2013 Wood Bison Silver Bullion Coin

The Royal Canadian Mint has unveiled the final design within the Canadian Wildlife Silver Bullion Coin series. This six coin series has celebrated Canada’s rich and abundant wildlife on limited mintage one ounce silver coins. For more information on the series and images of the five previous designs, visit this page.

The 2013 Wood Bison Silver Bullion Coin features a depiction of the animal galloping in a display of strength and endurance. Similar to the two prior releases, the image is framed within a circular area with the inscription “Canada” above and “Fine Silver 1 oz Argent Pur” below. The fineness of “9999” is included within the image area. The reverse design is by Canadian artist Emily Damstra.

Although the coins are part of a bullion series with corresponding pricing and availability, a maximum of one million will be produced by the Royal Canadian Mint Ottawa facility. The mintage limit and the appeal of the alternating designs provides the potential for appreciation outside of the bullion value.

The concept of limited mintage bullion releases has been used by other world mints. The RCM’s Wildlife series seems to have achieved a measure of success and popularity with bullion investors and coin collectors. This may set the stage for similar series in the future.

The “Wood Bison” design was announced at the World Money Fair in Berlin. The RCM has indicated that the coins will soon be available through their network of bullion distributors, although no exact date has been specified.

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  1. joe says

    I like the bison coin too, and plan to grab one (or more). I’m with G, you can’t go wrong with buffaloes!

  2. Zeeman says

    Thanks@Schalk, i had a chance to buy that 2013 Mongolian coin for 299 Euros, i passed, now its 349 euro, but i think i made a good decision, just because i like something, doesnot mean i will pay outrageous price for it.

  3. Ralph says

    Zeeman has it right, just wait until one coin comes out that makes your head turn and you question buying it 5 times in 2 minutes. That will be the one that everyone will want. If the Gulo Gulo didn’t have diamonds for eyes it would not be as high as it now, the Owl would be the most expensive as its a much nicer coin.

  4. Wes says

    FYI The Canada Post office has the 2012 $5 Sterling Silver and Niobium Coin – Full Wolf Moon for sale at issue price. Haven’t been checking so I don’t know if those have been there very long. I thought they had sold out some time ago.

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