Some Interesting New World Coin Releases

Some readers may know that my other site provides coverage of many new world releases within the world coins section. While I try not to be too redundant with coverage on this site, there are some interesting recent releases that I would like to highlight here as well.

The Italian State Mint has recently released a 10 Euro Silver Coin which pays tribute to Michelangelo. This issue is part of the 2012 Europa Coin Programme that I had previously covered. Michelangelo is without a doubt the most well known artist represented within the series. The mintage of the coin is limited to 7,000 pieces.

The Mint of Poland has issued gold and silver coins which honor Mathematician Stefan Banach. The designs are quite intriguing as they contain mathematical formulas and concepts. Mathematics does not seem to be a very frequently occurring topic for coins. I believe there were some issues honoring Albert Einstein which contained mathematical symbols.

The Pobjoy Mint has struck a new coin for Ascension Island which is billed as having the highest relief ever used on a coin. Recently there have been some high relief coins issued by other world mints that have captured collector attention. This coin is issued in proof quality gold or silver piedfort with double thickness. While I probably will not purchase this coin, I think it would certainly be interesting to see in hand.

Another issue from the Mint of Poland celebrates the 150th anniversary of the National Museum of Warsaw. I particularly like the obverse design of the coin which features a stylized image of the Egyptian gold Anubis. The shape of the image and arrangement of the inscriptions leaves a lot of empty space, which I think comes across as visually appealing and distinctive. This is one issue which I will try to pick up.

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  1. Samuel says

    off topic.

    Canada Cents for collectors?

    Though the RCM has ended cent strikes for circulation, collectors may wonder whether the agency will continue to strike Canadian cents as solely collectible items that are featured in special or annual sets produced by the RCM.

    When asked if the RCM has plans to continue circulation-quality cent strikes for collectors, Alexandre Reeves, RCM senior manager of communications, said May 9: “It’s still too early to make specific product announcements involving the penny, though we are working on some collector products. [RCM President Bennett said] at the last strike event that the last one million pennies struck for circulation will be sold as collector products. There were open bins of those coins in front of the podium at the event.”

  2. says

    I was very interested in the diamond jubilee coin until I saw the price tag for it.

    $369 at a silver price of $27ish? No way!

    I’m interested in the National museum of Warsaw coin, though. Anyone know where I could buy it? I Googled around and couldn’t find it for sale anywhere, and the Mint of Poland doesn’t seem to sell it direct either.

  3. Michael Zielinski says

    There are a few listings for the National Museum of Warsaw already on eBay. Usually if a coin doesn’t turn up at a few world coin dealers that I check, I end up buying it there.

  4. says

    OT…I just ordered 3 more Chinese Dragons of Legend….about as soon as I git through printing my order, I looked again and they were unavailable again.

    With the rise in the dollar, they were cheaper than the ones I order eariler…these were only $103.25 US. Hopefully my order will get approved.

  5. Shutter says

    National Museum of Warsaw coin makes me think of Australian Kangaroo at Sunset coins. The Polish Mint has been producing some very interesting coins. Including those they minted for other countries like Belarus and Nieu. I especially like the Belarus Sailing Ships series which partially intersects Tuvalu Ships that Changed the World.

    Also the Nieu Great Commander Series is interesting in that it still has the Queen’s effigy on the obverse, but it’s minimized allowing for additional design elements. The latest, commemorating Hannibal is really nice.

  6. Samuel says

    off topic:
    the counter for the paradise kook did not change for 2 days, what does it mean?

  7. VABEACHBUM says

    I, too, am a fan of the HR coins that have been issued by various Mints over the last 3-4 years. While the Pobjoy Mint is touting a “world first” on a larger field (compared to the current HR coins) and a limited production, I find their HR device to be rather blah.

    I’m all about buying what I like – and can afford. Personally, I think the Queen’s 60th Anny HR coin issued by the RCM offers better detail and more eye appeal. I added one of those to my collection a couple of weeks ago. All things considered, I simply cannot justify the costs for the product being offered.

  8. Two Cents says

    Samuel, I have also noticed that the Paradise Mint’s posted inventory for the High Relief Kookaburra hasn’t changed for a few days. I suspect that they don’t automatically update the number right away — that is, when an order is made and accepted, the figure does not go down immediately. Perhaps in the beginning, someone manually adjusted the number right away, but now after several weeks of sales, the changes are made less frequently. That would account for sudden declines.

    I also think that the 100-coin lots are part of the single-piece stock. From a business point of view, it wouldn’t make sense to reserve 100 coins for a possible one-time sale when there are individual sales to be had. That would account for the sudden dip in single-coin stock when one of the 100-coin lots was recently sold.

  9. Psychdr says

    Captain, I also was very interested in the diamond jubilee coin. Super low mintage, unique finish, and the supposed highest relief yet. I rationalized the price despite $27ish and can’t imagine that this one does not become one that will be highly saught after..also the markets are in such flux whose to say it does not become more financially justifiable when silver rises but assume it will have sold out by that time.

  10. Samuel says

    Two cents,
    -The counter changes automatically. i placed two orders with them, i can see that number decreased exactly by what i bought.

    -the 100-coins lot, i also believe it is part of the single coins. it is cheaper to buy the 100-coin lot, $89 a piece, if u can have enough people to share the lot. i also noticed that, one day, 2 lots are gone, and at the same time, the singles are down by about 200, from 14xx to 12xx.

    finally, the counter is disabled, probably to hide the real sales to make buyer rush to buy.

  11. says

    I bought the Kookaburra High Relief because I also think it’s a cool looking coin.
    However, I don’t understand why some of you are so interested in watching Paridise Mints countdown…there are 10,000 of these and they only started their countdown at about 2500 or there abouts. How many did Talisman buy?..where you can also purchase it for $104.95. What other major dealers bought these?
    Bottom line…this is a coin you should buy if you like it…it’s not going to be a secondary market winner even if it can be determined to be sold out.
    It may sell for $125 after a sellout, but I doubt not much more.

    Look at the High Relief Dragon with a mintage 33% lower than the Kookaburra and a coin that did officially “sell out” at Perth. You can still buy it for $149.95 at Talisman right now!

  12. psychedr says

    Michael, I have followed your link to the National Bank of Polands web site and see the coins listed above. I do not however see where you can create an account or purchase them. I could use a little help on how to go about doing this and wonder if these coins are not sold through them to the USA and go through some secondary vendor? Thanks

  13. Don says

    psychedr – i looked as well and looks like u have to buy through a dealer. They have a page to locate one. Is there a list somewhere with all the mints pages and how to buy from them? It took me awhile to figure out about the hedgehog on how to buy

  14. says

    Hi Psychdr,

    I believe that this is the Polish Mint’s online shopping site.

    However, I didn’t see the museum coin listed there.

    I would show you where I bought it, but the place seemed to be out of stock after I made my purchase. My suggestion to you is to either try Googling using various search terms, or, there’s always “Buy It Now” on eBay.

    I should note though that I got mine at $39 (including shipping) while eBay is selling it for $51 before any shipping.

  15. pl.mark says

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