Arrival: 25th Anniversary Loonie Silver Dollar

I recently received the 25th Anniversary of the Loonie $1 Silver Coin from the Royal Canadian Mint. This was one of many new products released earlier this month.

I wanted to share the arrival of this coin, since it is much more beautiful in hand than might be expected from the online product images. Refer back to the earlier post for an image of the coin which presents a seemingly uniform finish. Pictured below is a scan of the actual coin which has a much different appearance.

According to the product description, the RCM used a unique soft matte finish for the fields of the coin. The specifications refer to this as “glass bead on field”.

The soft matte finish of the fields contrasts with the standard frosted finish used for the portrait, loons, and inscriptions. It also stands out against the mirrored finish used for the water and the interiors of the number “25”.

Most collector coins tend to use frosted and/or mirrored surfaces to highlight the design. In this case, there are three different types of surfaces which provide a very unique appearance.

These coins are priced at $34.95 CAD and limited to 15,000. The coins still remain available from the Mint. The product page is here.

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  1. says

    Michael,,,this really is a unique looking coin…wow! sorta sums it up.

    I agree so much that the stock pics we see do not do justice to some coins…some more than others depending on the stock photo.

    I’m going to bring up this coin set one last time amd then I will shut up about it…as I’ve brought this coin set up several times and I thought for sure that this 3 coin silver set would be a winner…especially with a limited mintage of only 3000 sets.

    The set I am referring to is the New Zealand Mint’s World War II Nose Art Set.
    It consists of 3 1 oz silver coins depicting popular Nose Art degigns on WW ll planes. It includes “Yellow Rose, Briefing Time, and Memphis Belle”

    The stock pictures you see for this set do not do thess coins justice.

    I bought this set from APMEX when it first came out and they have reduced their price by $50…to $229

    I really misjudged the interest in this set, as I thought the theme would be very popular…however…this is one of those sets that I bought because I really love the coins…and whether they are worth $200 or $500 doesn’t matter to me.

    Here is a link to an ebay completed auction that shows the coins a little better than the stock pics at APMEX.

  2. says

    Michael, one last comment, it would be nice to also include a catagory for the New Zealand Mint offerings.

    Besides the 2012 WWll set I described, they also had a popular 2012 Lunar Dragon coin with some fantastic OGP.

    Also, the 2012 Titanic coin they had(sold exclusively by APMEX) included some of the best and unique OGP of any coin set I have ever seen.

    Lastly, the upcoming highly anticipated 2012 Great White Shark coin may be
    something that has never been done before…bite marks thru the entire coin…this is still being worked on and not finalized as yet…but this coin could create a lot of interest and is a coin that may really set the coin collecting universe on fire!

    Anyway, just my thoughts that I wanted to pass along to you.

  3. Michael Zielinski says


    Any chance you would be willing to provide some periodic posts on New Zealand Mint new product offerings, as Gabriel has done for the Libertads? I’ll send you an email so you can get in touch if interested.

  4. Wes says

    Does anybody know what the hold up is on the Two Loon coin from the RCM. Ordered two months ago and still waiting. Is the Paint coming off the coins?

  5. Shutter says

    Does anybody know what the hold up is on the Two Loon coin from the RCM.

    Got mine from Gatewest last week. According to a note on Gatewest site: “we received a small number of coins that we initially ordered, and have since been waiting for our remaining orders to come in from the Mint”.

    Apparently, RCM is having production or fulfillment issues. If you ordered direct from RCM, call them. They may give you some idea on when to expect delivery.

  6. Alan says

    That’s gotta be an amazing finish… I hope Canada Mint continues to use it in future releases.

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