New Perth Mint Product Releases November 2012

The Perth Mint has just started accepting orders for a variety of new products. The new releases include both 2012 Year of the Dragon and 2013 Year of the Snake coins, the fourth release in the Dragons of Legend series, the first release of a new series featuring the four seasons, the second release within the Australian birds series, and many others.

For collectors in the United States, sales will begin as of October 31, 2012 at 12:01 PM ET. These coins can all be found as the first entries within the recent releases section on the Perth Mint’s website.

Perth Mint Product Page

The 2012 High Relief Silver Proof Four Coin Collection includes four high relief designs featuring the Kangaroo, Koala, Kookaburra, and Year of the Dragon. As discussed in the previous post, each of these coins has been released individually, but will make another appearance together within this set.

Both the obverse and reverse of each coin are minted on concave surfaces to ensure optimum metal flow is achieved by the strike of the die. The high relief design struck in proof quality makes for an impressive rendition of each design.

The sets are limited to 1,000 worldwide. Each is housed in a display case with illustrated shipper and numbered certificate of authenticity.

Perth Mint product page

The Australian Lunar Series II 2 oz. Silver Proof Coin Collection is also available. Each set contains the first six coins of the 12-coin collection. These features the Year of hte Mouse (2008), Ox (2009, Tiger (2010), Rabbit (2011), Dragon (2012), and Snake (2013). Each of these coins was previously released within a three coin proof set for each year.

The coin are presented in a display case with allocated spaces for the future annual releases. According to the product page, “The Perth Mint guarantees the availability of the forthcoming 2 oz silver lunar designs between 2014 and 2019.”

Perth Mint product page

The fourth release within the Dragons of Legend series features the Bulgarian Three Headed Dragon. The reverse design is based on an original illustration by Howard David Johnson with the dramatic portrait of the three-headed dragon against a mountainous scene. Each coin is struck in one ounce of 99.9% silver to proof quality. A product limit of 5,000 coins is indicated.

Previous releases of the series have featured the Red Welsh Dragon, Chinese Dragon, and St. George and the Dragon. The final release will feature the European Green Dragon.

Perth Mint product page

A colored proof one-half ounce 2013 Year of the Snake Silver Coin is available. This joins a one ounce colored proof coin released last month. The one-half ounce size features the same design of a black and yellow colored snake curled around a tree branch. There is a limit of 10,000 for this product.

Perth Mint product page

Colored editions of the 2013 Year of the Snake Gold Coins are available in three different sizes. Individual one ounce, one-quarter ounce, and one-tenth ounce colored 99.99% pure gold coins are available. Each coin is struck to proof quality and features a colored image of a snake among bamboo shoots. Each size is sold individually and carries a product limit of 5,000.

Perth Mint product page

A Lunar Calendar Series 1 oz. Silver Rectangle Four Coin Set features four unique snake designs. The rectangle coins are Cook Islands legal tender and minted in 1 oz. of 99.9% pure silver in proof quality. Measuring 47.60 mm by 27.60 mm, the coins each feature a colored snake set against a background depicting an Eastern scene. The four coin sets are limited to 3,000 worldwide and come housed in a black framed clear case packaged in an illustrated shipper.

Perth Mint product page

A final product celebrating the Year of the Snake is the Tuvalu legal tender Cute Baby Snake Coin. Struck in one-half ounce of 99.9% silver to proof quality, the reverse design depicts a baby snake with a festive wreath and decorations. Each coin is housed in an illustrated shipper and accompanied by a numbered certificate of authenticity. The product has a limit of 7,500 worldwide.

Perth Mint product page

The second release within the Australian Birds series is available. The one-half ounce 99.9% silver coin features the Budgerigar in color amidst representations of Australian vegetation. This product has a limit of 10,000 worldwide and comes in a presentation case with themed shipper and numbered certificate of authenticity.

The first release in the series featured the Red-Tailed Black-Cockatoo and still remains available for sale. Subsequent releases within the series Regent Bowerbird, Rainbow Lorikeet, Splendid Fairy-wren.

Perth Mint product page

The Perth mint will begin a new series highlighting the beauty of Australia’s seasons. The first of the square-shaped one ounce 99.9% silver coins features summer, which takes place during the months of December, January, and February. The reverse design features a Red Kangaroo against a colored background of an Australian beach scene. With a worldwide product limit of 5,000, each coin is housed in a presentation case with themed shipper and accompanied by a numbered certificate of authenticity.

Subsequent releases within the series will features the seasons Spring, Winter, and Autumn.

Two of this month’s releases are listed as available in Australia only. The first is the 1 oz. Gold Proof High Relief Year of the Dragon Coin shown above. The mintage for the product is indicated to be 388 worldwide. The obverse and reverse designs are minted on concave surfaces resulting in a maximum thickness of 5.00 mm and diameter of 27.30 mm.

Also within Australia only, the Perth Mint is issuing a colored edition of the 2013 Year of the Snake Kilo Silver Coin. This product has an indicated limit of 500 worldwide. The design is the same as the other colored editions, the size is 100.60 mm in diameter and 14.60 mm in thickness.

Additional releases for the month also include:

All of these new Perth Mint product releases should start to appear within the recent releases section on the Perth Mint’s website at the start of sales. This post will be updated with direct product links.

As a reminder, in the past some of the most popular releases have quickly changed status to “unavailable” after the initial rush of orders from US based customers. For previous months, sales have re-opened for some of these unavailable coins around 8:30 AM Perth Time (8:30 PM ET). This provides another opportunity to order for anyone who missed the initial availability.

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  1. says

    Got my order through for the three-headed dragon at 12:07. Given the developing decline in interest in Perth’s products, I wonder if we’ll see slower sellouts.

    By the way, what do people think of the square-shaped coin?

  2. Frankie says

    It’s still available from (273 in stock) – incl. delivery it works out at roughly $80-$85 per oz of silver – cheaper than the RCM issues… Not that I’m advocating it though!

  3. Two Cents says

    Michael, you are blazinly fast. Thank you for the quick update on the Perth Mint’s newest releases.

    Anyone have any thoughts about the new Season series? The Kangaroo coin looks really attractive, and at 5,000 might be in demand down the road? I wonder if other Australian animals like the Koala and Kookaburra will be featured on subsequent coins in the series. I like the box case that it comes in, ideal for display.

  4. Schalk says


    The Rabbit and the Dragon rectangular coin sets are beautiful. I bought the Dragon set and it had a flowing background theme of waves throughout the four coins. I think it is underrated. At least I do not think that they will be re-issued in future 🙂

  5. Schalk says


    Apologies, I thought you asked about the rectangular coins – I think the square coin is just an average coin – nothing to write home about.

  6. says

    Hi Schalk,

    I do like the artwork on the rectangular coins as well, I’m just somewhat dubious amount them as they seem more like well-designed silver bars than coins.

    Your point about remintages is good, though.

    I’m not surprised the two ounce proof set sold out as only a hundred of them were made available on the website, if memory serves correctly. Price turned out to be almost exactly what I expected.

  7. Schalk says


    From the Perth Mint those 2 Oz proofs (in the set) are approximately $75.00 per ounce of silver.

  8. Schalk says


    I bought the 2 oz set this time – only because it is so difficult to buy the 3-coin set each year – and I only bought the 3-coin set in the past to get hold of the 2 oz coin. I have the 3-coin sets of the Tiger, Rabbit and Dragon (a few duplicates but nothing to cry about). At least the coins are guaranteed for the remaining 6 years – so no need to frantically monitor the website for the 3-coin set in future. No more lunar coins for me… I have the the RCM scallop set (absolutely beautiful) and now the 2 oz PM set – that’s it for me!

  9. says

    Unless you really enjoy these latest releases from Perth, don’t bother with them….I really like the DOL series and will purchase them…but aside from the first one (Welsh Red Dragon), none of them are profitable….however, they are a nice addition to a series if you can afford them.

  10. G says

    Captain- I actually really like the square summer coin. I’m going to get one. And I like the DOL coin. The 2oz set is nice, but for around 1000$, it’s too much for me. The german link is a decent price to pick it up, but doesn’t guarantee the rest of the set like Perth does, or does it?

  11. Two Cents says

    Another thing I like about the Seasons series is that you don’t have to purchase the entire set at once. Presumably, the coins will be released at intervals, so the cost will be spread out over the next 12 months. If the series does become popular, the earlier coins might become more sought after — as more collectors find out about the series, they will want to get the earlier coins to complete their sets.

    The 5,000 mintage may sound high for a relatively generic subject, but who knows, maybe collectors will want to display the coins seasonally. The display box is attractive enough to showcase the coins out in the open instead of hidden away in a drawer or safe.

  12. says


    I believe you’re correct about the non-guarantee of the German set. Despite my annoyance with the remintage issue, this is really a very nice set but I had to take a pass on it due to lack of funds.

    I liked the square shaped coin too, though again, I had to pass due to lack of funds.

  13. Louis says

    I agree with TwoCents and G,
    I got the 3-headed dragon (which is now unavailable) and the summer seasons coin.
    I suspect the 2 oz set from the German dealer comes with the same guarantee for future issues. They got all but 100 sets of the 1000 issued, and I am sure that means the same co. will get 900 of the 2,000 that will be minted of future 2 oz coins.
    FYI- Mexican coin collectors should check out the new heritage series with 6 1/2 ounce silver reproductions (and a bi-metal ring around them) of the most famous Mexican coins like the 8 reales, cap and rays, etc. You can get it from Don Bailey. There will be three more 6-coin sets in the next three years (one set a year).

  14. Louis says

    Also, those display boxes for the seasons coins are expensive if purchased separately. They are really cool and I have seen the small ones sell for around $20 and the bigger ones like the 4-coin recantangular set go for around $30 or more. And you can use them for any coin you want to display and be able to see both sides.

  15. CW says

    Way too many colored coins. It cheapens the look of their entire portfolio in my opinion. People must be buying these, though. Not to be negative, but it seems like the only elements that are ‘high relief’ are the raised edges on the coins.

  16. Frankie says

    Regarding the 2oz lunar proof set from silber-corner – it comes with a guarantee for future issues.

  17. plmark says

    If you want to see the proposed designs for the other three coins (autumn, winter, and spring) then follow Michael’s link to the Perth Mint’s website, click on the picture of the packaging, and use the zoom feature to locate the designs on the side of the colorful themed shipper. The other three designs do not feature a kangaroo. I can’t really figure out what animals they are, but the spring coin seems to feature a cockatoo.

  18. Jeremy says

    Looking over the Perth Mint’s “recent releases” it seems most people were interested in the 2 oz coin set. Since this is a higher priced item that might explain why the mint’s ordering process was relatively painless earlier today. As for me, I’m only interested in the Dragon of Legend coins and once that fifth one is released I will be finished with the Perth Mint and their nonsense.

  19. Frankie says

    Agree, but you can say this about most mints and in particular the RCM. There are just too many coins “thrown” out onto the market place. I suspect that quite a few of PM’s releases will sell close to spot one day.
    For me, I’ll stick with the lunar coins and only the type set and the 2oz proof set which I bought two of. The rest I’ll sell again and probably rather soon!

  20. Louis says

    A lightbulb just went off in my head! The frames for the 4 seasons and rectangular snakes are called Nimbus frames.

  21. saucexx says

    I’ll be taking a pass on future Perth Products. It’s a shame because that HR Gold Dragon sure looks interesting, even with the high the premium.

  22. Two Cents says

    For the Seasons series, it looks like the subsequent coins will feature some kind of mammal (possum?) for Autumn, a frog or toad for Winter, and a bird (cockatoo?) for Spring.

    Thanks to plmark for telling us about the pictures on the side of the box at the Perth Mint’s website.

  23. hw says

    January 2013 releases are posted . . . no December 2012? Looks boring.

    New coin releases available from 12.01am 3 January 2013 (AWST):


    Australian Lunar Series II 2013 Year of the Snake 1oz Gold Proof High Relief Coin
    Australian Lunar Series II 2013 Year of the Snake 1/20oz Gold Coloured Coin
    Australian Koala 2013 1oz Silver Coin
    Australian Koala 2013 1oz Gilded Coin
    200th Anniversary of the Holey Dollar and Dump 2013 Silver Proof Set
    City Squares 2013 1oz Silver Proof Four-Coin Set
    Mythical Creatures – Griffin 2013 1oz Silver Proof Coin
    Australian Bush Babies II – Echidna 2013 1/2oz Silver Proof Coin
    Forever Love 2013 1/2oz Silver Proof Coin
    2013 Year of the Snake Stamp and Coin Cover

  24. Rolling Thunder says

    Mythical Creatures – Griffin 2013

    Griffin – head of an eagle, body of a lion, sometimes snake tail

    Could be interesting – but beware the twisted ways of Perth!

  25. Alan says

    The design on the budgie coin saddens me. It seems like a terrible design for a coin in that there’s so much empty space. And that weird wooden branch looks like it’s hiding the budgie’s feet (claws?) as if the artist couldn’t be bothered to draw them.

  26. mike1960 says

    This summer I bought Young collector mythical creatures set for $30.
    Now I see it on Gainesville coin for $300. I do not know if this is a misprint or
    the set has become very hard to find.

  27. mike1960 says

    I am realy in to my high relief collection.I like the removable insert with easel.
    But the h.r. lunars do not come that way. So I went to mderncoinmarts o.g.p. store and got 4 ) 2012 h.r. kangaroo boxes for my dagon and my snake and the next 2. Ialso found other cool stuff.

  28. hw says

    Don’t know if anyone is still reading posts here but Perth Mint has the Australian Lunar Series II 2oz Silver Proof Coin Collection available again.

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