$20 for $20 Coin: 2012 Magical Reindeer

The Royal Canadian Mint has released the next coin within their “Exchange $20 for $20” coin program, which features a silver coin carrying a price equal to its legal tender face value. The new coin features a holiday theme with the depiction of a Magical Reindeer.

The reverse design by Virginia Boulay features a depiction of a magical reindeer for the holiday season. The obverse of the coin carries the Susanna Blunt portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.

Each coin is struck in 99.99% pure silver with a weight of 7.96 grams (0.256 troy ounces). At the current market price of silver, each coin has an intrinsic value of $8.79. The diameter is 27 mm, and the coins have a serrated edge and specimen finish.

The maximum mintage is 250,000 pieces with an ordering limit of three per household. The previous five releases within the series have all sold out. The product page for the current release can be found here.

The previous designs have featured five maple leaves, a young person on a canoe outing, a polar bear swimming, and a current portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.

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  1. Tom says

    I bought the first three issues purely for their artistic merit. I am especially fond of the Canoe and Polar Bear designs. I gave up on the series though when the Queen design came out and just could no longer bring myself to pay what amounts to the equivalent of $80/ounce of silver.

  2. Hidalgo says

    After seeing this design, I too am giving up on the $20 for $20 coin program. When I ordered from the Royal Canadian Mint, I was hit with a credit card surcharge and high shipping rates. It cost me about $25 (US) per coin when I ordered three coins.

  3. TomP says

    Hidalgo, I partially agree. I like to wait until there are a few coins I like before placing an order because of the postage costs. With the relatively low mintages, I’ve missed out on a few coins. It almost doesn’t make sense to place an order under $100. Of course this problem doesn’t exist with the US Mint as some of their products are on sale for years.

  4. Dirk says

    RCM still has issues with delivering the coins they mint. Still haven’t recieved coins I bought in April and my subscription for this $20 for $20 series I still have not received the Falling Leaf coins – reason according to them is that they don’t know how to ship to States with no postage. Sigh, I’m seriousily done with this Mint.

  5. deacono says

    I loved the polar bear coin and didnt mind the Jubilee coin but as others have said, with the high shipping costs and the low amount of silver its hard to justify if you live in the UStates.
    Also the xmas coin I can live without. At $25 a coin I would have to order 5 for free shipping. obviously not gonna happen with 3 per houshold. Also I have very little interest in their other over priced coins so spending over $100 is not gonna happen. I tried my best on this last series to get free shipping but nothing worked. I too am done its not worth it sadly.

  6. Wes says

    I finally received the Two Loon coin yesterday. Four months after I ordered it. Still happy to finally receive it. Wish they has thrown in one of these Magic Reindeer coins for my patience. I am happy that the Two Loon coin is in top condition. Would rather wait if it means I won’t need to return an order.

  7. Nate says

    I have a subscription and was charged for shipping last time (for the falling leaves issue which I haven’t received yet). I’m disappointed with the direction the designs have taken since the canoe and polar bear releases.

  8. Goat says

    A few years back someone sent out a code for free ship. Will that code be avalible this year? Asked two different RCM employees it was $25 plus for shipping on three coins. Would love to do business with, have in the past but if I were to sell these for what ever reason 10-20 years from now ,I don’t know if I could even my money. I said that about the 2001 platinum also, Love Them Ducks ! Thanks Michael for the years of posting, truley up-to-date blessing for me .

  9. TomP says

    I forgot to mention yesterday that buying coins and stamps up in Canada is taxed. It’s hard to say what’s worse, tax and no postage or postage and no tax. The one advantage is you can sometimes find officially sold out coins at the Post Office. I’m a lower end buyer and was happy to find a Winnepeg Jets quarter for sale this summer. I couldn’t find the $20 silver pieces I was missing though.

  10. Dan says


    I have been ordering from the RCM for quite some time and have never been charged tax. In addition I am a member of the masters club and as such I am not charged shipping also. I also have an american express card that does not charge a conversion fee from foreign curreny’s to US dollars. There use to be a free shipping code listed on “retailmenot.com “, dont know if it is still active but might be worth looking for.

  11. Goat says

    What is going on I asked two employees before Sept. 18 if there was a free ship code answer was no and in stock ready for ship, I declined because of high shipping cost. I looked up the the code that Dan listed (Thanks Dan for the response) call RCM, employee states that the Farwell to Penny was sold out last week (today is Sept 19,20123) and there is not a code to Magical Reindeer even when I found “mint 4” as a code. As I stated I too was a member of the master club in 2001-02 and now what is my status? I want to do business with Canada! My thousand’s of American Dollars are not wanted? What am I missing anyone help. Thanks

  12. Dan says

    Hey Goat

    Just for the record, and I dont mean to pick on the RCM, but sometimes their people dont exactly know whats going on but who am I to pick on them when we have the US mint. There are a few more offerings of different farewll to the penny coming out on the 25th of september, but I think one is already sold out to the Master club members. I will share something else with you, sometimes and I am not sure of the rhyme or reason, but when coins are sold out at the RCM sometimes they are still available through the Canadapost.com. Why the canadian post office gets some coins I do not know but I have used them when I procrastinated on a coin only to find it gone at the RCM. They only charge 2.99 for shipping and my experience with them has been good. Usually the coins are offered at the same price but occaisionally they are 5.00 more.

    What is really nice about being a master club member is the ability to preorder coins before the public. Many times this year, coins have been sold out prior to getting to the public release point. In fact I order one set on Monday and them seem to be gone now. It was a five coin set of the five different penny designs the used over the year except they are all in silver with a mintage of 5,000.

    As far as the free coupons, they seem to offer it many times so that siteI listed constantly updates them so check there before you ever order.
    I giving away all my secrets tonight and next time I need a coin I wont be able to get it, only kidding. Good luck

  13. Hayden says

    I tried using the free ship code from the site mentioned a few posts up and it did seem to work (shipping was $0 when I updated with the code). But then I proceeded to the next step “Billing” and the shipping fees came back! So I did not complete the order.

    I plan on calling the RCM tomorrow but not sure if they will be able to help or not. Any of you experience this? Did you manage to find a work around for it? Or am I doing something wrong?


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