Austrian Mint “Rome on the Danube” Silver Coin Series

The Austrian Mint recently released the final coin of a six coin series “Rome on the Danube” which highlights Roman settlements located in present day Austria along the River Danube.

Each coin of the series generally features the image of a Roman emperor associated with the location on the obverse and an intricately detailed period scene on the reverse. The coins are struck in 90% silver to proof quality with a weight of 20 grams and diameter of 34 mm. Each coin carries a maximum mintage of 50,000 pieces. Shown below are the six coins of the series.

Virunum – The obverse features a profile portrait of Emperor Claudius, with a Roman chariot drawn by a pair of horses in the background. The reverse features a street scene from Virunum with a blacksmith hammering Noric iron into swords for the Roman legions and a chariot passing in front of a temple.

Vindobona – The obverse depicts Marcus Aurelius on horseback within the fortress of Vindobona. An officer stands beside him, while another hands him a scroll. On the reverse is a scene of a centurion inspecting soldiers along the main road to the fortress.

Carnuntum – The obverse contains a profile portrait of Septimus Severus in front of Heathen’s Gate. The reverse depicts the Villa Urbana, a palace that was the home of Carnuntum’s wealthier inhabitants. A soldier is shown tending to his armor while another stands beside him with lance and shield.

Aguntum – The obverse includes a profile portrait of Constantius II with a gate located in the artisan quarter of Aguntum and the Dolomites shown in the background. The reverse contains a market scene in Aguntum with a vendor offering some earthen vessels to a woman and two passersby in the background.

Lauriacum – The obverse contains a profile portrait of Christian Emperor Gratianus, with an image of St. Florian, the patron saint of Austrian firefighters, shown in the background. The reverse depicts a Roman surveyor involved in the construction of a bridge.

Brigantium – The obverse depicts Emperor Valentinian I looking over the harbor of Brigantium. In the foreground is the golden hand of Brigantium holding a lotus flower and in the background are warehouses that were used for storage and shipbuilding. The reverse depicts a pair of Roman war ships on Lake Constance.

All six coins of the series, as well as a collector case, remain available for sale from the Austrian Mint and can be found here.

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  1. Samuel says

    i have the 10 euro “legends and tales”, “great abbey” series. they are beautiful but just too small. it would be good if it a 5OZ. and, Aus mint does not ship to US.

  2. saucexx says

    Anybody know if the Austrian Mint delivers to the US?

    I’ve been eying these for a while, I like the designs and the history. Unfortunately my bank account is running on empty.

  3. Samuel says

    Saucexx, i put my eye on the Aus series’ end of last yr. contact the mint, they wont ship. u can also try

  4. Samuel says

    if i remember correctly, u can always register, but when check out, no US as destination, thats why i contact them directly, no luck. thats was end of last year.

  5. saucexx says

    I completed most of the process and it removes the VAT tax and adds shipping for sales outside of the Euro Zone. I didn’t finalize the order but it looks like it would go thru.

  6. Samuel says

    Saucexx, thats good to hear. seems they changed the policy. how much is the shipping?

  7. Louis says

    I usually get these from Royal Scandinavian Mint, a US company in Salt Lake City. Shipping is $6, or free over $200, prices are excellent, and they have a price matching policy for any North American retail prices, not auction prices. The newest coin is not yet available there, but they should have it soon. I have dealt with this company for many years. Also, they have sales.

  8. Schalk says

    My favorite series from Austria is the “Tales and Legends of Austria” series, especially the “Dear Augustin” coin. The “Basilisk Of Vienna” was voted “Most Popular” coin in the 2011 Coin of the Year Awards!

  9. Samuel says

    The 2007 Melk Abbey in the “great abbey” series got the “Most Artistic Coin of the 2009 Coin of the Year”

  10. Samuel says

    the good thing abt austria coins is that they won a lot of awards, besides the above, “Erzberg in Styria” in the “legends and tales” won in the Best Silver in 2012.

  11. Schalk says

    I should mention that all the above coins are available from Downies or Euro Collections International.

    Austria started a new series in 2012 “Austria, by its Children” with the first coin “Steiermark” or “Styria”. The Austrian Mint invited the children of the country to draw their home province and over the next 5 years will mint ten coins, in proof and brilliant uncirculated quality for the series. At the moment the first €10 coin, “Styria”, 17.30g, 32.00mm, 0.925 silver, costs $62.50 from Euro Collections.

    I think that “Dear Augustin” from “Tales and Legends” is a serious contender for Coin of the Year.

  12. Hidalgo says

    @Dave in CT (or anyone) — is there a reason why the Canadian tulip with the ladybug is selling at such a high price? I don’t get it. There are plenty of other beautiful colored coins.

  13. Samuel says

    H, i dont get ladybug, glow in the dark coin…… and demand. $500 for a toy coin released last year?! unfortunately, it is the reality.

  14. Samuel says

    another thing, it was not announced when released that the ladybug will be a series. so when the bee came out, the ladybug got crazy, in a very short period of time, price shot from $250 to $500.

  15. Hidalgo says

    @Samuel – interesting what have you to say about the ladybug coin. Well, as I’ve said before, the value of a coin is what one is willing to pay for it. And I ain’t willing to pay $500 for a coin that has a ladybug on it. JMHO (just my honest opinion).

  16. Timberwolf says

    Just bumped onto this forum looking for the “rome ” coins. Did not see the other austrian coins you guys talk about but I can CERTAINLY comment on those crazy people at RCM ! I used to buy their product every year but their prices just kept getttig crazier and the silver % is not great & in US their coins do NOT keep value, So if you have $$ to burn then ok but for my $ it will have to be VERY special. The 20 for 20 polar bear was good deal but it should be made in 1.Oz 38 mm or larger – its a great design!

  17. Shutter says

    2012 HR Kangaroo go on sale tomorrow. Apropos of that, has anyone noticed that eBay prices for HR dragons are beginning to approach issue price. Paradise is still trying to hawk PF70 for $400, while their own auction just closed at just ended at $185. Dragon fatigue must’ve finally arrived.

  18. Samuel says

    i like the HR coins, have all the HR silver ones and waiting for the new kangaroo. i am surprised that the dragon coin is down so much. if it is the first HR lunar coin, i think in the future it will be fine. this year just too many dragons were released.

  19. Shutter says

    Like I said, dragon fatigue. Like you I still like the look of HR coins. There are a couple of things they can do to improve desireability of HR coins, if they plan on making 3-4 of them a year.
    1. Lower mintages. 20K for kangaroo is just to high, if they aren’t bogarted by a certain boiler room in Minneapolis. Something between 5,000 and 7,500 will assure sellout. 7,500-10,000 is ok to, but they will linger.
    2. Make them bigger. One of the complaints I keep hearing, is they are just too small. Make them 2oz. Same diameter as regular coins, but twice as thick. These things will be truly impressive.
    3. Lower price. That would be tough to do with 1oz coins as they would cannibalize those godawful Titanic and Monroe coins. However, if HR coins were 2oz they could sell like crazy @ $150 or so.

    Finally, and this isn’t HR specific. It’s nice that they provide a list of new releases a month in advance, but how about pictures and some specs. If I’m going to miss first couple hours of work (I’m 15 hours behind AWST), I’d like to know if I’m even interested in the coin, or the mintage is so high that it will remain on sale for another 3 years.

  20. Samuel says

    they dont offer picture on perthmint. i wonder how ulber coin Dave recommended has a pic of it.

  21. Shutter says

    how ulber coin Dave recommended has a pic of it.

    If you crawl around Perth mint site, you’ll find an area where there coin pictures for all those coins. It’s for distributors only and is passworded.

  22. Shutter says

    That is a surprise. And only 1,000 mintage. May have to give it some thought. Probably $500 or so.

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