra) I was very happy with.

  8. Deacono says

    Hey Michael I just got this coin in hand and all i can say is, “wow.” Well struck clean and simple It is one of my favorite coins in my little modest collection. Thanks for pointing out this unique piece!

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