2013 Pronghorn Antelope Silver Bullion Coin

The Royal Canadian Mint has unveiled the latest design within the Canadian Wildlife Silver Bullion Coin series. This represents the fifth coin within the six coin series. For information on the series and images of the first four designs, refer to this post.

The 2013 Pronghorn Antelope Silver Coin features a depiction of the animal by Canadian artist and coin designer Emily S. Damstra. Similar to the previous release, the image is framed within a circular area, leaving a field for the inscriptions “Canada” and “Fine Silver 1 oz Argent Pur”. The fineness of “9999” is included within the area of the image.

The 99.99% pure one ounce silver bullion coin carries a maximum mintage of one million coins. The coins will be distributed through the Royal Canadian Mint’s network of bullion distributors. One bullion dealer is showing a shipping date of September 16th for the coins, another is accepting pre-orders without a specified shipping date.

Previous releases of the series have been popular with collectors due to the fantastic designs and limited mintages. While most bullion coins have mintages which are based on public demand and can stretch into the tens of millions, for the Canadian Wildlife series, the mintage is capped at one million coins per design.

Despite the mintage limit, the Wildlife coins are still priced as bullion. Purchasers have the opportunity to see their coins increase in value due to a rise in intrinsic value or numismatic premium. The first two issues of the series currently sell at premiums above their silver value.

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  1. Hidalgo says

    I agree with the comments above. I like the design of this coin. I’ll add it to my collection.

  2. VABEACHBUM says

    I have managed to add a couple examples of each release to my collection. Even though the Wolf is a larger version of the 2006 1/2 oz release, it’s still my favorite. This antelope is definitely a close second. The disproportionately large-pawed Cougar is in last, while Marty the Moose and the Grizzly are a toss-up.

    My only disappointment with this series was how the RCM made the mid-series change to the size of the devices within the modified obverse field. I liked the larger artwork, however this format change really cleans up the presentation. At least we’ll have 3 examples of each format when the series ends.

  3. Louis says

    Like the wolves (both versions) these should sell quickly based on the superior designs.
    I just received my silver moose proof (Bateman) from Canada Post. Excellent coin. I knew these would sell out fast, and they did.
    And GateWest must have caught up, as I just received any remaining backorders.

  4. Wes says

    Louis, I just received the Bateman Silver Moose coin from Canadian Post as well. It is flawless and after reading a review on RCMint website attacking the coin for detail I was concerned. After receiving the coin I was pleasantly surprised by it’s quality and detail. the coin I received had a low mint number I don’t think that makes any difference but it was a surprise since these coins had already sold out on the Mint website. Thanks again for the heads up. Still waiting for the Two Loons coin from them. I read that there maybe some quality issues on the two loons coin but they might ship in September.

  5. Louis says

    Hi Wes,
    Glad to help. Yes, it’s a fine piece indeed. There are very few coins I buy more than one of (apart from maybe silver eagles) but I felt this one was worth it. I also really like the HMS Shannon (War of 1812) silver proof too. The engraving is excellent and there will be more 1812 coins. Oh yeah, my number was low too, around 299. A first strike!!
    Don’t know if you heard about the Libertad sets with unnumbered COA’s, but now an e-Bay seller is asking for a premium for the unnumbered ones, which to me does not seem justified. To me it lowers the value to have no number at all.

  6. Jeremy says

    I think the two latest releases are not nearly as appealing as the first three because the field of the coin had been cut off by the lettering like a border.

  7. Alan says

    Apparently the previous design sold so well they decided to make another one with cropped picture. I admit this one feels more balanced in design than the moose, and that makes it more pleasing to the eye.

  8. Shutter says

    Off topic. So I was rooting around NGC population report and noticed that they have graded 1,364 High Relief Koalas (a month before release). This might imply that they’ve made a deal with a US distributor that is similar to Paradise Mint and HR Kookaburra.

  9. Dan says

    Wes or anyone else

    Do either of you know what the quality issue with the 2 loons was or is? I had preordered from the RCM and received the 2 loons coins July 3rd. They both looked eye perfect and I am wondering if I should be looking for something specific. Now I am also wondering if there will wind up being different coins in some way.

  10. Wes says

    Dan, I don’t know myself. I read a comment on the RCMINT website about the Two loons coin and they say they were told by someone at the Mint that there is a quality issue they are working on and hope to get the coins out soon. He implied maybe in September. I haven’t tried to call them because i ordered from the Canada Post. It seems some of the early orders went out. Are you a member.

  11. Dan says


    Yes, I am master club member. I like a lot of their offerings and this way I can usually get one of the limited offerings that sometimes are sold out before they even go public. I am just wondering if now I will have a problem with the coins down the road.

  12. Shutter says


    The numbers have increased since I looked over the weekend.

    168 @PF69 826 @PF70

    417 @PF69 2562 @PF70

    No lower grades. So about 85% are PF70.

  13. Dan says

    Thanks Shutter

    Great numbers, I wonder if that percentage will hold for the individual collector.

  14. Frankie says

    Slightly off topic again, but here are some images of the latest $20-for-$20 coin from the RCM:
    Not one of my favorites of the series, but will get a couple regardless through my subscription with them.
    The previous one in the series was offered at face value at APMEX as part of their “24 Hour Specials” not too long ago and will probably be again some time in the future considering they are still sitting on almost 3000 of them.

  15. Wes says

    Dan, I contacted the RCMint website yesterday but they never bothered to reply.
    I won’t bother calling them and the Canada Post office never knows anything..

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