New Releases from the Royal Canadian Mint – November 2012

Today, the Royal Canadian Mint has started accepting orders for three new coins as well as a new subscription series. Two silver coins feature the beaver, one platinum coin features the bald eagle, and the subscription series celebrates Canada’s national identity.

The beaver became an official symbol of Canada in 1975 and is one of the country’s two national animals. A beaver appeared on the first coat of arms associated within the area which is now Canada, which dates back to the early 1620’s.

The 2013 Beaver 1 oz Fine Silver $20 Coin features an adult beaver felling a tree with a wooden structure created by the heaver also incorporated. Inscriptions include “Canada”, the date “2013”, and the face value of “20 Dollars”.

Each coin is struck in 99.99% pure silver to proof quality with a weight of 31.39 grams and diameter of 38 mm. The mintage is limited to 8,500 pieces, and the price is $99.95 CAD.

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Also available is a five ounce silver coin also highlighting the beaver. The 2013 Beaver 5 oz. Sine Silver $50 Coin coin features a family of beavers immersed in the work of felling trees for their dam, lodge, and food cache. Inscriptions include “Canada”, “2013”, and “50 Dollars”.

Each coin is struck in 99.99% pure silver with metal weight of 5 troy ounces and a diameter of 65 mm. The mintage is mintage is limited to 1,500 pieces, and the price is $519.95 CAD.

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The bald eagle is featured on a limited mintage platinum coin. The great Bald Eagle, Haliaeetus leucocephalus, is Canada’s largest bird of prey which came back from the brink of extinction in some areas in the 1970’s. The bird breeds in all provinces and territories and Canada, with their stronghold in British Columbia.

The 2013 Bald Eagle 1 oz. Fine Platinum $300 Coin features a pair of bald eagles near their watery environment. The inscriptions include “Canada”, “2013”, and the legal tender face value of “300 Dollars”.

Each coin is struck in 99.95% pure platinum with a diameter of 30 mm. The mintage is limited to just 200 coins worldwide, with pricing at $2,999.95 CAD. The product page currently indicates that the coin is “awaiting stock”.

Product page

The O Canada Subscription Series celebrates Canada’s national identity with depictions of important icons on 12 different one-half ounce 99.99% pure silver coins. The Royal Canadian Mint offers 40,000 subscriptions for the series, which will guarantee availability of all 12 coins. Each coin is struck in 99.99% pure silver with a weight of 15.87 grams and diameter of 34 mm. The finish is listed as matte proof.

The 12 coin series includes the following coins:

#1 – The Inukshuk
#2 – The Beaver
#3 – The Royal Canadian Mounted Police
#4 – The Polar Bear
#5 – Summer Life
#6 – The Wolf
#7 – Niagara Falls
#8 – The Caribou
#9 – Hockey
#10 – The Orca
#11 – The Maple Leaf (in colour)
#12 – Holiday

The subscription is $39.95 per coin, delivered and billed at a rate of one coin per month. A free wooden collectors box is included with coin #3, and coin #11, which is colored, is priced at a savings of $15 for subscribers.

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  1. Frankie says

    I’m tempted by the “O Canada” collection, but a 40k mintage is just too high for these coins ever to appreciate in value unless spot will be higher one day. The designs are good though and miles better than what the US Mint has been offering…

  2. Broooster says

    I am surprised there is no mention of the new $20 for $20 silver coin, the latest one has a reindeer on it, and was just released last week, I believe.

  3. Don says

    Is the 5 ounce beaver sold out. there is no button to buy it. it just says awaiting stock like the eagle coin

  4. Ken F says

    Can anyone confirm if they are charging shipping on each coin that is sent out every month? At $12.99 a pop to the US, which tends to be their standard shipping fee, forget it. If their shipping them for free, then I’d probably buy a subscription.

    I tried calling the Mint this morning, but after waiting 10mins, I hung up.

  5. Michael Zielinski says

    No problem.

    Regarding the question about shipping- I have not been able to confirm, but it seems likely that shipping would be charged for each monthly coin. The only exception would be for Master’s Club members who would receive free shipping as long as they maintain membership.

  6. Dirk says

    Exciting. You may get these coins sometime in the Spring of 2013. Worst mint ever for delivering coins, they pride themselves on actually minting the coins AFTER they sell them not before – bizarre.

  7. Louis says

    The art work on the Beaver coin could be better. It’s nothing like the Bateman moose, which is awesome. The subscription series is interesting but only of there is just one shipping fee. Otherwise, no way. I can’t believe they do not specify this on their web site. A buy needs that kind of info.

  8. zia says

    Breaking News:

    The RCA has finally shipped my order of Glow in the dark coins, i order them at the start of April, i was not sure, i will see them this year, but i guess there is hope after all.

  9. Louis says

    Also off topic- @G- Did you get the Don Bailey e-mail about the new Mexican numismatic heritage series? What do you think of those coins?

  10. Schalk says


    it appears that the 5 oz coins were sold out one day after the coins were released for the Master’s club – once it was released for the general public it were available for a very short period and then went into the “awaiting stock” mode – that basically means that it is sold out.

    I would not discard designs from the RCM, they are generally much better than their photographs.


    at least the RCM is not guilty of fabricating mintages as far as I know.

  11. Don says

    Thanks Schalk! i figured they were out but was hoping. Beavers are my favorite animals so I wanted to get it direct from the mint. I saw a canadian dealer selling it but didnt want it to be picked over but i guess ill have to buy from them. I like RCM designs and ya i dont have to worry about mintages based off packaging

  12. Samuel says

    since i became a master club member, i did not buy anything from RCM yet, only the subscription.

  13. Jeremy says

    Interesting how the Perth Mint decides to reform their “mintage” policies after a disappointing release. Recent reports that enlightened customers of their current mintage practices has created some obvious confusion and disappointment. I, for one, have become absolutely disgusted by companies taking advantage of customers until they cause enough damage that patrons behavior towards such institutions become so negative that it begins to impact their business. For me this is too little too late and good riddens!

  14. Jeremy says

    my accent obviously escaped through my fingertips on that last entry, that’s actually meant to be “good riddance” for those that it may have confused. 🙂

  15. G says

    Louis- I am very intrigued by the Mexican release- I couldn’t find any information about the series anywhere, and haven’t made up my mind yet. Leaning towards ordering one. You?

  16. Louis says

    @Shutter- I just got a polar bear and a beaver from Gatewest. If you find anything about the polar mintage, please let us know. I have not been able to find anything about it yet.

    The beavers seem to be disappearing fast. I decided I agree with Schalk about the art work probably being better on the coin than the line art.

    @G- I am intrigued by the series too. I really like those classic Mexican coins. I went ahead and got the first set, which will be sent around mid-month. I will let you know what I think.

  17. Dirk says

    Louis – mintage is 500,000 on the 1 1/2 oz Polar Bears. Nice coins, I have them in hand. Really thick!

  18. Louis says

    Thanks a lot, Dirk. Do you remember where you saw that? And if you don’t mind saying, where did you get yours? It seems very few companies have them. Wish I coulda gotten two but it’s hard to keep up with all these new coins.

  19. Alan says

    Re: The 1.5 oz Polar Bear silver bullion coin from RCM!

    That’s really interesting. I’m not sure how I feel about the decision to make it. The design is nothing to jump up and down over, and it looks to be bullion quality as one would expect of a bullion coin.

    It seems like there’s no outcry for a 1.5 oz coin from bullion stackers yet RCM comes out with one. Not sure if this will be a one-year thing, the start of a series, or if 1.5 oz becomes so popular that other mints (Perth Mint? As if they needed another size for their bullion series) jump on the bandwagon. But maybe 1.5 oz will fill a niche. If RCM can come up with some good full-size designs, a 1.5 oz piece might work as a commemorative or something special.

  20. Ken says

    As a follow up to a previous post regarding shipping.

    I received an email from the RCM confirming that a $12.99 shipping charge will be applied to each coin.

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