Poland: 2013 Bennett’s Wallaby/ Giant Kangaroo Silver Coin

The Mint of Poland has released a one ounce silver coin featuring Bennett’s Wallaby. While kangaroos or wallabies have appeared on innumerable Australian coins, this might be the first time one has been depicted on a Polish coin.

The coin is issued to mark the occasion of the birth of the first albino Bennett’s Wallaby in Poland. The reverse design features the image of a giant kangaroo with a background of birch leaves. The inscriptions include “Kangur” (Kangaroo) and “Walabia Bennetta” (Bennett’s Wallaby). The obverse features the image of an Eagle as the State Emblem of the Polish Republic with the year “2013” and denomination of “20 ZL”.

Struck in 99.9% silver to proof quality, the coins have a weight of 31.1 grams and diameter of 40.0 mm. The official release date is listed as January 7, 2013, with a mintage of 10,000.

The coin is actually part of two coin set “Kangaroos of the World” which is released jointly by the Mint of Poland and Royal Australian Mint. Accompanying the Polish Coin is an Australian one ounce silver coin which features the colored image of an Eastern Grey Kangaroo against a background of brush landscape.

The National Bank of Poland has a brochure with information about the coins and Bennett’s Kangaroo or Wallaby, which can be found here. The two coin sets are supposed to be offered for sale at the NBP Online Shop. Currently, there is a listing for the sets, but they do not seem to be available at the current time.

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  1. Michael Zielinski says

    Thanks for the link. I couldn’t find it on the RAM site when I was writing this post.

  2. says

    I’ve recently had a renewed interest in Polish coins due to their Polish painters series. I find a lot of Polish silver pieces seem to sell relatively close to spot so it seems like a win all around to buy them. This one is a definite pickup for me if I find it.

    I definitely agree it is unusual for Poland to mint a kangaroo coin. When someone mentioned this article to me, I first thought “Polish kangaroo” was some kind of typo!

  3. Jesse Livermore says

    I JUST picked up a set. I had no clue they would sell out so fast. Downies had sets when i was looking at their new arrivals section coupke weeks back and poof.

    So i bet. 243 and some change. Saw a set on ebay for 245.

    thanks to the fellow who said they were at the aussie mint. Still surprised they sold out…. should be an interesting set nonetheless.

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