New Releases from the Perth Mint July 2012

Many new products went on sale at the Perth Mint today, including a special edition for the Dragons of Legend series, this year’s high relief silver proof Kangaroo coin, and new releases within the Australian Antarctic Territory, Deadly and Dangerous, and Wildlife in Need series.

These coins can all be found as the most recent entries within the recent releases section on the Perth Mint’s website.

A special edition coin has been released for the Dragons of Legend series. The regular series has featured the Red Welsh Dragon and Chinese Dragon on 1 ounce silver coins with a mintage limit of 5,000 each. Both of these were quick sell outs.

The special edition coin is struck in 5 ounces of .999 silver and features two dragons encircling a pearl against a fish motif. The mintage is limited to 1,000 pieces.

Perth Mint product page

The 2012 High Relief Silver Proof Kangaroo Coin is available. This is the third year that a high relief coin featuring the Kangaroo has been offered.

The reverse design features a kangaroo in the outback with a windmill in the background. This design is also used for the 2012 Gold Kangaroo coins. Similar to other high relief silver coins from the Perth Mint, the coins are made with a smaller diameter, extra deep blank for a dramatic impact.

This coin is limited to a mintage of 20,000 pieces. This is the same limit that was used for the 2011 High Relief Silver Kangaroo, which still remains available for sale.

Perth Mint product page

A new release for the “Deadly and Dangerous” series features the Funnel-web spider. The 2006 Red Back Spider release from this series currently fetches a huge premium on the secondary market. Other coins of the series have featured the Great White Shark, Blue Ringed Octopus, Saltwater Crocodile, Eastern  Brown Snake, and Australia’s Box Jellyfish.

The current release features the deadly Funnel Web Spider against a colored background of its web and leaves. An inscription above reads “Australia’s Funnel Web Spider”.

Each coin is struck in 1 troy ounce of .999 fine silver in proof quality. The mintage limit is 5,000 pieces. There is an initial ordering limit of one coin per member.

Perth Mint product page

The fifth and final release for the series entitled “Wildlife in Need” features the Siberian Tiger. Previous releases have featured the Giant Panda, Orangutan, Polar Bear, and Black Rhinoceros.

The current release depicts the Siberian Tiger and cub in color within a winter forest landscape. A pair of supporting hands appears in the lower portion of the design. The inscription above reads “Wildlife in Need – Siberian Tiger.”

Each coin is struck in 1 ounce of .999 silver in proof quality. The mintage is limited to 5,000 pieces.

Perth Mint product page

A new release within the “Australian Antarctic Territory” series features the Emperor Penguin. The reverse design features a colored image of Emperor Penguins and two chicks standing on ice flows. The image appears within an outline of Antarctica.

Each coin is struck from 1 troy ounce of .999 fine silver in proof quality. The mintage limit of 7,500 coins. There is an initial ordering limit of one coin per member.

Perth Mint product page

Additional New Releases include:

  • Australian Koala 2012 Gold Proof Coins (not available in USA)
  • Australian Bush Babies II Kookaburra Silver Coin
  • 2012 Young Collectors Animal Athletes Cheetah $1 Coin
  • Celebrate Australia 2012 $1 Coins
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  1. Chris says

    When I placed my order this morning there were only six 5-oz coins available for purchase. So it seems like they only released 10-20 today…but they stil went quick

  2. Michael Zielinski says

    For previous months, they have re-opened orders for unavailable coins at 9:00 AM Perth Time (9:00 PM ET). That was how it happened for the one ounce Dragons of Legend Chinese Dragon coin.

  3. Wes says

    My budget is limited so I will pass on these. Do like the Tigers design best one in that series in my opinion.

  4. jeff72 says


    ….no one is ga-ga over the spider coin yet? …the last one (2006) was a BIG hit..

    I bagged a funnel spider just a few minutes ago…..ugly critter, …but the coin should be quite collectible..

    ….I probably won’t look at though …creepy.

  5. Don says

    I like the Australian Bush Babies II Kookaburra Silver Coin. anybody know if there is a dealer in the states that sells recent perth coins. not like paradisemint or nym but just a normal dealer like the aussies have. i like perth coins but shipping is expensive

  6. Wes says

    That Spider coin is ugly. but it is limited to just one per existing member until July 5th. I think it should last until then.

  7. Hidalgo says

    None of the July 2012 offerings appealed to me. Looks like I’ll have to wait until August to see if there are any Perth coins I’d like to buy….

  8. saucexx says

    I’ve been collecting the Perth HR coins so I guess I’m in for one of the HR Kangaroos. At 20K though I don’t think I have to rush.

  9. G says

    love the spider coin! tiger looks great too- but haven’t been collecting that series so I think I’ll hold off. that 5 oz dragon is really tempting. expensive though… and with the 2 coin SF sets ending… lots of nice offerings right now.

  10. Broooster says

    Uber coins has already shipped my UHR Roo to me, with a tracking number. Considering this just went on sale from the Perth Mint, I have to say, that was mighty fast. They must fill large orders to certain companies before listing coins on their website, so limited items would sell out much faster if they have so many already “pre sold”.

  11. says

    I like the five ounce dragons of legend coin, but between my purchase of the gemstone dragon and five ounce proof dragon, I just don’t have the money and had to take a pass on it.

    To be quite honest, I almost forgot about today’s releases as I am on vacation with only limited web access. 🙂

  12. Rolling Thunder says

    Don’t like the five oz Dragon of Legend – so did not / will not buy, but did buy a spider & tiger. Am hoping the web on the spider coin is engraved, but does not seem so from description on Perth site.

    Next month will be St. George & Dragon and the 2nd coin in Opal series . 2nd map coin too.

  13. HERNAN says

    The new release within the “Australian Antarctic Territory” series features the Emperor Penguin will be a l sold out..Beautiful coin.I got one….Dont pas
    this opportunity….

  14. Hank says

    Talisman has lots of stuff on their website, but good luck trying to get them to fill the order if it’s a hot item that they are also selling for a higher price on EBay. Several blogs filled with angry people who’ve been screwed by this cheesy outfit.

  15. Louis says

    I’ve been without power, internet, etc. since Friday after having been hit by the worst storm in 30 years in my area. 100+ degrees weather and no power is not a good combination esp. if you have medical conditions and meds that need to be kept cool. Anywho (as they say in Indiana), I forgot about the new Perth releases until I got to a relative’s place tonight who has online access. I am surprised a lot of you don’t like the 5 oz. dragon. The price is definitely high, but the 1K mintage and nice design are appealing to me. I may get one from Talisman but am not sure if I can swing it. May have to sell my first born. The Bush babies is nice too.

  16. Shutter says

    Hey Louis. Sorry to hear about your troubles (and anyone else in the same situation). Hope the power is restored soon and you can start getting back to normal.

    I too am surprised by apparent dislike of this dragon. Last month many were unhappy about inability to buy 5oz proof dragon, which is a nice coin, but has the same design as a gazillion of other Perth dragons. This one carries a unique design and is a perfect companion to the Dragons of Legend series. The 1,000 mintage only adds to it’s uniqueness. As for the price, yes it’s high, but so is the price for every other Perth numismatic issue.

    Speaking of overpriced. Did anyone notice that Perth is adding another ½g gold coin. This time it’s celebrating 2014 World Cup. First, these button coins must be doing well. Second, World Cup is two years away. Why are they jumping the gun?

  17. says

    Louis, sorry to hear about your power issues. Unfortunately my neighborhood is in much of the same situation; many people are apparently hearing they won’t be getting power back until Friday. My parents’ neighborhood don’t even have their phone service back yet. My own area is still largely in the dark, and I wouldn’t be able to talk to you right now if I wasn’t lucky enough to be out of the region this week.

    I do like the new five ounce dragon, but the money for it simply isn’t there at the moment. It’s going to be a couple months before I can start making “big” purchases like this (just in time for the Snakes, haha).

  18. Jeremy says

    @CO, which dealer did you happen to purchase the five ounce silver proof dragon through?

  19. Louis says

    Thanks a lot, Shutter and Captain. Things are starting to get back to normal,
    and I heard power has been restored where I live, so I will be back home later today.

    I hesitated on the new dragon last night for a variety of reasons, and now Perth again says unavailable and Talisman is out. Downies has it but for a little more. They owe me a refund on something I returned, and I may see if they can send me this coin instead. I cancelled one of my San Fran set orders, which should help too.

  20. Louis says

    To CO and anyone else affected, hope your power is back soon too. I try to remember how much worse off so many other people are such as in Colorado and other states with wildfires. I just heard our AC came back, so it’s time to trek back.

  21. Schalk says

    Next Pre-releases from the RCM now available.

    Calgary Stampede Silver Dollar in hand – a beautiful coin.

  22. Hidalgo says

    Where does one find the Canadian pre-releases from the RCM? It’s buried somewhere on the site.

  23. samuel says

    – the pre-release thing has to be a master club member? i am $200 short to become a member. i just cant find anything interesting to buy.

    -the 5oz proof dragon is still available at perthmint. funny!

  24. saucexx says


    That’s because only NYM knows hows to properly market a 5oz silver coin 😉

  25. says


    I bought it through a small German dealer who sells Perth products only on eBay. In this case I paid about $470 if memory serves correctly, shipping included. If you run a search, you should find him along with several other sellers.

    I’m a little hesitant to name him specifically since I don’t want Perth to refuse to sell to him in the future because he sold the five ounce dragons to the US.

  26. says

    Louis and others, I appreciate the well wishes. Here’s to hoping my power’s back by the time I get home this Saturday (and here’s to hoping none of you are having power problems!).

    Sauce and Samuel,

    I have indeed been paying attention to the lack of movement on Perth’s website of the five ounce proof. I’m hoping this lack of movement will discourage Perth from more of these exclusivity deals/region lockouts. By now I think everyone who really wants one has probably picked one up from eBay.

    I must say, the difference between the five ounce DoL sellout and the five ounce proof dragon sales (or lack thereof) is quite startling in its contrast.

  27. Shutter says

    I must say, the difference between the five ounce DoL sellout and the five ounce proof dragon sales (or lack thereof) is quite startling in its contrast.

    Different mintage.

    Keep in mind that DOL (all of DOL coins) were commissioned by a coin dealer (Coin Club Australia), yet they are freely available to the rest of us.

  28. says

    CO…I’ve seen the seller from Germany your are referring to…of course there may be more than one….he still has 5 5oz Proof Dragons available and also recently listed several Chinese 5oz proof coins.
    I ‘ve been hesitant to person an item from Germany, but all his feedback is good, so I’m sure he’s honest.

  29. says


    If it’s who I’m thinking of, he’s solid. I’ve bought from him twice with absolutely no problems and someone I know has also purchased from him as well. If he still has those DoLs left when I get some money together, I’ll probably buy from him a third time.

  30. Samuel says

    Steve, i did not buy from that specific person, but i bought several times from german sellers, never had a problem.

  31. says

    Thanks CO & Samual…actually, I found 3 sellers from Germany for these coins…they all seen legit…thanks for your input!!!

    OT…about 10 minutes ago the Spider coin was available again at Perth, I put it in my cart, got to the last step and hit submit, and got an error saying it wasn’t available…I missed out by a minute!! I did order one from Downies yesterday though.

  32. Louis says

    Steve, I think you can still get the 5 oz proof dragon from Downies. I also can recommend that German dealer. The first letter of his e-Bay name is “D.” I have ordered from him twice, and he is really good about communications. He will keep you updated and will give you the tracking number, and he ships by registered German mail, which I have received many times, so it is reliable. He will use his real name when he contacts you. I saw today his price dropped a little, and you can make an offer for a little less. I made an offer and got it for I think $450 plus $7 shipping (basically Perth’s price).

  33. Samuel says

    Louis, there is a fine print at bottom at Downies —“Not for sale in the US”.

  34. Samuel says

    this month’s release from RCM and Perthmint are all very boring. seems need to order more SF sets.

  35. Louis says

    Samuel, I know, but they sent it to me anyway! At least the DOL special edition is not restricted. I agree with Captain Overkill that Perth may think twice about doing that again.

  36. Ikaika says

    @ Louis and Samuel

    I had ordered the 5 oz proof Dragon from Downies before they added the restriction for US customers. I think at that time Louis posted a comment that they were available from them. Guess what: I received the coin. I contacted Downies and they mentioned that they would honor all orders prior to the posting of the restriction. Looking at the secondary market and the availability at the Perth website, it seems like restriction from the Perth mint did hurt the sales. We, the Americans probably account for most of their sales 🙂 Happy 4th everyone!

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