Austrian Mint “Klimt and His Women” Gold Coin Series

One coin that has been on my wish list for some time is the first release within the Austrian Mint’s gold coin series “Klimt and His Women”.

The series celebrates the 150th anniversary of artist Gustav Klimt (1862-1918) and will include five coins released over the course of five years. Each coin depicts a different woman from a painting created during his “golden phase.” Further connecting the series, each design incorporates one of the letters K, L, I, M, and T so that the complete series will spell “KLIMT”.

The first coin in the series features a portion of the 1907 painting Portrait of Adele Block-Bauer I. The painting was commissioned by Ferdinand Bloch-Bauer, composed of oil and gold on canvas, and took three years to complete. It sold for $135 million in June of 2006, briefly making it the world’s most expensive painting. The execution of the masterpiece as coin design looks exquisitely beautiful.

The obverse of the coin features a portrait of Klimt based on a photograph by Moritz Naehr circa 1917-1918 with Klimt’s signature in the bottom left corner. Inscriptions “Republik Oesterreich”, “50 Euro”, and the date “2012” appear surrounding.

Each coin is struck in .986 gold to proof quality. The diameter is 22.00 mm with a weight of 10.14 grams. There is a maximum mintage of 30,000 pieces. Sales originally began on January 25, 2012.

The price indicated on the Austrian Mint’s product page is 505 Euros, which currently works out to $646.50. The value of the 10 grams (0.3215 troy ounces) of net gold content is currently $556. The Austrian Mint calls the coin “A Klimt you can afford”, and the price is certainly reasonable compared to intrinsic value.

Designs for the remaining four coins in the series feature the works of Klimt indicated below:


  • Obverse: The Tee of Life
  • Reverse: The Expectation


  • Obverse: Nuda Veritas
  • Reverse: Judith II


  • Obverse: Jurisprudence
  • Reverse: Medicine


  • Obverse: The Kiss
  • Reverse: Emilie Flöge

The Austrian Mint also offers a collector case including two velvet lined wooden boxes to store the coins and paperwork. An outer slipcase is illustrated with Klimt’s The Kiss.

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  1. Samuel says

    off topic:
    finally 2 loons shipped from gatewest!
    “”Please note that shipments sent via this method (through the USPS Post Office in Pembina, North Dakota USA) are actually mailed approxinately once every 3 weeks. This email confirms that we have prepared your items for shipment, and are packaged up, however the package has NOT been physically mailed yet. The date on which your item will physically enter the US Mail will differ. “”

  2. Samuel says

    off topic:
    just received the $20 for $20. very nice.
    BTW, after i receive more of this coin later, i will become a member. and i can share the “insider” info with you guys.

  3. Shutter says

    just received the $20 for $20. very nice.

    Mine is under subscription, and those won’t go out until at least another couple of weeks. Looks like they are now sold out. There is another one coming in a couple of months. Magical Reindeer. RCM website says: Ships on 01-11-2012. Pretty sure this means November 1, and not January 11. According to RCM phone droid, it’s not part of subscription, so if you want them, you have to order them separately.

  4. Patrick says

    I think the price is good. Unfortunately I am having a hard time getting my order processed through their website. Then I looked at Euro Collections to see if I could get it there but they are charging twice as much as the Austrian Mint. Anybody have any suggestions?

  5. Vibhu says

    Guys have a look at the Austria 12 provinces series. They are paintings by children on how they view their province. 2 coins in the series have been released and I think they are amazing.

  6. Samuel says

    off topic: received the snake type set from perthmint, not that impressive. but i can imagine, the dragon type set must be very beautiful, with the 2oz size and big wooden box.

  7. NATATACK says

    Has anyone seen any info on the Korean 3D hologram nude woman/snake 3 won coin? I have seen a presale on ebay but no info any where else. Mintage of 2000 I think. .99999 fine silver 20grams.

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