Royal Australian Mint 2013 Kangaroo Series – Explorer’s First Sightings

The Royal Australian Mint has recently started accepting orders for their 2013 Kangaroo Series gold and silver coins. Three different options with limited mintages are available.

The reverse design begins the theme “Explorer’s First Sightings” with George Stubbs’ 1773 impression of a kangaroo. Botanist Joseph Banks had brought a kangaroo back to England and commissioned Stubbs to paint its portrait. The unusual animal quickly came to symbolize the Australian continent.

The available options include one ounce 99.9% pure silver coins in frosted uncirculated or proof versions. Each has a mintage of 20,000 pieces.

Also available is a one-tenth ounce 99.99% pure gold coin in proof. This coin has a mintage of 1,500 pieces and has a limit of two coins per customer.

These three coins can be found on the Royal Australian Mint website in the browse products section. Last year’s 2012 Kangaroo Series Silver Coins still remain available for sale in proof and frosted uncirculated versions. These coins feature the Mareeba Rock-Wallaby.

Although not listed on the website, the RAM’s printed catalog also includes two coins to be issued for the 20th Anniversary of the Kangaroo series. These coins feature the original kangaroo design by Horst Hahne which was used in 1993. Products include a one ounce 99.99% gold proof coin limited to 500 and a one ounce 99.9% silver proof coin limited to 5,000.

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  1. Broooster says

    I really like the Roo designs, it amazes me how they just keep turning out sweet designs, year after year. Take some notes US Mint.

  2. Wes says

    I don’t know how long they’ve been out but the new Zealand mint has released two Anne Geddes Silver Coins with her pictures on the coins One of a boy, and another for a girl. They have them at Apmex now. Close to 120.00 each. I am not interested but might make nice gift for new Parents. Like a birth set.

  3. Shutter says

    Off topic. Yesterday I received the lotus shaped snake coins. They are even more awesome in person that the pictures on on the web. If you’re planning to give any Year of the Snake coins as gifts, that’s the one to get so far. I also received HR Koala. May be I’m getting jaded, but it seems to be the least attractive of Perth HR coins. I am hoping that the HR Snake will recapture that mojo.

  4. Wes says

    Great White Shark coin just two much for me right now. I think they had problems, then knew demand was going to be high so they raised the price. $163.26 USD right now and $40.00 shipping. But you do get real water in the case.

  5. Dan says

    Just Received the kangaroo in the outback coin. Great addition to my kangaroo at sunset coin. Looks like it belongs in the series.

  6. Louis Golino says

    That seems to be the trend with NZM Mint coins, generally better to get from dealers like Uber, Gainesville, etc.

  7. Louis Golino says

    @Shutter- I am surprised you were not that impressed with the HR koala. I am not even that much of a koala fan, and I like it a lot. Don’t you think they did a nice job with the details? To me it looks almost three dimensional.

  8. Samuel says

    just received the HR koala from NYmint. they did not even bother to use a box, only an envelop. so the mint box is crushed. i would say the Koala is too flat, should be more “high relief”.

  9. Shutter says


    You probably misunderstood me. It’s not that I don’t like it. I like the other Perth HR coins better. I also concur with Samuel. It seems a bit too flat in appearance, even though there is a lot of detail. Again, I don’t regret getting it, but it’s not as nice as the others. My favorite 2012 HR coin is the Kangaroo, and I know that some have been underwhelmed by it.

    My Koala also came from GovMint/NYMint. On the plus side, I am glad that they chose to make a bunch of them available in OGP at reasonable cost. On the minus side, my shipper wasn’t crushed like Samuel’s, but someone attempted to open it from the wrong end and part of the flap was torn. I am assuming they cherrypicked before sending a bunch to NGC. I know that NGC had listed a bunch of HR Koalas for some time. So where are they?

    One other thing. Most of the Perth coin shippers have the UPC sticker glued on and it has the serial number matching the COA on it. The Koala from GovMint has UPC printed on the shipper and no serial. At firs I though this was a potential issue, but then I noticed that a few others (including HR Kookaburra direct from Perth) are the same.

  10. Louis says

    Why would that matter? It does not affect either the enjoyment you get from looking at or the price you would get if you sold it.

  11. Shutter says

    Why would that matter?
    It doesn’t. It’s just that my trust level in GovMint/NYMint is somewhat lower than some other dealers. Anything outside the norm raises a yellow flag. However, I didn’t throw a fit. Instead I check to see if it was really outside the norm. Having confirmed that it wasn’t, I went on to the next scheduled activity.

    I don’t buy them, but I seem to recall that some folks were concerned recently that the Libertads they received were missing serial # on the COA.

    When it comes to resale, some people who prefer coins in OGP, prefer them as complete as possible. Any deviation from complete original state is looked at suspiciously. Last year when I got Grand Canyon ATB, one of them came without COA. The little card doesn’t really affect the coin, but the Mint did send me a replacement. This year I got one of the DoF sets without the little fake dog tag. Again, this has no impact on the coin, but I asked for a replacement and they did send one.

  12. Louis says

    Shutter- If it were actually missing the COA, or the COA had no number, that would be different. At least to me.
    Did you get your lotus snake from the RCM or Gatewest? I am waiting on mine from Gatewest. For what it’s worth, my Talisman orders have ALWAYS arrived way before my Gatewest orders. But then in most cases I don’t really sweat it since I understand the reason for the delays and know they will come when they come.
    It’s not like we don’t have other toys to play with while we wait.
    So who loaded up on platinum and burnished eagles? I asked the Bernank if I could borrow a printing press, or at least a Treasury pc with a button that says “create money,” but alas had no luck, so no eagles for me!

  13. Shutter says

    Did you get your lotus snake from the RCM or Gatewest?
    Gatewest. Ordered on the 3rd, shipped on the 5th, delivered on the 11th. Gatewest is often at the mercy of RCM. They don’t break up orders, so if you order several coins and one isn’t ready, they wait till the entire order is ready to ship. Also sometimes they ship by Canada Post and sometimes they drive a bunch of orders to US and mail from there. No idea how they decide that, but if they only ship from US once a month or so, and that causes additional delays. Since I only ordered 4 snakes and they were available, my order went quick.

    With some dealers getting close to $40 for bullion eagles, I just placed an order for 20 burnished ones. They have a good shot of being the lowest mintage of the series.

  14. Louis says

    Thanks, Shutter. Totally agree on the burnished silver eagles. Should be either the lowest or one of them, and the quality is so much better than bullion. I grabbed the couple I could afford too, including three nice 70’s I picked out from a stack of them at one of the Mint sales counters.

    I wonder about the 2012 1/2 ounce proof gold Single coin sales are low, but it’s still early days, and they could keep selling the 4-coin sets until the next decade, so it’s gamble on being the key, and in that series, only the 2008 key has a premium and even than probably disappears unless you sell retail.

    Anyway, I like Gatewest and understand what you are saying. I had some other items, and I believe there is one they are waiting on. I will give it another week or two and then will probably call. I have to really commend the way they handled my bumblee bee coin, which at the time I ordered was a higher price than what they ended up charging me. My Gatewest orders generally arrive within about a week of the shipment e-mail, so I must be lucky.

  15. Jeremy says

    @Louis&Shutter, Your discussion had gotten me curious about the burnished silver eagles. I had looked at the sales report posted on “” and it lists them as -8,791. Why would that figure be negative?


  16. Louis says

    Returns and cancellations probably, though I have no idea why so many would be returned, esp. with silver rising over the past few weeks.

    I would not take out a second mortgage to load up on them, but it’s a nice series with good long-term potential because the mintages are a fraction of the bullion mintages.

  17. Shutter says

    I had looked at the sales report posted on “” and it lists them as -8,791. Why would that figure be negative?

    Returns, corrections, cancellations, failed credit card authorizations. It happens. Look at 10/4/11 report. The 2011 burnished eagles went down by 11K. Or 5/15/12 report when DoF set dropped nearly 3K. I think the Mint only reports total sales and Michael calculates the change. If the Mint previously reported a wrong number, they just correct the total and don’t tell anyone what happened.

    Also those numbers aren’t consistent in their accuracy. For example, does anyone believe that Grand Canyon ATB was the only one with any returns causing final mintage to fall below 27K? Or that none of the SF sets were returned or cancelled? Those numbers are merely a guide.

  18. Shutter says

    Should be either the lowest or one of them,/i>
    Until August, 2011 was the lowest, and that’s now over 400K (including A25) and still selling. 2012 is at 140K. I don’t see it going past 250K. We are now in a unique moment when premium for burnished is so small. Once the price is increased, bullion sales will take off and numismatic product will languish.

  19. Jeremy says

    I’m a bit surprised that the US Mint hasn’t suspended sales for its silver products as of yet given how aggressive they have been recently, this last year or so. Perhaps, I imagine, repricing may occur within a range of $.50 to $1.50 from current spot prices?

  20. Michael says

    If your OGP is torn from GovMint they will let you exchange it. They have good service. The high relief silver Koala is exclusive to GovMint (asset marketing). They had 60 % of the mintage…about half were graded as First Releases or First 1000 struck. They are charging less than MSRP for the graded ones and $169 for PR70.

  21. Michael says

    Looks like the Kangaroo 20th Ann. is a New York Mint/GovMint exclusive as well. They have 70% of the mintage. 70% are graded on the NGC population and the newest Coin World and Numismatist have the ad for the Gold 1 oz.

  22. M says

    It is lousy how GovMint/New York Mint just ships single items in a padded mailer. If its damaged I would return it and make them replace it. They will never learn if the customer just accepts the damage.

  23. Koichi Ito says

    What about 2013Kangaroo in the Sunset gold coins? So what price these coins are sold at Royal Australian Mint?

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