2013 Kangaroo Road Sign Gold and Silver Coins

The Royal Australian Mint has recently unveiled new kangaroo themed gold and silver coins with a unique twist. The reverse designs present an artist’s impression of the kangaroo road sign, which is frequently seen on Australian roads and highways to warns drivers to watch out for kangaroos.

The coin design features a more detailed depiction of the kangaroo than actually appears on road signs, which have a plain silhouette of the animal. An inscription indicates the precious metal weight and purity. The sign is framed within an octagonal shaped border with five stars appearing at the upper right. The design was created by Wojciech Pietranik before his retirement from the Royal Australian Mint.

The obverse contains the Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Queen Elizabeth II with the “2013” date and legal tender face value. This is also framed within an octagonal shaped border.

The 2013 Kangaroo Road Sign Silver Coins are available in one ounce size with a mintage of 40,000, five ounce size with a mintage of 5,000, and kilo sized with a mintage limit of 1,500.

Gold versions with the same design are also available. These come in one ounce size with a mintage of 5,000, five ounce size with a mintage of 500, and kilo sized with a mintage limit of 100.

The one ounce and five ounce silver coins and the one ounce gold coins are listed as coming soon in the Royal Australian Mint’s eshop New Releases section.

Descriptions indicate that this represents the first release within a new precious metal “Australian Road Signs” series. I found some information indicating that this will be a five year series, but have not encountered anything on the nature of the designs for upcoming years. Will the coins present alternate renditions of the kangaroo sign, or perhaps other animal street signs from the country such as these?

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