Perth Mint Christmas Locket and Tasmanian Devil Silver Coins

The Perth Mint has usually released a batch of new products on a single day at the start of the month. Recently, they have separately released two silver coins before the big batch of coins scheduled to go on sale next week.

The first coin is the 2012 Christmas Locket 1 oz Silver Proof Coin. The reverse design of the coin by Aleysha Howarth features an abstract design inspired by snow crystals and Christmas ornaments. A transparent locket is included which is filled with an array of multi-colored semi-precious gemstones. The obverse features a small sized portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, beneath the locket.

Each coin is struck in 1 troy ounce of .999 fine silver to proof quality with a diameter of 40.60 mm and maximum thickness of 4.50 mm. The coins are presented in an illustrated gift card which opens to provide a space to write a personalized message. A limited mintage of 5,000 pieces is indicated.

View the Perth Mint product page

The second coin is the 2013 Tasmanian Devil 1 oz. Silver Proof Coin. This is the third release of the Endangered and Extinct series. The two prior releases featuring the Tasmanian Tiger and the Tasmanian Wedge-Tailed Eagle have sold out.

The reverse design of the current release features a color image of two Tasmanian Devils. The background includes representations of fern leaves and a rocky den. The obverse of the coin features the Ian Rank Broadley effigy of Queen Elizabeth II.

Each coin is struck in 1 troy ounce of .999 fine silver to proof quality. The diameter is 40.60 mm and the thickness is 4.00 mm. The coins are issued as legal tender under the authority of the government of Tuvalu. A limited mintage of 5,000 pieces is indicated.

View Perth Mint Product page.

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  1. Schalk says

    Michael, I appreciate your postings on the Perth Mint, however, the Perth Mint has “overstepped it’s welcome” with the proliferation of product emerging from that source. The fact that they mislead collectors with mintages – 2 oz proof lunar II coins for example, makes them less desirable to collectors than they have been 2 years ago.

    How about posting something different – for example, the launch of “The Hobbit” coins of New Zealand, as official currency for New Zealand by New Zealand Post, or, other coins from other countries for the lunar Snake Year?

  2. Dirk says

    Everything from Perth is a dog nowadays. They haven’t even sold out the the Devil what with the blitzkrieg of emails and solicitations from just about every dealer when the coins got issued. Me thinks the NZ Post site is going to crash issue day.

  3. Dirk says

    btw search ‘the hobbit coin’ on the Bay. Presales already up but not listed as such, just vague notions of preorders etc. I would suggest everyone report these dummies, easy click Report Item in auction, Report Category: Listing Practices, Reason for Report: Inappropriate seller terms, Detailed Reason: Presale. Takes like two minutes to report all these fools.

  4. zia says

    Dirk@ I heard about the NZ Hobbit coins, i just checked NZ post site, they are all available for pre order, which one you think has the best potential, as i am tired of loosing money, and what makes you think there website will crash, when you can pre order?thanks

  5. Schalk says

    Zia, the best Hobbit coin (s) for investment potential is the 6-coin silver set (1000 mintage), selling for NZD 889.00 ($729.00 US)

  6. Schalk says

    Zia, I must caution you that the success of these coins are hugely reliant on the success of “The Hobbit” trilogy of movies, the first one, “An unexpected journey”, will be released in the United States on November 9, 2012. These Tolkien movies, directed by Peter Jackson (famous director of “The Lord of the Rings” Trilogy) have been shot in New Zealand and features some of the characters from the “Lord of the Rings”.

    You will notice that these coins are official New Zealand currency – with the additional edge inscription of “Middle Earth”. It may be a smash hit with the coins in tremendous demand, but there is also a chance of failure.

    Based on the success of “The Lord of the Rings”, one can almost assume that it will be a success but it is still up to you on how you invest your money.

  7. Schalk says

    Has anyone seen the article on the Perth Mint blog: “Perth Mint Mintages: what we mean”:

    The author mentioned the 2oz Lunar II Proofs at the start of his entry, then later he/she tries to explain the extra 1000 mintage of said coins:

    “What we’re doing with the new 12 Coin Collection and the High Relief Year Set is entirely consistent with past practice. Not everyone likes it, but we try to make available a variety of combinations of our products to suit the tastes of various collectors.”

    …the author fails to explain why they would go back 4 years and re-issue coins that collectors obviously went through a great deal of pain and cost to collect, except the “tastes of various collectors”. A total disregard for the current desirability of these coins and therefore a total disregard for collectors! I rest my case!

  8. zia says

    i donot know really to mess with it or not, My star wars coins from NZ are not worth what i even paid for them, 2012 seems like a bad year for me , i have to sell some coins to buy others.

  9. Schalk says

    Zia, your Star Wars coins are NOT from New Zealand Post – they are therefore not official New Zealand coins. Only New Zealand Post may issue official New Zealand currency. The New Zealand Mint has nothing to do with New Zealand currency.

  10. Dirk says

    When did the Hobbit pre order open up? I swear that wasn’t there yesterday. Anyway agreed like the 6 coin silver set the best, will buy a few of those.

  11. zia says

    I didnot know that, well you learn something every day, now i might have to give it a more serious thought.

  12. Frankie says

    I’d stay away from the NZPost coins as the premium over spot is even bigger than for the PM coins. Roughly $750 (incl. delivery & credit card foreign transaction fees) for 6 oz of silver doesn’t leave much room for appreciation. You’d have to sell it for approx. $850 on fleabay to break even – who will pay that much for 6 oz of silver? And a mintage of 1000 is not that small.

  13. ibex says

    Frankie. NZ 6 coins set is about $120 per proof coin. Thats not that outrageous. What NZPost coin in the past have you purchased that didn’t work out?

  14. Frankie says

    So far I haven’t purchased any coins from NZPost directly. But I bought their 2010 ancient reptile coin set off eurocollections a while ago for US$275 (sold out now) – it came in a nice leather set – and despite the mintage of 1500 it was difficult to sell again.
    Another example is their 2011 Rugby World Cup set – 1100 mintage and it’s still not sold out. In fact, NZPost is more expensive (approx. US$570) than eurocollections (US$445).
    Of course, the Hobbit may be more popular than these. However, check for previous sales of the Lord of the Rings coins. The mintages have been much higher, but several years down the line now and they still don’t sell for a “worth-while premium”.
    I’d say it’s very risky buying these. There are several silver proof coin sets listed on fleabay and so far not one has been bought. You typically have a few buyers no matter the price.

  15. Frankie says

    I need to correct myself – the Rubgy set had a mintage of 2011 sets not 1100 as stated above.

  16. says

    I really like the design work on the Christmas coin. Too bad I’m tapped out right now, or I’d probably get it along with the next DoL coin.

    Incidentally, the designer of the Christmas coin is this person:


    With the November releases right around the corner, along with the point that you brought up, I plan on piecing together a post some time this weekend discussing some of these issues (assuming the hurricane doesn’t blow me away!) In short I think in spite of Perth’s efforts, we’re never going to see a sales boom like there was for the Year of the Dragon in the Lunar series again.

  17. Rolling Thunder says

    A little off topic as usual, but seems like New Zealand Mint is FINALLY releasing the controversial Great White Shark coin!

    Here is a link to a video –

    Coin looks pretty nice – but not as good as it could/should have from initial descriptions

    Koi coin is nice too!

    Not much to interest me from Perth this month – will only get DOL, but not directly from Perth since they will likely have a 1 coin limit and don’t want to pay for shipping (since I will not meet $400. minimum for free shipping).

    Have been resisting until now, but will have to join the anti-Perth bandwagon – can’t trust them in regards to mintage statements and their practice of backminting is absurd! With a few exceptions will not be purchasing many of their coins in the future.

    Goodbye Perth – hello RCM (not perfect either).

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