Royal Canadian Mint Titanic Deluxe Coin and Stamp Set

The Royal Canadian Mint has launched a new product, which includes a variety of items which tell the story of the Titanic tragedy from a Canadian perspective. This product includes two commemorative coins which have previously sold out.

The Titanic Deluxe Coin and Stamp Set is priced at $140.95 CAD per set and has an indicated product limit of 10,000 sets. The product page can be found here.

Each set incorporates the following items in a leather-bound embossed collectible album:

  • The commemorative 50-cent silver plated colored Titanic Coin and the 25-cent colored Titanic coin.
  • A Titanic stamp pane with two unique cancels.
  • An authentic certificate circa early 1900’s issued by the International Mercantile Marine, the shipping trust that controlled the White Star Line.
  • All five stamps from the Titanic’s 100th anniversary issue.
  • Three Titanic postcards.
  • A numbered certificate of authenticity.

The most surprising items in this product are the two commemorative coins, which were released earlier this year and sold out. The original product pages can be found here and here.

While the 25-cent coin does not indicate a mintage limit, the 50-cent coin indicated a mintage limit of 15,000. This 50-cent coin actually seems to be selling at a premium on the secondary market. Unless there is something that I am missing, the new product seems to effectively increase the mintage of the coin.

I have not been closely watching Royal Canadian Mint products for long enough to know if it is typical for them to release new products containing previously sold out coins with indicated mintage limits. By comparison, the US Mint is usually very clear on production limits for specific products and mintage limits which apply across all product options.

Update: According to this article, the silver plated half dollars do have a total mintage of 15,000, which includes the 10,000 from the Deluxe Coin and Stamp Set.

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  1. Samuel says

    i am just wondering why the mint just put them on sale. there were some sold in May on ebay.

  2. saucexx says

    These have been for sale at Canada Post, I was waiting to buy one but now that the secret is out…………….

    The 50c colored coin sold out quickly because so many were included in this set, I don’t believe they increased the mintage. And I’m not sure the market for those is justified based on the previous sell out.

  3. Louis says

    Michael, I reported on this back during the spring for Coin Week, and the deluxe sets do not change the mintage of the limited edition coin. The RCM confirmed to me that the coins in the sets are part of the 15K mintage, and I think that part of why they sold out so quickly of the individual coins is that only one-third were made available for individual sale. It is explained here:

  4. Louis says

    The set was issued several months ago. Glad to hear it sold out as I have the two coins and the stamps bought separately at issue prices.

  5. Rolling Thunder says

    Canada Post has had this set available for a couple of months & still does have it available – just checked

  6. John C says

    Now it all makes sense to me now. I mentioned in a previous post when they sold out so fast that it did not make any sense. I had put that rapid sell out into the category of the things that don’t make any sense like the crazy premiums of the Harrison mint dollar rolls. At least one mystery is solved!

  7. SmallPotatos says

    @Rolling Thunder – Thanks for the heads up with Canada Post. I just placed my order! This is a very nice set; i am looking forward to getting it!

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