Arrival: 2012 Kangaroo in Outback Silver Proof Coin

I wanted to share the arrival of a new coin produced by the Royal Australian Mint, the 2012 $1 Kangaroo in Outback  1 oz. Silver Proof Coin with F15 Privy.

The reverse design of the coin contains the striking image of a kangaroo in the desolate Australian outback. The land is shown as a uniformly frosted space which extends beneath a horizontal plane. Above is the open sky, shown as a brilliantly mirrored field. The kangaroo takes central focus, shown bounding across the landscape with a shadow beneath. The image is completed by a windmill pictured in the distance, the inscription “1 oz. Fine Silver”, and the F15 privy mark.

The obverse of the coin includes the Ian Rank Broadley effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, with inscriptions including the date and legal tender denomination.

Each coin is struck in .999 purity and contains 1 troy ounce of silver. The diameter is 40.00 mm. The mintage is 5,000 proof coins.

Based on information that I have found, the entire mintage for this issue was sent overseas and the Royal Australian Mint does not plan to offer any via website or catalog sales. As such, you can look for the coin at your favorite world coin dealers.

The design is of course, highly reminiscent of the Kangaroo at Sunset design, which the Royal Australian Mint has used for a number of years on 1 oz. silver proof coins, gold proof coins, and smaller sized silver coins. I had briefly discussed this coin on the original Mint News Blog, when I was covering some of my favorite world coin issues. Here are the posts from the old world coins category that would eventually lead to expanding to World Mint News Blog.

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  1. says


    Thanks for posting these pictures. I wasn’t too interested in the series initially, because the preview pictures made this coin look a little bland. This new picture makes the coin look a lot more interesting. There appears to be quite a bit of detail on the kangaroo.

  2. Nate says

    Thanks, Michael. I like these coins but haven’t seen much written about this series. Do you know of any official word that this 1oz. Outback is intended to replace the 1 oz. Sunset series? The Kangaroo at Sunset 1 oz. silver ran (with the same design) from 2009-2011 but it does not look like one will be issued for 2012. The Outback coin has similar design, packaging and has also taken over the F15 privy from the Sunset. I never saw it written, but I guess the RAM is replacing the annual 1 oz. silver Sunset with the Outback.

    In a collector’s opinion, does this make for two separate series (2009-2011 Sunset and 2012-TBD Outback) or would they be considered a single series with a design change?

    I’m sure each collector would have his own opinion so there’s no ‘right’ answer. This blurs the line for me in how a series is thought of because the design and name have changed, but the designs have very similar themes and maintain the F15 privy as the RAM’s contribution to the international F15 privy set.

    Any thoughts from other collectors would be interesting.

  3. Michael Zielinski says

    The only information that I have found on this new coin are the product descriptions used by the distributors. I have reached out to the RAM to see if they can provide any information on the questions you raised.

  4. Michael Zielinski says

    I purchased from Euro Collections, which is a division of Downies. It took a few weeks to ship, but overall I was satisfied. I haven’t checked around extensively for prices/availability from other dealers.

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