2013 Chinese Gold and Silver Panda Coins

Many coin dealers and bullion dealers have started accepting orders for the Chinese 2013 Gold Panda and 2013 Silver Panda bullion coins. This series features a design which changes annually, adding to its popularity with both bullion investors and coin collectors.

The common obverse design features the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests (The Temple of Heaven), the title of the People’s Republic of China in Chinese characters, and the “2013” date. The newly designed reverse features three pandas drinking at a stream with bamboo stalks in the background. The inscriptions indicate the denomination, bullion weight and fineness. This is the first time that three pandas have appeared on the coin design.

Ten different options are available for the 2013 Pandas. This includes seven gold options with weights ranging from 1/20 troy ounce to 1 kilo and three silver options with weights ranging from 1 troy ounce to 1 kilo. Both the gold and silver coins are struck to .999 fineness.

Maximum mintage levels are established for each option. These levels established match those of the prior year.

2013 Chinese Gold Panda Coins

  • 20 Yuan: 1/20 troy ounce with maximum mintage of 800,000.
  • 50 Yuan: 1/10 troy ounce with maximum mintage of 800,000.
  • 100 Yuan: 1/4 troy ounce with maximum mintage of 600,000.
  • 200 Yuan: 1/2 troy ounce with maximum mintage of 600,000.
  • 500 Yuan: 1 troy ounce with maximum mintage of 600,000.
  • 2000 Yuan: Proof quality 5 troy ounce with maximum mintage of 5,000.
  • 10000 Yuan: Proof quality 1 kg with maximum mintage of 500.

2013 Chinese Silver Panda Coins

  • 10 Yuan: 1 troy ounce with maximum mintage of 8,000,000.
  • 50 Yuan: Proof quality 5 troy ounces with maximum mintage of 50,000.
  • 300 Yuan: Proof quality 1kg with maximum mintage of 20,000.

The most widely collected option is the 1 ounce silver coin, which has a maximum mintage of 8,000,000 for this year. In recent years, the maximum mintage for this option have increased dramatically. From 2003 to 2010, a mintage of 600,000 pieces was established for this option. In 2011, a mintage of 3,000,000 was initially announced, but this was later raised to 6,000,000. For 2012 and 2013, the mintage has been announced as 8,000,000.

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  1. Saucexx says

    Wow, 8 million? Way to kill the golden goose.

    Anybody know how many actually got minted in 2011-2012? Between this and Perth’s greedy moves my shopping list just got much smaller.

  2. Natatack says

    A relative invested in a 30-coin sheet about 5-6 years ago and about 35-40% developed milk spots, not sure if the more recent products will have a better future.

  3. Samuel says

    the BU coins always have this problem. i bought some MS70 dragon, panda recently, all have milky spots. and canada wolf too.

  4. Samuel says

    just received the 2013 pandas, very impressive, from design to finish, no milky spot. unfortunately, price dropped $3 since i placed order.

  5. Hidalgo says

    I just received my 2013 Rwanda cheetah silver coin, my 2013 China panda coin, and my 2013 Australia koala coin. Love them all! I could care less if the prices go up or down. I have three coins that I really like and will cherish for a long time.

  6. Hidalgo says

    By the way, does anyone know where I can purchase some of the older African one ounce silver coins at a decent price? I am referring to the Rwanda wildlife coins and the Somalia African wildlife (elephant) coins. Thanks!

  7. Samuel says

    H, the older rwanda/somalia silver coins are expensive. i did research, the only place is ebay. i did not expect the cheetah are so expensive, spot + $20, and its mintage (10K) is doubled from last yr (5000).

  8. JC says

    I just recently discovered the silver pandas but think they have the best design among all the silver bullion coins. I did run into the milk spot problem already on an Ebay purchase of a NGC MS-69 2011 coin. So buyer beware even on a certified coin.

  9. Jesse Livermore says


    They are very hard to find…. very low mintage. As far as I have researched, they started in 1999 as silver. They also come as in proof sets, and they also, if i saw correctly come in proof and BU finishes. I have bought two sets off Ebay.

    The sets are very hard to come by and you will pay up the nose for them but that shouldnt mattter if you are collecting. I know i am, and I am also looking for piece an entire set.

    I LOVE the finish on these coins and i LOVE the elephants. They also have colored Somalian elephant coins and with gold layering. I am actively looking for sets.. I have seen a FEW dealers carry diffrent years and on ebay.

    i just bought some 2013 elephants on Ebay and looking for more for collecting.

    I have heard some talk that the AFrican elephants are NOT legal tender but rather rounds. so i dunno we’ll see

  10. jim prescott says

    Most silver will get spots if they are not handled properly. If you store them in a dark area and not handled much at all you should not have any problems at all. If you want to show your coins try and do it one time a year the less they are handled the less problems that you will have.
    I show mine maybe one time in two to three years and they are displayed for about an hour and not handled by anyone but me. I know it is hard to have something so beautiful and not show them to friends and family but you have to pick which you want to keep quality or showing or you can buy sets of two and have one to show and the other to store.

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