New Perth Mint Product Releases September 2012

The Perth Mint of Australia will open sales for a number of new products today. This will be highlighted by the release of the collector proof versions of the 2013 Year of the Snake Gold and Silver Coins from the Australian Lunar Series II. Other products will include the first release in a new series of one-half ounce coins featuring the Birds of Australia and the High Relief Silver Koala.

For collectors in the United States, sales are scheduled to begin on September 3, 2012 at 12:01 PM ET. These coins can all be found as the first entries within the recent releases section on the Perth Mint’s website.

The 2013 Year of the Snake Silver Proof Coins features the design revealed last week depicting a snake curled around a tree branch. The inscription “Year of the Snake” is below with the Chinese character for “snake” in the right field. The 99.9% pure silver coins are struck in proof format and available in three different products for the current release.

The products include a 1 oz silver proof coin with a limit of 5,000, a 1 kilo silver proof coin with a limit of 500, and a three coin set (containing 2 oz, 1 oz, and 1/2 oz coins) with a limit of 1,000. Each coin or set is housed in a red and black presentation case with an illustrated shipper and numbered certificate of authenticity.

The product limits are at the same levels used for last year’s Year of the Dragon silver proof coins, which sold out very quickly.

Update: For this year, the Perth Mint has introduced an individual 1/2 oz. silver proof coin option limited to 8,000. Also ordering limits of one per member will be imposed for the individual 1 oz. silver, 1 kilo silver proof, and three coin set.

Perth Mint product page

The 2013 Year of the Snake Gold Proof Coins feature a snake among bamboo shoots and grass. The inscription “Year of the Snake” appears below, with the Chinese character for “snake” in the left field along with the Perth Mint’s “P” mint mark. The 99.99% pure gold coins are struck in proof format and available in three different sizes as well as a three-coin set, containing one of each size.

The individual 1 oz coin carries a limit of 3,000, the individual 1/4 oz coin carries a limit of 5,000, and the individual 1/10 oz coin carries a limit of 5,000. The three-coin set has a limit of 3,000.

Each coin or set comes in an oval shaped display case, packaged in an illustrated shipper with numbered certificate of authenticity.

Perth Mint product page.

This month, the Perth Mint begins a new series known as Birds of Australia. Five different birds will be featured on limited mintage 1/2 oz. silver proof coins. The first release of the series presents the Red-Tailed Black-Cockatoo, a raucous, noisy, black parrot found throughout Australia where it lives in a variety of habitats.

The reverse design depicts the Red-Tailed Black-Cockatoo in color perched on a wooden log. The obverse of the coin carries the Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Queen Elizabeth II with inscriptions indicating the weight and purity of the silver content, “2013” date, and monetary denomination.

The mintage limit for the coins is 10,000 pieces worldwide. The subsequent releases within the five coin series will feature the Budgerigar, Regent Bowerbird, Rainbow Lorikeet, and Splendid Fairy-wren.

Perth Mint product page.

The high relief Australian Koala is struck in one ounce of 99.9% pure silver and represents the latest design to be featured in the popular high relief format.

The coin depicts an adult koala sleeping on the branch of a eucalyptus tree. The high relief obverse and reverse designs are minted on concave surfaces to achieve optimal metal flow by the strike of the die. The coins have a diameter of 32.60 mm and thickness of 6.00 mm.

The mintage is limited to 10,000 coins worldwide.

Note that US based customers cannot order this coin directly from the Perth Mint. (See this previous post on exclusive products.) In this case, GovMint has rights to 60% of the overall mintage and retains exclusive rights to sell within the US. You can find their offering for the coin on their website here.

Additional new Perth Mint releases for this month include:

All of these new Perth Mint product releases should start to appear within the recent releases section on the Perth Mint’s website at the start of sales. This post will be updated with direct product links.

As a reminder, in the past some of the most popular releases have quickly changed status to “unavailable” after the initial rush of orders from US based customers. For previous months, sales have re-opened for some of these unavailable coins at 9:00 AM Perth Time (9:00 PM ET). This provides another opportunity to order for anyone who missed the initial availability.

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  1. says

    In any case, after next month I’m done with the snakes – all future offerings other than the typeset and maybe the HR are likely to be poor performers on the secondary market.

    This is probably what I am going to do, barring Perth selling some interesting new version (hologram snake, anyone?). I am not likely to buy any multicolored varieties they produce, nor will I be buying privy marks, rectangular snakes, baby snakes, gemstone kilos, etc.

    I may, depending on when it’s released and what the mintage is, pick up a five ounce proof snake if they choose to release one. Due to the overall cheapness I will probably also pick up a Year of the Snake stamp and coin cover set.

  2. G says

    I noticed talisman sold out of the one ounce proofs- they had 5 at 150 last night. I feel like the one ounce snake goes for 225ish, and the 3 coun settles at 800ish. Congrats to everybody who got them- feel glad I got the 3 coin on eBay last night. They all sold.

  3. G says

    I’ll pick up a type set- I really like my dragon typeset. I might add a bird coin if they still have them. The first coin in Perth series tends to do very well.

  4. says


    I like the bird coin quite a bit. In my scramble to just grab the three coin set and run, though, I didn’t really bother to look at it. Perhaps I will buy it next month. It’s a nice piece, it’s just getting drowned out in the “snake mania” buzz.

    I’m planning to get a typeset as well, though given what happened with the proofs I think competition is going to be ferocious. There will also be the added step of trying to add the HR proof to my cart, too. If they release those two coins too far apart time-wise, it could compromise peoples’ chances of getting the typeset.

  5. Jeremy says

    @CO, I’m not sure why anyone would bother to post the question, just what kind of response could one expect other than the one they provided? I think what is more frustrating is that once again these coins are labeled “unavailable” and clarification by none here has been provided regarding why some coins continue to be labeled as “unavailable” but yet haven’t been made available in months. Unfortunately, I’m sure there isn’t anyone here privy to that information. However, the question is do available inventory of these products exist or not???

    Also note the one responding stated that they hope that individual is capable of securing whichever set it is they desire for themselves. Obviously they are well aware of just which coins this person is/was interested in purchasing. Now this is more curious, have the sets now been sold out and if so why be misleading with such a comment? This comment obviously could mean acquiring the set on the secondary market as well, since i know someone is likely to mention that, however, if there are not any available any longer through the mint then state it!

    These are just some questions and concerns but in reality I really couldn’t care less 😉

  6. says


    In general, if the coin has been labelled as unavailable for over a month, it’s probably gone. I think it’s a matter of them forgetting to to label a product “sold out” more than anything else. I don’t think I can recall a period where they relisted a product more than two weeks after the initial date of sale. Usually I find that they list a product maybe three times before the product is gone for good.

    It is possible there will be one more seemingly random listing at an odd time for the proofs before they are completely gone.

  7. saucexx says


    That’s not entirely correct. Some of the gilded lunar coins have been back and forth as available/unavailable. I just recently bought the tiger and mouse when they became available again.

  8. Schalk says

    I suspect that the Perth Mint reserves some of their coins for sales through their printed catalogue – especially in Australia. Once those coins are gone then the product will be listed as sold-out.

  9. Louis says

    Start saving your copper pennies now so you can get a 5 oz proof!!

    I think no matter what Perth does, they just can’t please everyone everywhere. Despite the fact that I have been unable to order every time except once in the past year, I still believe they are managing a tough situation as well as they can, and I am not upset esp. as I was eventually able to get the coins I wanted at about the same price, sometimes less.

    As some Aussies pointed out, we Yanks are pretty darn lucky since Perth releases at a convenient time of day for us, and we have more distrubutor options if we can’t get it from Perth. And you have to commend them for being so responsive to customer concerns if you contact them.

    But as for their basic business model of treating dealers differently than our Mint does, and giving them a price break, it may be frustrating, but it would be like telling Apple how to run its business. That is really up to them.

  10. Jeremy says

    @Louis, This comment isn’t directed at any one mint or organization, but becoming so loyal to any establishment beyond an ability to critically scrutinize/analyze an organization and its business practices can be a problem too! Not always just a matter of NOT being able to please everyone. However, ensuring that customers are being respectfully treated regardless of race, religion, creed and or location would/should be a priority for all! Even those of the most blind allegiance.

  11. Frankie says

    Paradisemint just sent out an email:
    1oz proof $199.99 (100 in stock)
    3-coin proof set $599.99 (10 in stock)
    Considering a conservative net profit of $80 per 1oz coin and $180 per 3-coin set they will have made $9.8k once these are sold… Not bad!

  12. says


    Thanks for the info. It seems like $600 is now the accepted price for the three coin set. I imagine other dealers will probably follow the lead of Paradise and Talisman.

    Not sure what the one ounce proof will settle at just yet. I see standalone one ounce dragon proofs for $200-$250 fairly often, but that seems a bit high for the snakes.


    You’ve echoed most of my thoughts on how Perth handles its sales. Perhaps this could make a good future article topic for you! 🙂

  13. Samuel says

    Captain, you can find 1 oz proof dragon a couple of months ago at gainesville, and it lasted for about a month. so i wont expect the snake to perform well.

  14. Louis says

    Thanks a lot for the excellent suggestion, CO.

    @Jeremy- I have not lost my ability to think critically about Perth!

  15. CW says

    Now the wait begins for an endless variety of colored versions of this coin. Hey, they loved the dragon to death, why not kill the snake. Sorry, I despise colored coins.

  16. says


    One theory I’ve had is that Perth might try rehabilitate the colored coins with regards to the 2013 Snakes by selling only the 10 coin colored set and not selling any China-exclusive or standalone color releases. If they only sold the colored coins in one 10 coin set, with the mintage kept low around 2,500, that might cause a little more excitement for the colored coins.

    I have a suspicion though that they will may dump the multicolored coins entirely. If they follow the same strategy they did for the dragons, I’ll be surprised.

  17. Jeremy says

    @Louis, Not being able to purchase directly from the Perth Mint, therefore, having to acquire product through some alternative means, which can be an inconvenience, and for for this not to be an issue, certainly wouldn’t seem at least to me, to be much a very effective objective position. How can you be a customer if you aren’t being given an opportunity to be a customer!? :p

  18. says

    Question…regarding the 2013 Snake Type Set offering…while I missed out on the 3 coin proof set, I thought I might try for the type-set. My question (and I think I know the answer, but want you guys to confirm it) is does this set have any unique coins that are exclusive to this set? The proof coin isn’t, the bullion coin isn’t, the gilded coin isn’t..and I doubt the colored coin isn’t…is this correct? Thanks
    And if so, why would the type set (set) bring much of a premium…besides the 1500 mintage?

  19. Mikeee says

    By the way – a German dealer ( ……was selling these……
    I bought one, now am trying to negotiate an intl money order for payment
    BTW – all in German. Thank goodness for translators….
    But 342.99 Euro shipped, roughly $430 USD

    Did anyone else go with this dealer? Have to still find a way to get him the funds…….very tough sending EURO to Germany to a business from an individual—-looking at settling up with intl money order…

  20. zia says

    Mikeee@ I think bank wire tranfer is better, if you can get there Account and bank information, but it will cost you the wire transfer fee too but its safe and easy.

  21. Louis says

    Steve- I agree. There is some ambiguity about the colored proofs, but the other three are definifely not unique. The color proof in the set last year was apparently not the red color proof version sold seaparately but was a bullion coin with color. I was able to get that version very cheap later after the sets were long gone. I will be skipping the type set and getting the inividual coins I want, which won’t be hard to order because the mintages are higher. The only really unique coin so far is the 2 oz proof, and the coming 5 oz proof, which are not sold any other way.

  22. says

    And if so, why would the type set (set) bring much of a premium…besides the 1500 mintage?

    Steve, you’ve hit on a question I’ve asked in my posts on the market values of the various silver dragon products. The fact is that the dragon typeset, at its current premiums, has no unique coins. The main driver of value of the dragon typeset seems to be a mixture of the standard proof coin, which is hard to acquire at a reasonable price, and memories of the difficulty obtaining the typeset on release day. I don’t think the dragon typeset deserves its current market price at all.

    With that said, the market is the market and my opinion has little effect on what the market does, and the market is treating the dragon typeset as a rarity right now. It is possible people could “wake up” and the price of the dragon typeset could drop but I haven’t seen that actually happen yet.

    I think the snake typeset is going to do well, and will probably have a similarly “undeserved” high secondary market price.

    As for the colored coins, in the case of the dragons, the coin in the typeset was a standard colored bullion coin. The “standalone” colored dragon coin that was sold that month was actually a colored proof. You can tell the difference between the colored bullion and proof by checking the eyes – the eyes of the colored proof are not colored in.

    Unfortunately, Perth didn’t make it clear in their “coming soon” page whether the standalone colored snake coins are just packaged colored bullion or whether they did a colored proof for the snakes too. I’ll have to ask them on their blog at some point.

  23. says

    Incidentally, the ordering limit on the kilo proofs is gone, making the total stock checkable now. They still have 41 kilos in stock! That is quite a lot for a coin with a mintage of only 500 to begin with. I can’t imagine they put up more than 100 for sale total on the website, and it’s more likely that the original number was 50 rather than 100.

  24. hw says

    It appears that the Monday orders at Perth have begun to ship. My three coin set and kilo shipped yesterday. Not bad . . .

  25. Frankie says

    It also appears that almost 2000 1/2 proof snakes disappeared – beware, they bite! 🙂
    I wish I had the money for the kilo proof snake. It’s such a nice design. But my investor heart tells me to stay away from it…

  26. Louis says

    Thanks, Gary. Looks great. I had the same experience when I ordered a month ago. Order came in a week from halfway across the world, and it was really packed thoroughly so nothing would get damaged. Even got a call from FedEx saying the package was coming. I better stop, or Jeremy will say I am not being objective!

  27. Jeremy says

    Oh, I would have never expected the Perth Mint to be in the packaging and shipping business! :p

    The manner in which the coins are distributed have very little to do with the mint. The fact that its difficult to purchase coins from the mint due to manufactured scarcity and purchase restrictions based on customer’s locations should be an issue. To attack someone willing to discuss these topics tends to reflect a loyalty that inhibits one’s ability to be objectively critical.. People become cult followers and regardless of how they, even if they were to be abused, may be treated by an organization as a customer they still “believe” in the product and are willing to do anything to have that next “product fix”.

    Did you see the complaints about the US Mint and the 25th silver anniversary sets? The Perth Mint does that EVERY month and few complain!

  28. Shutter says

    Did you see the complaints about the US Mint and the 25th silver anniversary sets? The Perth Mint does that EVERY month and few complain!

    25th Anniversary set was 500,000 coins spread over 30,000+ orders. I’m not so sure Perth Mint does that kind of volume every month. The US mint produces 3 types of products: circulating coins, numismatics, and bullion. Perth Mint does only 2 of those. OTOH, I am convinced that US Mint management generally hates coin collectors.

  29. gary says

    Little help with time….
    for the next perth release 10/2/12
    is the east coast time that items actually go on sale 10/1/12 @ 12:01 pm???

  30. Jeremy says

    @Shutter, After some consideration it could be concluded that perhaps its just that the Perth Mint doesn’t have the production capacity to accommodate demand on a scale any larger than that of which they currently provide. However, I would imagine that the demand has increased greatly if not exponentially in the past couple of years or so, therefore, I would expect production to be increased as well. Given my limited knowledge in the coin arena I’ll ask if this has occurred, that you’re aware of? Also, there is a theory, not originated by me, that they might be interested in maintaining their natural resources. Therefore, intentionally limiting availability.

    Furthermore, I’m curious about your comment “US Mint management generally hates coin collectors”, why do you believe this to be the case?


  31. Shutter says

    why do you believe this to be the case?

    In the past, the Mint officials were on record claiming that coin shortage was the result of collectors removing coins from circulation. In mid 60s they stopped minting collector versions (proof and uncirculated) altogether. More recently they’ve occasionally expressed a distaste for commemoratives and other numismatic products. Does anyone really believe that out of 60 million silver eagles produced in 2009 and 2010 they could not have produced some uncirculated eagles? And let’s not forget the missing 2012 1st Spouse coins. I take their claim of having problems with the test strikes at face value, but one would think that those problems could have been ironed out by March or April. Here we are in September, and those things aren’t even on the schedule. Did I mention “Making American History” set? Putting aside the fact that they obviously and intentionally misled buyers of SF Eagle set, couldn’t they at least ensure that all the notes included in the set had serial numbers beginning with “150”, as promised? And did you see the Mint’s aggressive marketing campaign trying to reach out to collectors? Me neither.

  32. Jeremy says

    @Shutter, Well, that’s what I meant when I stated earlier that people CHOOSE to remain a loyal customer regardless of how they perceive to be treated, particularly if “abused”. However, at least to me, it seems many of the more prominent mints around the globe, especially Perth, US Mint, and RCM seem NOT to be employing or implementing favorable business practices that benefit coin enthusiasts. Everyone is now clamoring up sites and paying ridiculously exorbitant prices on a secondary market for coins that are being made artificially scarce. Many don’t even get an opportunity to purchase some coins from the RCM since they sell out ever before they’re publicly released. the Perth Mint practices have already been mentioned, then there’s the US Mint with their 25th anniversary silver eagle set debacle, then the mint to order SF set which, as you’ve reminded us(me), they have now offered one of those exclusive coins in another set entirely.

  33. Shutter says

    I am personally not as bothered by what happened with 25th Anniversary set as many people. It was 100,000 sets and and even if every order was for the maximum of 5 sets, that’s still 20,000. Bigger than a typical release from most world mints that insist on creating artificial rarities. RCM and Perth sell only a small fraction of their mintages directly, preferring to deal with dealers for the bulk of their output. RCM, in my opinion is playing a dangerous game. Their product is already grossly overpriced. If collectors cannot get their coins at a reasonable prices and have to pay extreme premiums, sooner or later they will loose interest. At least Perth releases their highly desired coins in multiple instances, giving some collectors a chance.

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