Royal Canadian Mint New Product Releases January 2013

The Royal Canadian Mint has started accepting pre-orders for their first batch of numismatic product releases of the New Year. The new releases include a silver dollar and gold coin to mark the 100th anniversary of the Canadian Arctic Expedition, gold and silver coins highlighting the Arctic landscape, a special edition Year of the Snake Coin, and new releases within several ongoing series.

At this time, the new products are only available for pre-order by Master’s Club Members. Orders from the general public will be accepted starting on January 8.

The 2013 100th Anniversary of the Canadian Arctic Expedition Silver Dollar features a reverse design which draws on photography from the expedition. Three men are shown with a dog sled, while the dog team awaits the command to begin. The background contains the stylized image of a compass.

The coins are struck in 99.99% pure silver with a weight of 23.17 grams and diameter of 36.07 mm. The silver dollars are offered individually with a brilliant finish limited to a mintage of 20,000 and a proof finish limited to a mintage of 40,000. Another version of the coin with selective gold plating is included in the 2013 Fine Silver Proof Set, which has a mintage of 25,000.

A 14 karat gold coin is also issued to mark the 100th anniversary of the Canadian Arctic Expedition. The reverse design features the scene of a survey team atop an ice floe taking measurements. The background includes a stylized globe with a view of the Canadian Arctic.

Struck in 58.33% gold and 41.67% silver, the coins have a weight of 12 grams and diameter of 27 mm. The mintage is limited to 2,500 pieces.

A 1 kilo fine silver coin highlights Canada’s Arctic Landscape. The reverse design of the coin features a detailed image of the north shore of Baffin Island, overlooking Lancaster Sound, at the mouth of the Northwest Passage. The scene contains icebergs, glaciers, mountains, ice plains, and frozen waters, representing the Arctic’s various landscape elements. Each coin has a weight of 1 kilo and diameter of 101.8 mm. The face value is 250 Dollars and the mintage is limited to 750 pieces.

A 1 kilo fine gold coin is also offered featuring the same design. The gold coin has the same weight and diameter. The face value is 2500 Dollars and the mintage is limited to just 20 pieces.

A 1/25 oz. Gold Coin features a reproduction of Joanassie Nowkawalk’s original Owl Shaman Holding Goose sculpture carved in 1962. This sculpture is in the Winnipeg Art Gallery and reveals the mystical connection the Inuit people share with nature and the spirit world. An image of the sculpture can be found on page 21 of this pdf document.

Struck in 99.99% pure gold, the coins have a weight of 1.27 grams and diameter of 13.92 mm. The face value is 50 cents and the mintage is limited to 10,000 pieces.

A new 2013 Year of the Snake $10 Silver Coin features an intriguing design. The reverse depicts a coiled snake that accentuates the circular shape of the coin. The pattern of stripes on the snake’s body forms the Chinese character for “snake”.

The 1/2 oz silver coin is struck in 99.99% purity with a specimen finish. The diameter is 34 mm and the mintage is limited to 18,888 pieces.

The second coin within the six coin Great Explorers series features Jacques Cartier. The design contains a full length portrait of Cartier with French soldiers and an aboriginal to each side. He stands on a riverbank surveying the new land with a ship in the background.

Struck in 99.99% pure gold, the coins have a weight o 15.43 grams and diameter of 29 mm. The mintage is limited to 2,000 pieces. The previous release of the series featured the Vikings.

The fourth release in the Group of Seven series features a reproduction of Toronto Street, Winter Morning by Lawren S. Harris. The 1 oz. 99.99% pure silver coin has a mintage limit of 7,000 pieces. The previous releases of the series have sold out.

Additional new products include the first coin in the O Canada 12-coin series (covered previously when subscriptions opened), the eleventh issue in the Provincial Coat of Arms series representing Ontario, the 2013 Specimen Set, 2013 Uncirculated set, and various 2013 Gift Sets.

As mentioned, these coins are currently available for pre-order by Master’s Club members only. Orders from the general public will be accepted starting on January 8.

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  1. Speculator says

    No speculative value with these coins. Except if you think that the price of gold will hit $5,000 per ounce. Then the gold coins at these prices will be a bargain.

  2. Michael Zielinski says

    I really don’t get your comment. So in order for something to have “speculative value” it has to be priced near its metal value? That would be a bullion coin and then you would just be speculating on metal prices.

    Not every coin has to be a speculative bet. Not every coin collector is a speculator.

    Personally, I like the new Year of the Snake Coin. I am subscribed to the Group of Seven series.

  3. Louis says

    I strongly agree with Michael’s comments, and I happen to like the same two coins and am thinking of getting them because I like the designs.

  4. Broooster says

    I second Louis on Michaels comments.

    On that note, I kind of like the Silver Dollar, and the gold $100 would go nicely with that, but that’s just MHO,

  5. saucexx says

    I also collect the group of seven, although this one seems a step back from the the rest. I’m not interested in the rest, the snake withstanding.

  6. TheAsianGuy says

    Now I can read the Chinese letter of “Snake” from the pattern of stripes on the snake. Very artistic and creative.

  7. zwiggy says

    The snake coin is pretty cool. Would have to see it in real life though before pulling the trigger on this one, sometimes the artist renderations are too nice and the actual coin comes in as a disappointment. I hope it is not the case this this one…

  8. Louis says

    On the Harris coin (Group of 7) look at the image on the RCM site for a much better pic. The shading makes all the difference.
    Also, a new all-silver proof set was also issued including a gold-plated version of the arctic mission anniversary coin. I was impressed with the quality of the 2012 silver set, but I can’t swing the cost right now.
    Finally, if you want the subscription coins, Gatewest has them cheapest and with the free case.

  9. Dan says


    I collect many of the canadian issues and in regard to your comment on quality, I have yet to return a coin to them. I wish our own mint would establish a quality control program like theirs. Maybe I have just been lucky, with the RCM and unlucky with the US mint lately. I just received the farwell to the Penny sets and they look great. I hope that if we ever do away with the penny, that we do the same.

  10. Louis says

    I agree. RCM quality is excellent. I have never received a flawed Canadian coin either. At least that helps justify the prices, which tend to be a bit high. I was mainly referring to the art work, which is easier to appreciate if you see the more detailed images on the RCM site. The new artist coin seems to be moving fast, and I think it’s time for me to grab one. On the dragon coin, when you see the RCM site image, you can see the Chinese characters superimposed on the circular dragon. It’s pretty cool.

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