2013 Holey Dollar and Dump $1 Coin

The Royal Australian Mint is celebrating the 200th anniversary of Australia’s first coins, the Holey Dollar and Dump. The design of the original is reproduced on the reverse of a new $1 coin, first issued on New Year’s Day.

The original Holey Dollar and Dump were created as a solution to the shortage of coinage in the colony in the early 1800’s. Governor Macquarie authorized the issue of the colony’s own currency by punching the centers out of 40,000 Spanish Dollars. The pieces were then counterstamped with the outer ring having a value of five shillings and the center having a value of 15 pence. More information on the Holey Dollar and Dump can be found here, along with images of one of the rare survivors.

The 2013 Bicentenary of the Holey Dollar and Dump $1 Coin features a reproduction of the original designs on the reverse. The obverse contains the Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Queen Elizabeth II along with the current year date of “2013” and the face value of “1 Dollar”.

As they have done in previous years, the Royal Australian Mint provided collectors with a special opportunity to strike the first Australian $1 coins of the year. Collectors are known to line up overnight to be part of the fist 100 to strike an Australian coin in the new year.

For 2013, a 13-year-old collector was reported to have camped outside the Mint for four days in order to strike the first coin. He has turned down an offer of $800 to sell the coin to another collector. The next 99 visitors to make a coin also took home a special prize and certificate.

With the Holey Dollar and Dump holding such an important place in Australian numismatic history, they have also been commemorated on other coins. Last week, the Perth Mint of Australia released a silver two coin set to mark the 200th anniversary. I have just received my set this morning. The coins are shown above.

Over the years, there have also been a number of other commemorative Holey Dollar & Dump silver coins issued by both the Perth Mint and Royal Australian Mint. It seems that many were issued for the occasion of the 175th anniversary in 1988. A subscription coin reproducing the original design was offered in 2003. You can see the range of previous offerings in these eBay listings.

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  1. says

    For 2013, a 13-year-old collector was reported to have camped outside the Mint for four days in order to strike the first coin. He has turned down an offer of $800 to sell the coin to another collector.

    Now that’s dedication!

    I really like these holey dollar commemoratives. Wish I could scrape some money together to pick them up.

  2. Dan says

    Hey Capt

    Every time I think that collecting is dead, I get to read a story like yours above. Just wish there were more like him. Anyway, I also thought about the holey dollar and dump but I am pacing myself right now because I have to buy two of everything for the grandkids. I am keeping as much powder dry as I can until I see what they are going to do with that buffalo set. I was also surprised these did not sell out right away, in fact they are still available.

  3. John says

    Do you have to pay customs when you receive an order from the Perth Mint?
    My FEDEX package with the “Holey Dollar and Dump” was supposed to arrive today but I was told I had to pay customs first. I called FEDEX and they are supposed to call me back. My total order was around $200.

    Has anybody experience this?

  4. Samuel says

    no need to pay customs for gold/silver coins, unless, they declare the coins as something else on the form.

  5. John says


    I see you also answered on Mint News Blog too, thanks for the info.

    Michael thanks for the blog as always, your writing on world coins is going to make me spend more money that I don’t have, LOL. The “Holey Dollar and Dump” are pretty cool in person.

  6. Dirk says

    Not to side track the dialog but what is going on with the 2013 Somalian Elephant silver bullion coins? Apmex completely removed all the elephants from their site, not even placeholders for check back soon. I’ve never seen that before with them, they have everything or state they will have it. The main distro out of Germany doesn’t have them either. Whats up. All I know is there is some doubt about the legeal tender status of these coins but Michael’s investigative skills are greater then mine. Something is up with these coins for sure.

  7. Samuel says

    Dirk, whatever happened to the Somalia, the A will not be a good place to buy. recently, they have another African coin in the same category, they price it as spot+$20, almost the same as at ebay. then after a while, they add another $5.
    even the Somalia shows up later, i bet, it wont be cheap!

  8. Dirk says

    Samuel I get that the Big A is overpriced typically but they do have a good breadth of coins. The Elephant series has been around awhile and the mintages are in the 6 figures so its not a trivial coin. Really surprised A has completely dropped it from their inventory, makes me think their may be some legal issues with the coin and they are eliminating their exposure. Maybe its not in fact .999 fine or really 1 oz of silver as stated. Just speculating. I believe the Bavarian Mint out of Germany mints these coins.

  9. Samuel says

    i agree with you. i also bought quite some africa coins. i m not sure you noticed it or not. not long ago, A sold many somalia 2011, 12, MS69/70 coins at very low price. my feeling is that they really want to clear those inventory. i dont know what happened. it is still early for 2013. if u really want the coin now, try the M. they have the coin at reasonable price.

  10. Dirk says

    M=MCM? If so I wouldn’t say those prices are that great and they are a slab shop that I’m convinced does considerable cherry picking of their coins

  11. Samuel says

    these days, they describe the coins— “These are fresh coins that have not been picked over.”

  12. Dirk says

    “These are fresh coins that have not been picked over.”

    I take that statement with a grain of salt or a salt mine in this case. The cynic in me says when they sell graded coins alongside raw coins you have to question the veracity of that statement. The 1.5 oz Polar Bear sales they had on the bay looked like an absolute dump to me based on the prices they were selling at.

  13. G says

    Michael- I sent you a new post. Regarding the somalia- that’s strange. I picked up one of these from Apmex last year. Pretty nice design. I think they also had a “bullion around the world” set they featured it in. Regarding this holy dollar- I wonder if the US mint will ever produce a coin with a hole. How about a 75th anniversary of the NYC metro with silver subway tokens (or gold ). That would be cool- and those have holes in them.

  14. Dirk says

    Regarding the “somalia thing” my understanding is the dude mentioned on COAs and in letterwork as the authorizing official is some guy from the 60s who is probably not even alive. Think someone, probably this Bavarian mint operation has been doing an end around on the Somalis. These coins are very nice in my opinion on par with any state mint coin, probably notch below Perth and China Mint bullions, but right there with ASEs, Libs, Maples and Phils.

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