2012 Calgary Stampede Silver Dollar

The Royal Canadian Mint has just released the Calgary Stampede Silver Dollar to celebrate 100 years for “The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.”

The reverse design of the coin features an image capturing the wild spirit of the Stampede’s bearback bronco rodeo event. A cowboy is shown battling to control a wildly bucking bronco. The words “Calgary Stampede” appear above in a Western typeface. Additional inscriptions include “2012”, “Canada”, and “Dollar”. The obverse of the coin features the Susanna Blunt portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.

Each coin is struck in .9999 fine silver with a diameter of 36.07 mm and weight of 23.17 grams. This coin is limited to a mintage of 10,000 pieces and carries an ordering limit of one per household. Pricing is listed at $69.95 CAD.

About a month ago, the RCM had released 5 ounce silver coins and 5 ounce gold coins for the Calgary Stampede. The silver coins were limited to 1,500 coins and priced at $495.95, while the gold coins were limited to 200 and priced at $11,999.95.

The Royal Canadian Mint seems to have become very adept at releasing multiple coins for a theme, which cover a spectrum of pricing points, with mintages established to drive frequent sell outs. This seems to play directly into strategies and goals that the RCM has publicly revealed.

Within their most recent annual report, they expressed their intention of increasing the number of sell outs and also more than doubling the number of new product releases. For the year to date, I believe that the RCM has already achieved more sell outs than in the entire previous year. For the first quarter, numismatic revenue has more than doubled.

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  1. Louis says

    Samuel, past year prices vary by date. The 2011 yes can be obtained for $50 but for example 2010 at APMEX is $70. But as G has explained the 2012 is different because they are not making any other sizes of proofs this year or the proof sets.

    The only place to get them now is either Bailey or e-Bay. I ordered early and paid $70, but on e-Bay they are now selling for over $100. Some have sold for $130 recently, and Bailey has decided to raise his price to $95. I don’t know if they will stay above $100, but I doubt they will go below $70. Apparently they sold out instantly at the Mexican Mint and as explained, very few sellers have them, hence prices are rising. One seller says they sold out in one hour, though I have not seen independent confirmation of that.

  2. Samuel says

    Steve, i have been buying the 5oz dragons color and no color, since they were above $200, then $172 not long ago, and today it is $154 at this moment. feel bad to see them down so much. but the colored one looks really good. i just took them out and took a closer look to see if i should buy several more, and noticed that the no color one has some kind of relief, but the colored dragon, the body is flat. i did not notice that before, even though i have the 2 oz colored one.

  3. Louis says

    Mexico is secretive about mintages, according to G in an earlier post. Mintages for Libertads are usually quite small, but will not be made available until later. They are definitely not made to demand. Remember the proof sets were limited to 1,000 for several years, and many of the other Libertads have mintages as low as a couple hundred. The kilo versions are usually 1500. Take a look at my new article in Coin Week and see Wikipedia which has an article that lists all the mintages.

  4. Samuel says

    apmex pulled off the colored dragon from sale BEFORE the promised sale timeline. this is not right.

  5. Steve says

    I still don’t see Libertad mintages for 2011 in wikipedia. Am I missing something?

  6. Louis says

    Steve, 2011 numbers have not been released yet, though if you do a google search, you may come across some unofficial estimates on other sites. I saw one a while back but can’t remember now what it was, It would be interesting to know what is behind the delays and mystery that seems to surround Libertad mintages.

  7. marc says

    I bought two gold coins. I hope they appreciate

    Montgomery is awesome

    Montgomery triangle is.awesome!

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