New Releases from the Perth Mint June 2012

Several new products recently went on sale at the Perth Mint. These can all be found as the most recent entries within the recent releases section on the Perth Mint’s website.

The 2012 Discover Australia Platinum Coins have been released. These join the gold and silver coins previously released for the program.

Five separate designs are issued featuring the Kookaburra, Whale Shark, Red Kangaroo, Goanna, and the Green and Gold Bell Frog. Each design depicts the animal against a colored background. The one-tenth ounce .9995 pure platinum proof coins are limited to 1,000 pieces each and may be purchased either individually or as part of a complete five coin set.

Perth Mint product page

An Australian Map Shaped Coin featuring the Kookaburra has been released. This 1 ounce .999 fine silver coin depicts the iconic bird before a colored background.

This represents the first release within a new coin series. The mintage limit is 6,000 pieces.

Perth Mint product page

The final coin within the series Australian Sea Life II- The Reef has been released. This coin features the Manta Ray with the reverse designed by Wade Robinson, who was profiled in this Coin Update article.

Each coin is struck in 1/2 ounce of .999 silver to proof quality. The mintage limit is 10,000 coins. Previous designs within the series featuring the Hawksbill Turtle, Starfish, Surgeonfish, and Octopus remain available for sale.

Perth Mint product page.

The final new release for this month is the 2012 Year of the Dragon 5 oz. Silver Proof Coin. Unfortunately this product cannot be ordered by customers in the USA. (See this previous article on Perth Mint exclusive products.)

Each coin is struck in 5 ounces of .999 fine silver to proof quality. The reverse features a dragon with the pearl of wisdom, as previously seen on bullion and other numismatic releases. The mintage is limited to 5,000 pieces.

Customers from the USA are directed towards to make their purchase. I don’t see the coin listed for sale anywhere on that website yet. The price listed on the Perth Mint product page is AUS $450.00 or US $436.94.

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  1. Shutter says

    TPG should have some potential liability
    TPGs only guarantee that the coin was properly graded. If the coin was under-graded (in their judgement), they will pay you the difference between market value of the original grade and the correct grade. They explicitly don’t cover any sort of environmental damage that develops after the coin has been slabbed. Also, milk spot may not preclude the coin from being graded 70.

  2. Saucexx says

    Shutter, I’m confused as to how spots won’t stop a coin from receiving a 70 grade. If it affects the eye appeal how can you give it a 70? Also any idea how long a coin it at risk for developing the spots?

  3. Saucexx says

    Duh I meant what’s the minimum allowance for the spots before they drop the grade from 70. Seems to me there should be none.

  4. Shutter says

    I have no idea what exact standards they use. Obviously, since humans are involved, it’s all a bit subjective. Take a look at this coin:
    It’s not a milk spot and you will need to use maximum magnification to see it, but there is a nick on George’s upper lip. Yet this coin got graded SP70. And it’s not a one off either. Here is another example of the same coin with the same defect:
    Also SP70. If you look carefully enough, you can even see it with a naked eye under average light. I think most of the time the TPG care more about fullness of strike than various spots and such. It also matters where the defect is. Normally they care about obverse. On state and ATB quarters and various royal coins, they care about the reverse more.

  5. says

    If folks are still interested, I put up a post on my thoughts on the whole region lockout mess. I also tried to draw a comparison between the sale of the five ounce dragons to New York Mint and 2010 AtB bullion fiasco.

    On topic, Perth’s product page for the five ounce dragon site now reports the dragons will go on sale in the middle of July at New York Mint. Presumably this is to give them time to get the coins graded.

    I also don’t get the deal with the pointlessly rude/shady coin dealers. I hear so many stories about this and I have to wonder if there is some problem endemic to the industry or if I just need to get out more.

  6. Frankie says

    …and we will have a few more “not available in the USA” coins from the Perth Mint in July. This time it’ll be:
    •Australian Koala 2012 Gold Proof Coin Series (2oz coin and 1oz high relief coin not available in the USA)
    Well, their gold coins are way too expensive anyway so they might as well keep them!

  7. says


    I don’t agree, gold coins typically sell relatively slowly in comparison with silver products. I think we’re more likely to see a problem with the five ounce Dragon of Legend coin.

  8. saucexx says


    It’s funny you linked to those, I sent a 5oz back for the same reason. I think it was a 2011, can’t remember the coin though. I’ve sent a lot of gold coins and 5 oz’ers back and now I’m wondering if they would’ve graded out anyway.

    I’d love to hear from someone who’s graded for the TPG’s why this doesn’t drop the grade to 69.

    Frankie did I read that right, a gold HR koala?

  9. says

    Frankie is correct about the high relief gold not being available in the USA, I don’t think that line about them being unavailable was there the last time I checked the upcoming releases page.

    Now, given how expensive these coins are (check Perth’s site for older versions), I’m not too torn up about the region lockout. I still think they should just quit the practice entirely, though, because I’m sure there’s at least a couple of koala fans here who would want the product and would be willing to pay the crazy premiums.

  10. saucexx says

    Funny, I’ve looked at that page before and apparently just ignored the HR Gold. I don’t pay attention to gold from Perth because of the premiums.

  11. Shutter says

    I’d love to hear from someone who’s graded for the TPG’s why this doesn’t drop the grade to 69.

    Two possible reasons. First the defect is on the obverse, which on these coins is less important than reverse, and therefore not examined so closely. The affected nick occurred before the finish was applied. So it’s more of a mint error than post minting defect. Since I got 2 coins with the same defect graded months apart, I’m inclined to think that it’s not quiet a subjective judgement failure.

  12. Dave in CT. says

    If anyone is interested, my coworker told me earlier that Visa’s fraud/dispute dept. told him that they are investigating multiple complaints against Paradise mint and their questionable business practices. He also stated with the various threats against these customers and businesses, that they would be talking to state officials about clearing these complaints up. He sent all emails to Visa.

  13. Saucexx says


    Wow talk about timing. It’s interesting they would consider marks that happened before they left the mint acceptable. It would be funny if the 5oz lip mark ends up being considered an error and increased the value of the coin.

    As far as gold coins go I’ve sent some back that had what I’d call pits or half bubbles. The look like dark spots unless you use a loupe. Then you can see the indentation. They’re uniformly round but I find them distracting. Anybody have any thoughts whether I should be worrying about these and sending the coins back? In light of the imperfections 70 coins seem to allow I’m a bit confused on what I should really be looking for.

  14. Shutter says

    Anybody have any thoughts whether I should be worrying about these
    My personal approach is to not fixate on perfection too much. Fact is that any coin that grades at MS65 or higher is pretty damn good. Nearly all modern numismatic coins are graded 69 or 70. It is true that coins graded 70 will have larger (sometimes much larger) premiums, but if something is truly rare and sought after, it will be so regardless of the grade. For example, would you rather have 1995 W Proof Silver Eagle graded PR65 or almost any other Eagle graded PR70?

  15. Dave in CT. says

    I would rather have the 95 of course, hell !, I’d take it in VG. lol. I would.

  16. saucexx says


    I’ve used that line of thinking for Britannia proofs. To me whether they are 69 or 70, there just aren’t that many of them. And the 70’s have such high premiums….. With gold it’s harder for me to accept flaws when I’m paying the higher premiums vs silver.

  17. Shutter says

    The only gold I collect are US Commemorative Proofs. So I did a little calculation using NGC’s price guide. For $5 coins, the average mark-up for PF70 over bullion is 63% (51% if you exclude just Smithsonian and Robinson). For PF69, average mark-up is 28%. By way of comparison. Silver dollars PF70 mark-up averages 2,905% and PF69 averages 131%.

    For me, the moral is that there is very little upside in getting gold coins graded, even if you do get one graded 70.

  18. Thomas says

    You can see some of the JULY Pre-Releases over at UberCoins including the High Relief Kangaroo Silver Proof and the Penguin coin. Perth continues to do a great job.

  19. Samuel says

    Thomas, just checked out the HR Kangaroo, nicer than the 2011 one. the website only sells that much stuff?

  20. Dave in CT. says

    Yes, he’s aware of the BBB. If you have ever dealt with the process, and
    we both have and as well as my of our colleagues in this office. Complaint
    cases taken by them usually turn out to the other lying about their actions.
    They lie Samuel. With no enforcement given to them by the state/city where they are affiliated with. Their is nothing much they can do to resolve an issue or in my coworker’s nightmare, speed up a refund that they should have given, and in this case, will be forced to give in 17 days as per info. that he received last Thursday from Visa. I’ll say it again for folks that haven’t had a misunderstanding with a business(i am being polite now !). The BBB is a complete waste of a normal, educated person’s time. Only for the feeble. Heard too many ugly stories. What a mess that mediating department is, If you will !

  21. Broooster says

    I like the UHR Roo this year also. The UHR Roo looks much better than the regular bullion Roo, thank goodness.

  22. Dave in CT. says

    They’re making 2 reliefs this year Brooster ? I know the HR Kangaroo
    is coming out in July. When did the UHR Roo news come out. Did I
    miss what I consider one of the best looking and size coins out there right now ?
    That is except the almighty Morgan.

  23. Dave in CT. says


    Thanks, I realize that roo is short for kangaroo. What I am asking
    is that you stated a UHR in reference to this years roo. I only know of
    is the HR roo. Or are you confusing or thinking the HR with the UHR ?
    I have been known to miss some hot news in the past with my 24/7
    non-stop job ? If you are saying that the RAM is minting the UHR kangie, then
    I am in for both. I just have not heard this news. The other one, by Perth, this one I pre-ordered for $99, and that HR, not UHR, I will receive in July. Thanks

  24. Samuel says

    Dave, how to pre-order from Perthmint? and, i believe the HR/UHR are the same for coins from Perthmint.

    BTW, in “Winnie the Pooh”, there is a Kanga and a Roo.

  25. Broooster says

    I was comparing the 2012 bullion and proof kangaroo design to the UHR design. The UHR kangaroo looks a little healthier, so to speak. The proof kangaroo looks a little chubby.

  26. Dave in CT. says


    Go to ubercoins or ubermint. Something will come up.
    I ordered mine Saturday with a confirmed email. $99 plus $3.33 S@H.
    They are taking pre-orders and is a little less (allot) monies than Perth.
    This is for the 2012 Kangie HR.silver coin.
    Brooster, sorry for the misunderstanding.

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