Royal Canadian Mint New Product Releases February 2013

The Royal Canadian Mint has started accepting pre-orders for another batch of numismatic product releases. The new products include rolls containing the last one million circulation Canadian Cents, coins to mark the 25th anniversary of the Silver and Platinum Maple Leaf, the first issues of two new silver coin series, the next glow-in-the-dark coin, and more.

At this time, the new products are only available for pre-order by Master’s Club Members. Orders are not yet open to the general public.

Last year, the Royal Canadian Mint produced the final one cent coins for circulation. At the time, they had held back the final one million cents for inclusion in numismatic products. This year, the last million “pennies” are being offered in 50-coin rolls in specially designed wrappers.

Each roll is authenticated as part of the last million units distributed with a serialized holographic label. The rolls are priced at $9.95 CAD and limited to one roll per household. A mintage limit of 20,000 rolls is indicated, so at 50 coins per roll, this accounts for the entire final one million cents.

A new “Untamed Canada” series begins with the 2013 Arctic Fox Silver Coin. The coin features woodblock inspired art and showcases five different coin finishes, each with a separate degree of luster. The Arctic Fox is featured in the foreground with a motif of circles, rays, and wavy lines emanating from a sunburst in the background. The Latin name “Vulpes Langopus” appears within the inscription.

The coins are struck in 99.99% silver with a weight of 28.02 grams and diameter of 40 mm. The mintage limit is 8,500 pieces and the price is $84.95 CAD.

A 1/4 oz Gold Coin featuring the same design is also available. The 99.99% pure gold version has a weight of 7.8 grams, diameter of 20 mm, mintage limit of 1,500 pieces, and price of $649.95 CAD.

A new Aboriginal Hunting Tradition series also begins with the 2013 Hunting Deer Silver Coin. Designed by Coast Salish First Nation’s artist Darlene Gait, the coin features a scene from a boy’s inaugural hunt with his father.

The coin is struck in 99.99% silver to proof quality, enhanced with selected finishes. The weight is 23.17 grams and the diameter of 36 mm. A mintage limit of 10,000 has been set and the price is $69.95 CAD.

The latest one-half gram gold coin from the Royal Canadian Mint features a Hummingbird. This tiny coin is struck in 99.99% gold with a proof finish. The diameter is 11 mm and the mintage is limited to 10,000 pieces. Mentioned as one of the RCM’s most affordable gold coins, the price is $79.95 CAD.

The 2013 25th Anniversary Silver Maple Leaf celebrates the silver bullion coins success since its introduction in 1988. The one ounce 99.99% pure silver coin features a maple leaf with a gold plated shadow motif behind. A stylized “25 yrs/ans” also appears to mark the anniversary.

The issue is limited to a mintage of 10,000 piece and priced at $109.95.

Separately, a 2013 25th Anniversary Platinum Maple Leaf is offered. This coin features the same maple leaf and gold plated shadow design with modified inscriptions. The one ounce 99.95% pure platinum coins have a mintage limit of 250 pieces, limit of 1 per household, and are priced at $2,999.95 CAD each.

A 2013 25th Anniversary Silver Maple Leaf 5 oz. Silver Coin is also being released. This coin features a reverse proof finish, which is a first for a 5 oz silver coin, with a depiction of two small sugar maple leaves overlapping one large sugar maple leaf.

The coins are struck in 99.99% pure silver with a weight of 157.6 grams and diameter of 65 mm. Priced at $499.95 CAD, the mintage is limited to 2,500 pieces.

The second release within the colored glow-in-the-dark coin series is available. The design illustrates palaeontologists’ rendition of what Quetzalcoatlus probably looked like. When removed from natural light, the creature’s skeleton becomes visible.

The coin is struck in cupronickel with a diameter of 35 mm. Priced at $29.95 CAD, the mintage limit is 30,000 pieces, with a limit of 3 coins per household.

The previous glow-in-the-dark coin received a lot of mainstream attention and quickly sold out of its mintage of 25,000 pieces.

Additional new Royal Canadian Mint product releases for this month include the latest release within the O Canada series in gold and silver, and a 1/4 oz silver coin with crystal element featuring a hummingbird and morning glory. Also, at some point during January, a series of gold and silver coins were issued for the World Baseball Classic Tournament.

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  1. zeman says

    Off the topic a little, i heard they will be presenting the next coin in the Mongolian Swarvoski series in the berlin coin show Feb 01, any good place to get them from?

  2. Louis says

    I like the same two plus the silver anniv. Maple Leaf.
    Anyone get their $5 gold coins yet from Canada?

  3. ibex says

    I got the penny roll, dino coins and SML 1 ozers. I thought RCM had issues with pictures being published before public sale? Maybe thats before MC presale but I’ve seen them force sites to take pics down before.

  4. Don says

    I got the penny, dino, and the beaver coins. When did they announce the 5 coin canada set? I was surprised by seeing that. Im disappointed in the gold o canada one 1/10 of an ounce is too small i think.

  5. hw says

    I wasn’t able to purchase the 2013 25th Anniversary Silver Maple Leaf 5 oz. Silver Coin. After reading the review below from the site, I’m glad I didn’t. Read on . . .

    “Does Not Look Like Reverse Proof
    By Tony

    from Vancouver, BC

    About Me Collector


    Attractive Design

    Higher Mintage
    Not Reverse Proof
    Best Uses

    Gift For Adult
    Comments about Royal Canadian Mint 5 oz Fine Silver Coin – 25th Anniversary of the Silver Maple Leaf Coin – Mintage: 2500 (2013):

    I liked the design and finish on the fractional SML set and I was excited to see that there will be a 5oz version of it.
    I was not impressed that the price is the same as previous 5oz releases (penny, beaver) but the mintage increased. Basically that is decreasing the value/making it more expensive because the cost of the metal hasn’t changed much and they are reusing a previous design just in a bigger format. The box is also of a previous design (gold royal cypher coin), and while it is a nice box, they could’ve done small improvements, like putting the RCM logo on the outside.
    When I saw the actual coin, I received my biggest disappointment. The product is advertised as reverse proof. I saw it and compared it to my fractional set and they do not look the same. The finish on the 5oz looks a lot more like bullion/specimen (which I have so I know what I’m talking about). I actually felt tricked into buying it. If you have the SML set and want a big format reverse proof coin, then I would not recommend this product.”

  6. UncleKen says

    The Special Wrap Penny roll sold out this morning at the RCM. It appears the 2nd Glow in the Dark Dinosaur coin sold out as well. Both in less than 4 days.

    Gate West Coin and Talisman both have them available if you haven’t purchased yet.

  7. wolfhowler says

    Hi hw the 5oz coin actually looks pretty cool with the reverse finishes. I have seen it and it is very nice!

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