2012 Gold & Silver Libertad Mintages, News on 2013 Libertads

The beautiful Mexican Libertad continues to show off her unpredictable nature.  Fresh from a curious 2012 year that saw an end to the fractional proofs, and the release of the 30th Anniversary Set– which was minted to 1500, there are new developments.  The mintage numbers are in (courtesy of Lois & Don Bailey): The Gold Bullion numbers came in at 3000 1 ounce coins, and the Silver Mintage numbers for the bullion coins are: 5 ounce 9500, 2 ounce 18600, 1 ounce  746400, 1/2 ounce 17000, 1/4 ounce 16700, 1/10 ounce 3300.

What does this mean for the BU numbers?  Well, if these numbers hold, the 1/10 ounce becomes the lowest minted BU Libertad- edging out the 2007 (3500).

For the many proof Libertad collectors, the 1 oz proof the numbers came in at 4200, which represents the lowest number since 2006, and puts the proof coin in the realm of the 1995-2006 figures.  Considering the premiums that low mintage proof Libertads have shown, this is a significant development.  When you add in the fact that 1500 of the proofs were available only in the proof sets, that means only 2700 are floating around, and explains why 2012 proofs were so difficult to find.  Recent prices have seen a bump, and the proofs have been selling for between 100-200 depending on if they were graded, and with all Libertad proofs there is a wide disparity in sale prices, owing partially to the extreme low mintages and large demand.

The 2012 30th anniversary sets sales have been rather flat, with most holding onto their sets while some speculators paying more for the ‘No COA’ version (for those that remember- the mint sold the sets partially stamped and asked distributors to fill out the COAs as they sold them, but some of the distributors (Panda America, i.e.) mistakenly sold the non-filled out COAs).  The low mintage of the 1 ounce proof should help these sets retain their value.

What does this year hold for fractional proofs or sets?  Well, early information has the return of the wood-box sets with COAs (Libertad collectors have shown a willingness to pay much more for these than for the same set without the wood box or COA).  It’s not clear what the mintage is yet.  Also, the proof fractionals are returning this year, at least based on early information, and sources say it is the same design- shades of the 2009 Proof American Silver Eagle.

It’s not clear what this will mean, or how many will be produced yet.  But it looks like the 5 ounce, 2 ounce, 1/2, 1/4, 1/10, and 1/20 ounce proofs will be available this year.  Much like the 2009 American Proof Silver eagle, which had little impact on future American Eagle Proofs, it remains to be seen whether this will affect the fractional collecting (my guess: no).  So, like last year, 2013 is shaping up to be a wily and unpredictable year for Libertad collectors!

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  1. saucexx says

    I’m glad I got a couple of the 30th Sets. We sure seem to be dealing with a lot of historically low mintage coins these days,

  2. VABEACHBUM says

    Thanks for this great update, Gabriel. Definitely some surprising numbers across all the coin options.

    As a direct result of your July 20th article (that you linked above), I picked up a 30th Anny Set that same day from William at Panda America. Six months later, I’m even more glad that I did – Two Quality Coins, a very well done set and, now, a limited mintage.

    Thanks, again, for your coverage. I look forward to more updates in the very near future.

  3. jd says

    Wow…where are all the Libertad collectors?? …this post has been up for a day already and only 4 posters including myself? ….really surprised -I thought these were highly collectible! -They certainly are stunning ….where’s the interest?

    Was also really shocked to see the 30yr anniversary sets go no where fast? …low mintages too.


  4. fosnock says

    @jd -My 2 cents is that they use the same design every year (unlike the Perth Mint) and have low mintages (unlike the US Mint), The worst of both worlds, hard to get but no reason to get a particular year based on design.

  5. jd says


    That makes sense.

    If they came out with a few variations such as a reverse proof, barnished, or matte finish proofs …that would likely spur great interest…

    Actually, that is the reason I avoided the 30th anniversary set …it was just a nice box with a figurine.


  6. ROS says

    How about the the complete lack of interest in the quality issue involving 2013 Britannias outside of buyers?

    Blogs like this one (which I love) and dealers has reacted with a collective yawn, letting the RM off the hook and buyers holding the bag.

  7. Michael Zielinski says

    I haven’t written about the issues with the 2013 Britannias since I haven’t seen any of the coins in hand yet. My contributor in the UK is following up with the Royal Mint to see what explanation they can provide. I’ll also try to get my hands on some and do some research before I can say anything about it.

    For now, this is the most extensive account I have seen about the issues http://www.chards.co.uk/news/2013-silver-britannia-coins-highest-price-lowest-quality/

  8. Frankie says

    Different topic, but just FYI – colorized snake bullion coins are available from a German dealer: http://www.silber-corner.de/de/Silber/Lunar-II-Schlange-Farbig
    as well as one from Singapore who has a few more listed: http://www.sgcoins.com/p-462-0.html
    Maximum mintages appear to be the following (silver coins only):
    1/2 oz – 50k
    1oz – 50k (plus 1k from the typeset, providing they are identical)
    2oz – 50k
    5oz – 10k
    10oz – 50k
    1kilo – 6.3k
    I assume they’ll be available from US dealers in the not too distant future.

  9. VABEACHBUM says

    @ Michael – Thanks for chiming in on the 2013 Britannias and for providing a link to Lawrence’s website. I read his comments within the Coin Update article and provided my own thoughts on the new Britannias. I plan to read through his full article later this evening, and look forward to reading your thoughts on the matter in the very near future.

  10. eric says

    thanks for the update Gabriel
    I think Libertads are one of the most
    beautifully designed coins, and the low
    mintages have already affected their availability,
    which is my only gripe with the articles,
    quit driving the price up…..

  11. ROS says

    @ Michael – Given your voice , I am glad you are aware of the Brit issue.

    Does anyone know what time of the year that Libertads usually become available?

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