Images of 2013 COTY Nominees, Part Two

This post will continue presenting images of some of the nominees for Krause Publications 2013 Coin of the Year Awards. These are for 2011-dated coins across ten different categories, with 100 different nominees from 50 different countries in total.

As in part one, these images are for coins where images and information are available via Coin Update. For this second part, I also added scans of a few coins from my own collection like the Charlemagne coin below. For most images, click to go to a full article on Coin Update with a larger image as well as issuance information.

The countries with the most nominees were Great Britain and France, with seven nominees each. This was followed by Canada, which had six nominees, and Australia with five. The United States had only a single nominee. On US Mint Blog, you can read this post which showcases some great 2011 U.S. coins which were not nominated.

Best Crown Coin (Continued)

France – Charlemagne

Best Trade Coin

Great Britain – 50 Years World Wildlife Fund

Latvia – Beer Stein

Denmak – Hjejlen

Most Popular Coin

Great Britain – William and Catherine Royal Wedding

Great Britain – Offside Rule Explained

United States – Olympic National Park

Poland – Pope John Paul II Beatification

China – Silver Panda

Most Artistic Coin

Canada – Hunter’s Moon (Autumn)

Finland – Kaj Franck and Industrial Art

Most Innovative Coinage

Latvia – Stone Coin

Netherlands – QR Code

Most Inspirational Coinage

Finland – Hella Wuolijoki

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  1. Michael Zielinski says

    I don’t know the specific criteria for each category, but perhaps it makes sense as “Most Popular” since it received a lot of broad public interest. I remember a lot of articles on mainstream news sites when it was released.

  2. CW says

    The art on many of the British coins is terrible. I am guessing the panel that votes on this has some British bias. And the beer stein coin looks like a cheap token.

  3. T1 browserman says

    Craptacular or stinkspiring…..the eye is in the beholder…..

    Question for WMNB: Do you know if Royal Mint publishes its mint totals for its offerings? I picked up a coin with a stated mintage limit but no one seems to know if there was a true sell out or not.

  4. Shutter says

    I remember a lot of articles on mainstream news sites when it was released.

    Quiet a few article were like this one:
    New 50p coin aimed at explaining offside law ‘gets offside law wrong’

    In addition to that and truly awful design, who decided that they need to explain rules of soccer in a country that (a) invented it and (b) is generally crazy about the game?

    Imagine the howling if US Mint produced a coin “explaining” ground rule double and called it a home run.

  5. Louis says

    The only UK coins I like are the Britannias and the Charles Dickens commem. The Royal Mint also prices its stuff way too high and issues too many pieces in most cases. Look at the 2012 Olympic coins, most of which do not do much for me.

    These nominees are by no means the best world designs in my view. For example, the Vatican issued a much nicer coin for the beatification of Pope John Paul II, a 5 euro silver coin that has superb artwork.

  6. T1 browserman says

    Thank you Dr. Z. and ty shutter for the humor….you may be giving the US mint some hints at future coin designs 😎

  7. zia says

    Mongolia 2012 Silver 500 Togrog Long-Eared Hedgehog Coin

    Apmex got them, $499.00, any one intrested? thought i will share this, alot of you probly know that already.

  8. T1 browserman says

    It appears I will have to wait several years for the offering I picked up…..2008 is their most recent figures. My other beef with the RM is their use of vague marketing verbiage i.e. they claim their new offering of the Alderney ‘Rememberance Day’ silver coin is the ‘first of an annual series’; an annual series of what ? Different coins celebrating Veterans Day ? They have a coin to explain sporting controversy but cannot explain a new annual series on their website ? My grandfather fought in WWI but do I wish to get involved in, as Louis mentions, highly premiumed offerings, if I know nothing about the series ? I did like the Pegasus offering from 2012 Olympics and the Citius, Altius, Fortius series but of course way beyond my means. By the way 2010 3 coin gold set still available on the RM’s site but you have to dig to find it using lukgF3 as a search code…2011 lukgH3 sold out…2012 lukgS3 still available @ $5,600 per set but thanks to the International Olympic Committee these are not available to United States. I also noticed shipping to US is now 12.5 pounds.

  9. VABEACHBUM says

    @ Louis – Again, on the same page wgt the UK offerings. I’ve been a huge fan of the Britannias since day one, althought I focus my collecting on two complete sets of the UNC versions and one set of their “UNC display packaging” version. I thought about the PR coins and sets, but simply found them a little pricey for my interests.

    I’ll be interested to see how the RM manages the series in 2013 and on when they introduce the .999 Silver Britannias. Will this usher in the end of the “Britannia Silver” coins, thus defining a very collectible type set, or will it establish a 3rd type of coin within a fun, collectible series? I can’t wait to find out!!!

  10. MT says

    I think it’s great that the Brits have started to put an explanation of the rules for cricket on their coins. If you’re the slightest bit perplexed by an official ruling you can pull out a handful of coins to get an explanation… or maybe just for some light reading in order to stay awake.

    edit —
    Sorry. I meant Rugby of course.

  11. Louis says

    @VABEACHBUM- I usually only get the BU Britannias too, but this year because they issued a 25th anniv. proof set with one of the best designs used for the series, I picked it up from the RM. They shipped it very quickly, and though the price was a bit high (around $270 I think with shipping), the mintage if I remember correctly is only 2500 and overall I think it is worth it. If I could afford it, I would get the gold versions too, at least one as a type coin. I think APMEX has the anniv silver proof set for around $250 last time I checked.

    There was one Olympic coin I liked but it was too pricey, and I suspect that before long such coins will lose their premiums. To be fair, the half pound series they did for the paraolympics is not bad, but I passed on that as well.

  12. T1 browserman says

    Louis I would be interested to know which of the Olympic coins struck your eye.

    Also, I recall you mentioning that one should buy what one likes; did you mean that one should buy with the expectation of a future premium or should that be forgone for the simple sake of owning something that appeals to oneself ?

  13. My COTY choice says

    Nice to see some of the coins. Here my opinion: I think Netherlands with the QR code coin is the most innovative one. The concept of making an interactive coin with a website with information about the coin and its design is great, and I think it opens a field of new possibilities, indeed this year the dutch have issued a coin with augmented reality, so the mobile recognizes directly the design on the coin, instead of a QR code. Beside this COTY coin has also a latent image capable of showing 6 different images !! .They also released a lot of videos about the coin.Here some of them:

  14. reticuli says

    the Dutch coin with the QR code is a new coin for young (new) people who can now doing interactive things whit the coin. you can put a piece of history behinde the face ore picture through a costumized website. so thats wy i find the Dutch coin the most innovative coin

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