Arrival: Slovakia Master Pavol of Levoča 10 Euro Silver Coin

In a previous post, I had discussed the 2012 Europa Coin Programme, which highlights European Artists. One of the coins that caught my eye was the Master Pavol of Levoča 10 Euro Coin from Slovakia.

Master Pavol a medieval carver and sculptor of the 15th and 16th centuries. He was active within the town of Levoča within the Kingdom of Hungary, which is in present day Slovakia. Portions of his work are depicted on the recent coin issue.

The obverse contains an image of the Madonna from the Nativity scene in St. Jacob’s Church in Levoča. The background includes a Gothic arch and elements from Master Pavol’s workshop, with the national emblem on the right side. The reverse contains a detail from a sculpture of an apostle. Once again, an arch and other elements are placed in the background.

The edge of the coin carries an inscription which translates to “From Gothic to Renaissance.”

The coin is struck in 90% silver and has a weight of 18 grams. This yields silver content of about 0.5208 troy ounces.

I was able to purchase this coin directly from the website of the Kremnica Mint. The uncirculated version of the coin was priced at 24.90 Euros, which is low compared to what some other world mints charge for similar sized coins.

I also added a commemorative coin to the order, which was issued last year to mark the 150th anniversary of the adoption of the Memorandum of the Slovak Nation, which was an important document relating to national emancipation.

The coins arrived more quickly than I expected and were packaged securely with some excellent informative brochures included.

Two more recent releases from the Kremnica Mint include a silver coin honoring Rabbinical Scholar Chatam Sofer and medals struck in gold, silver, and nordic gold for the London 2012 Olympics. You can see coverage of these releases on Coin Update News.

Do you want to share one of your own recent world coin acquisitions or present information on a world mint previously not covered? Contributions from readers are welcome. Contact us via this page.

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  1. Sam H says

    I was just checking out this mint’s website last night — they have some interesting items, may just have to place an order.

  2. Shutter says

    I am wondering if anyone has developed a list of World Mints that sell direct to customers (particularly in US).

    Incidentally, I think it’s cute that this Mint’s site refers to uncirculated coins as “Finishing: Shiny”.

  3. Schalk says

    Off topic:

    For anyone interested in:

    Mexico 2012 30th Anniversary of Libertad Silver Program -1 oz Proof & 1/2 oz BU – 2-pc Coin Set

    There are only 1500. Panda America has them for $179.00. You will have to run, no, jump if you want it.

  4. Louis says

    2012 proof Libertads are hard to find and worth acquiring. I was fortunate to order a couple through the dealer recommended by Gabriel, who wrote the excellent post on Libertads. I bought the two coins in the Panda America set individually for about $90 (half the set price) but with no fancy wooden box, but now the proofs alone are all $100 and more.

    The coin above that Michael got also exists in proof at a higher price point. Check out I like the engraving detail and artistry.

  5. Schalk says

    The Libertad 30th Anniversary Silver Proof/BU Set also has a CoA.

    Only two entries on eBay:

    One on auction – now at $178.20 (approx 5 hours to go)
    One “buy it now” for $275 (4 sets left)

  6. Louis says

    I saw that. If I had not already acquired a couple proofs and half ouncers separately, I would get one, but with a limited budget, I am not sure about the set. I am thinking about it. I wonder on the 1500 mintage if that is set the ones packaged that way or the overall mintage.

  7. G says

    Schalk: that is a huge surprise. I just put an order in. I wonder if they will release more 30th anniversary sets- but in either case, I think the 2012 proofs are winners. What an exciting new release!

  8. Schalk says

    Michael, I apologize that I hijacked the topic, but I thought that the Libertad set will give some of us an opportunity that my be lost by tomorrow.

    G: I also ordered one, glad you could get it.

    Louis: Past auctions show that Libertad sets with CoAs command a premium above those without them. I think the 1,500 sets are in addition to single proofs. Single proofs are available again from APMEX at $89.00.

    Just to recap the big news: The 30th anniversary Libertad set of 2012 contains a proof 1 oz and a BU 1/2 ounce, with a figurine and a CoA in a mahogany presentation case for $179.00, available right now, from Panda America.

    Auction for one of these sets on eBay has already reached $204.72 with 7 hours to go. Other “Buy it now” at $275.00.

  9. simon says

    I did pick up the Chatam Sofer coin. One of my most memorable purchases a few years ago from Europe is the St Brigid of Sweden 1 Oz silver issue by the Swedish Mint which is a remarkable coin in both its simplicity and beauty. Another coin I really wanted but missed was the 200 korun Astronomical clock issue (Czech) from a couple of years ago.

  10. says

    Has anyone heard any updates regarding shipping of the 2012 Great White Shark (New Zealand). I also bought one from Ubercoins, but from their ebay auction(as I had $26 in ebay bucks to apply to the purchase). However, looking at the New Zealand web-site, there is no indication as to when these coin may be available. At first it was late July, now it seems it may be early-mid August.
    I sent an email to the New Zealand mint and asked them whem these coins would be available. If I get a response, I will post it.

    Does anyone else have any info on this coin?

  11. says

    Re: Great White Shark

    I got a response from NZM last night. One big change in the coin is that it will have only 4 bite marks instead of the 7 as has been previously shown in the picture on their web-site. Here is part of the respone from NZM:

    “Quick comment on the Great White program:

    As you might note this particular coin is different to most as the design team and production team have tried to offer the NZM sales group an unique product to market with a coin having Shark teeth marks on the coin.

    The R&D proved slightly harder than the theory which coincided with a change of ownership which caught the whole NZM out with timing.

    This Shark coin original showed 7x bite marks which had to be reduced to 4x due to technical issues during the prototyping.

    Our sales team will be relaying this information onto all distributors later this week once production has given them an ETA of completion of mass production with this Shark coin.

    (Please don’t hold me to this but it could be 4-6weeks! Note: To be confirmed)”

  12. Louis says

    The Slovakian Mint site is very well organized and easy to use. I am going to order a couple items.

  13. GoldFishin says

    In my opinion, the majority of designs that the CFA and CCAC typically have to choose from for a particular offering in MOST cases generally possess….

    Texture and pattern- Sometimes
    Thoughtfully balanced negative spaces-Yes
    Ethnic diversity-Yes
    Details yes, overcrowding no-Sometimes
    Creative perspective and atmospheric perspective-Sometimes
    Integrated text-No
    Clear typestyles-Yes
    Clarity of message-No
    Subtlety, not literalism or storyboard-No
    Relevancy of obverse to reverse-No
    Designs, not pictures-No
    Fluidity of line-Sometimes
    Edge variety-Sometimes

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