Latvia 2012 “Folk Girl” 5 Lats Silver Coin Released

On November 1, 2012, the Bank of Latvia issued a new 5-Lats silver collector coin to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the central bank and the national currency unit. This also represented the 90th collector coin minted during the years of Latvia’s renewed independence.

The design for the collector coin is from the original 5-lats silver coin issued in 1929. The design was created by graphic artist Rihards Zariņš with the assistance of Royal Mint engraver Percy Metcalfe. The design became a symbol of Latvia’s freedom and sovereignty with examples secretly stored by many Latvian families during the Soviet era.

The obverse design features the coat of arms of the Republic of Latvia at center. The number “5” is shown below with the year of issue “2012” above and the inscriptions “PIECEI” and “LATI” in a semi-circle.

The reverse design features a Latvian “folk girl” or “folk maid” shown in profile. She has ears of corn at her shoulder and the inscriptions “LATVIJAS” and “REPUBLIKA” are arranged within an outer semi-circle.

Each coin has a composition of 92.5% silver with a diameter of 37.00 mm and weight of 25.00 grams.

The mintage for the 2012 Latvian Folk Girl 5 Lats Silver Coin is 10,000 pieces, which is higher than normal for a Latvian collector coin, likely in anticipation of higher worldwide demand for the issue. The coins are available for sale at the Bank of Latvia’s Cashier’s Office for 36.30 lats. This price converts to $67.80 US.

Collectors outside of Latvia can attempt to contact the Bank of Latvia for direct sales using the contact information found here. Alternatively, there are a number of coins already listed for sale on eBay. Some world coin dealers will also most likely offer the issue.

The last Latvian collector coin that I covered celebrated the 150th anniversary of the Riga Technical University with a very intriguing design. This coin had a mintage of 3,000 and a reader reported that the Bank of Latvia Cashier’s Offices had sold out of their available quantity in 3 hours.

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  1. Louis says

    This is great! Thanks for the information. I like this coin a lot.

    Do you know if it is BU or proof?

  2. Michael Zielinski says

    It seems to be a non-proof. The specifications refer to it as “quality: tamped back”

  3. Louis says

    The coin was only issued today. If you give it some time, it should be available from dealers, as Michael said.

  4. Louis says

    Royal Scandinavian Mint ( has it for $80, and they have a price match guarantee for North America. I snatched one up right away!

  5. Alan says

    Wow. What a great looking reissue. Personally, I love uncirculated coins as opposed to proofs. It was a good decision to release it with this finish.

  6. T1 browserman says

    I love these world mint coins and this site…… checking account cannot handle their purchases…..I try my best just to help US’s GDP.

  7. Louis says

    @T1- This is the British Olympic coin that is not too bad, but it is way too expensive:
    I really only collect the silver Britannia coins, and now they have gone and messed that nice series up. The 2013 coins, which are hitting the market now, will have an unlimited mintage and static design (same as last year’s). They took a series with low mintages and changing designs and turned it into another series like ASE’s or Maple Leafs, but the premiums will be higher. All supposedly because they wanted to silver content to be like other bullion coins. But unless you are buying boxes of them, who care about a couple % diference in silver content? If stacking bullion is what matters, I would stick to bars or bullion ATB’s, which have lower premiums.

  8. says

    Thanks for the feedback Louis. Britannia bullion is a static design, but we will continue to release proof Britannia coins so I think you will be happy!

  9. Koichi Ito says

    In fact 2012 Latvian “Folk Girl” 5 Lats Silver Coins are sold out at Bank of Latvia store. And it is sold at $150.00 on ebay!

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