2012 Riga Technical University 1 Lats Silver Coin

The Bank of Latvia has recently released a new silver coin to mark the 150th anniversary of the Riga Technical University, which was established in 1862 as the first polytechnical institute in Imperial Russia. It was the first tertiary education establishment in the territory of Latvia and is the oldest technical institute in the Baltic States.

The 2012 Riga Technical University 1 Lats Silver Coin features some intriguing aspects. The shape of the coin is a square measuring 32 mm X 32 mm, which is formed by two detachable triangles. The detachable aspect seems to have been conceived due to the potential for utility of the coin.

The obverse is comprised of an upper triangle designed as a protractor with the inscription “LATVIJAS REPUBLIKA” (Republic of Latvia). The lower triangle is designed as a calibrated ruler with the legal tender face value of “1 Lats” beneath.

On the reverse, the upper triangle features a panoramic view of the University with the inscription “RĪGAS TEHNISKĀ UNIVERSITĀTE (Riga Technical University). The lower triangle includes a gilded protractor and ruler, which are elements of the coat of arms of the University. The background includes a reflection of the panoramic view included in the upper triangle. As the angle of the coin is shifted, the date “1862” or “2012” appears.

Each coin is struck in proof quality with a weight of 26.00 grams and purity of .925 silver. I have seen the mintage indicated as 3,000, but am trying to confirm. The coins are struck by the Mint of Finland and designed by Kristaps Ģelzis.

For those interested in purchasing the coin, the Bank of Latvia’s website has some contact information here. I have sent an email about the coin, but have not received a response yet. (I will update if I receive a response.) In the past, I have purchased my Latvian coins from eBay, which currently has a few listings for the Riga Technical University Silver Coins.

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  1. Shutter says

    formed by to detachable triangles
    Should have been “two”.

    If I’m not mistaken, Mint of Poland produced Nieu “You and Me” coin set earlier that was puzzle shaped with two parts combining for a whole design. However, there each part was a separate coin.

  2. Sam H says

    The US Mint should be taking notes, why is it every other mint seems to have innovative ideas?

  3. fosnock says

    Off topic question for the board…I have Perth Mint Koalas but want to display them in the OGP capsule does anyone know were you can get one. I have Airtight cases but I would have to remove them from the OGP capsule.

  4. plmark says

    Earlier this year, the National Bank of Poland and the National Bank of Ukraine issued a puzzle coin set for the European Soccer Championships which both countries co-hosted. This set consisted on two coins, one from each country, and had a combined mintage of 10,000 sets. Half of the 10,000 sets were issued by the government of Poland with the mint mark of Poland on BOTH the Polish and Ukrainian coins (http://www.nbp.pl/homen.aspx?f=/en/banknoty/kolekcjonerskie/2012.html). The other 5,000 sets were issued in Ukraine with the Ukrainian mint mark on BOTH coins (http://www.bank.gov.ua/control/en/currentmoney/cmcoin/details?coin_id=552). Consequently, this was the first time that a Polish coin carried a Ukrainian mint mark and vice versa.

  5. plmark says

    @ fosnock

    The best place to buy these capsules would be from OGP World (www.ogpworld.com). If they are not listed specifically on the website, give them a call and they most likely will have them in stock.

  6. Fosnock says


    Not really what I was looking for the coins are already in the OGP capsules. I was looking for an album or display box for that those type of capsules.Littleton has a Silver Kookaburra Album, and I was looking for something similar for the Koalas. It looks like I will have to go with the air-tight ring capsules. I just hate to have to get them out of OGP.

  7. Frankie says

    If anyone is interested, APMEX currently sell the 1oz silver MS-70 PCGS dragon for $64.99 (offer valid until Oct14, 11am ET).
    They still have more than 3.7k in stock; i.e. it will be on offer again… But at that price it costs the same as the bullion dragon they offer and is also a lot cheaper than other sellers’ bullion dragons.
    Hard to say no!

  8. Samuel says

    Frankie, i also noticed that and bought some.

    did anyone pay attention to the 1oz colored bullion dragon apmex have a couple of months ago? they had thousands, but suddenly none left and disappeared from their listings. why?

  9. says

    @G…I got an email from Ubercoins on 10/15 that said the Shark coins have been shipped to them…they said to expect delivery late next week.

  10. zia says

    Off the topic
    Can anyone help me to where i can get a good price on 2012 dragon 1oz bullion coin?
    Thanks for the help fellow silver stackers.

  11. Merlin says

    I also sent an email asking to purchase some of these coins, here is the response I received back this morning. Will forward you the complete exchange if you send me your email address.

    Thank you for your question. I regret to inform you that the Riga Technical University conj is not available from the Bank of Latvia.

    The total mintage of this coin is 3 000 pcs. Half of it (1 500 pcs) was sold to the Riga Technical University (for presentation needs and possible sale of a minor quantity).

    The quantity remaining with the Bank of Latvia was 1,500 coins, and it was decided to sell the coins solely through the cashier’s offices of the Bank of Latvia. The sale of the coin started at 15:00 on 4 October, simultaneously with the official launching of the coin at the Riga Technical University. The limit of 5 coins per purchase was set. A lot of people were waiting in long queues, and the coin was sold out in less than 3 hours.

  12. zia says

    Thanks@samuel, the reason i asked was i am trying to make a set of 1oz bullion coins from around the world, i think it be fun, so far i got.
    2012 China Panda
    2012 ASE
    2012 Canda maple leaf
    2012 NZ fern
    2012 Armenia Noah ark
    2012 Mexico libertad
    2012 Britannia
    2012 Aus koala
    2012 Aus Kookubra
    2012 Fiji taku
    2012 Austrian philharmonic

    any help and sugesstion, about what i am missing, the goal is to get one coin each from any county who makes a bullion 1oz.

  13. Merlin says

    @ Zia – What a neat idea and a very nice set. I believe the Aus Kangaroo and Canadian Wildlife are bullion coins, not positive though. A coin from Israel might add a little bit of spice to your collection, maybe the 2012 Sea of Galilee. Just random ideas and the best of luck to you.

  14. zia says

    Ya i just got done getting the candain wildlife coins for 2012, i think i need to get the NZ kiwi too, i just donot want to add any proof coin.any more idea?

  15. Merlin says

    @ Zia – APMEX offers a 10 Coin Around the World Bullion Set. It has the following coins:

    2012 Australia – Kangaroo
    2012 Australia – Koala
    2012 Australia – Kookaburra
    2012 Austria – Philharmonic
    2012 Canada – Maple Leaf
    2012 China – Panda
    2012 Great Britain – Britannia
    2012 Mexcian – Libertad
    2012 Somalia – Elephant
    2012 United States – American Eagle


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