Images of 2013 COTY Nominees, Part One

Krause Publications recently announced their selection of the nominees for the 2013 Coin of the Year Awards for 2011-dated coins. With 100 different nominees from 50 different countries, the coins represent a wide variety of topics, designs and styles. The nominees are divided into ten different categories from which a winner for each category will be selected. An overall winner and people’s choice award are also selected.

According to the article, “A panel of judges including authors, editors, and numismatists, as well as members of the American Numismatic Association and Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee, met October 12 to choose the following nominees from hundreds received from around the world.”

I have no affiliation with Krause Publications and was not involved in the process, however, I thought it would be an interesting exercise to create a post showcasing the images of some of the nominees. Click on any image to go to the full article which includes a larger image as well as issuance information.

I have not tracked down images of all 100 nominees. For now, these are just the coins where images and information are available via Coin Update. Click on any image to go to the full article which includes a larger image as well as issuance information.

Most Historically Significant

Germany – 100 Years of Automotive Manufacturing in Germany

Canada – 100th Anniversary of Parks Canada

Bulgaria – Khan Krum Medieval Bulgarian Rulers

Best Contemporary Event

France – Euro Starter Kit

Netherlands – 50th Anniversary of World Wildlife Fund

Poland – Smolensk Plane Crash

Austria – Robotics with Mars Rover

Russia – Yuri Gagarin First Man in Space

Best Gold Coin

Perth Mint Australia – Platypus Dreaming

Slovakia – Prince Pribina of Nitra

Best Silver Coin

Canada – Canoe and Reflection

Perth Mint Australia – 2011 High Relief Silver Kangaroo

Netherlands – Dutch Artwork and the Old Dutch Masters

Best Crown Coin

Great Britain – Price Philip 90th Birthday

Portugal – Spain and Portugal Membership in European Union

Latvia – Riga’s Hanseatic Past

Ireland – St. Brendan the Navigator

Part Two will be coming later this week…

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  1. Louis says

    It would be interesting to see a tally of nominees in all categories by country. When I saw the full list, it appeared France had the most.

  2. Hidalgo says

    Did any US coin make the list? Anyone surprised that a First Spouse coin did not make the list?

  3. Louis says

    I tend to find the nominees in the Krause competiton a bit odd. I think many collectors could come up with better choices. Several of these are nice, and I own those coins, but there were lots of other coins last year with better designs. I will be publishing my own list for 2012 coins. Feel free to make suggestions. The Aussie astronomy coin will be one.

    Hidalgo, I guess your modus operandi is never miss a chance to bash the spouses!

  4. says

    Most of these coins are absolutely stunning. It is no surprise that the U.S. Mint is not represented here – they have consistently lagged other world mints in imaginative and beautiful coin designs.

  5. says

    Great work getting these photos out. That’s what I love about blogs. Just to be clear, these nominees are for coins dated 2011. There is a 2 year lag time to be sure that all coins are considered.

  6. Suzanne says

    I was surprised that the widely loved 2011 Platinum Harvest Goddess was not in the running. I also thought that the $5 Gold Medal of Honor reverse would be considered.

  7. says

    Most of these coins are absolutely stunning. It is no surprise that the U.S. Mint is not represented here – they have consistently lagged other world mints in imaginative and beautiful coin designs.

    No, that’s not really a fair statement. Artistically, 2011 was one of the best years the US Mint has had in awhile, in my opinion. I think this should have been a nominee:

    I think the Medal of Honor gold commemorative could have also made the cut.

    Of the coins listed here, I like the “Riga’s Hanseatic Past” the best. Great piece.

  8. Michael Zielinski says

    After part two, I think I will do a post on US Mint Blog highlighting some of the better US coin designs that were not nominated.

    2011 did have some nice designs.

  9. VABEACHBUM says

    An impressive cast, to be sure, and this is just the first part. I look forward to seeing the follow-up articles and pictures real soon.

    C.O. – you and I always seem to be on the same page. The “Riga’s” coin caught my attention immediately. Great balance and use of field on both sides; simply captivating. I’m also a fan of the consistent use of intricate detail that leads to secondary patterns within the Netherland’s COY candidates over the past couple of years. All of the recent Austria Nobium offerings have been pretty sweet, too.

    Very disappointed that the 2011 Platinum Eagle didn’t get a nod. Does that have something to do with the medium – Pt vice Au or Ag?? If the Olympic Nat’l Park Quarter is our sole 2011 representative, then we have some major credibility issues.!!

    For Louis and Michael – definitely looking forward to your respective opinions of the current and some overlooked 2011 dated nominees.

  10. Louis says

    @Hidalgo- Sorry, I thought you were being tongue in cheek. I think the Hayes coin from last year is very good, but probably not good enough for this list.

    @VABEACHBUM- Thanks a lot. I think you, CO, and I are typically in agreement.

    I agree on the 2011 Platinum eagle and Medal of Honor coin. I’d have to think about it, but there are quite a few others too esp. some French and Italian commems. For 2012, the Italian commem marking the 150th anniv. of the Lira currency would make my list and it’s also a cool shape:

  11. says

    VABB and Louis: Do we constitute an “in” crowd now? 😉

    And right after I posted my comment about the platinum eagle, your thought about metal type occurred to me, VABB. I checked the list briefly and didn’t see any platinum coins on it. However, I would still think that at least the gold MoH would have been a viable candidate.

  12. Louis says

    FYI, and no I don’t get any kickbacks from them, Provident has the Denali ATB bullion pre-order for $179, only a few bucks more than the price of a bar. Great day to buy while silver is down. Other companies charge quite a bit more.

    As for the lists, my preference is to separate US and non-US as Michael is doing.

  13. Rolling Thunder says

    The 2011 Mongolia 500 Tugrik, Silver, Owl’s Head (Ural Owl) With Crystal Eyes is one of the Krause nominees for “Most Popular Coin”.

    2012 Mongolia Hedgehog fans – will have to wait till next year!

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