Similar Design Strategies Applied

This year the Royal British Mint issued a £2 commemorative coin to mark the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Dickens. The design takes the approach of creating a profile of the author constructed from the titles of some of his works.

The designer of the coin Matthew Dent included the titles in different fonts and sizes to create a visual image that resembles a profile of the famous author. The coins were issued in standard base metal composition with silver and gold versions released later in the year.

Upon seeing this coin, I was immediately reminded of the design for a five euro silver coin issued by the Royal Dutch Mint to commemorate the Netherlands and Architecture.

The designer of this coin was Stani Michiels who created the design using free software. The names of important architects from Dutch history are placed in a concentric spiral. The designer used the internet as a popularity meter to determine the order of appearance with the outermost names appearing in the largest size, progressing to smaller sizes for the innermost names. Certain letters are selectively emboldened to form the image of Queen Beatrix.

The Netherlands and Architecture 5 Euro Silver Coin was released in 2008. At the time, I had been collecting almost exclusively United States coins, but I was intrigued enough to track down this coin to see it in hand. Since this time I have greatly expanded my coverage and collecting of world coin issues.

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  1. Sam Baker says

    When I see these coins I am reminded of the Netherlands 2003 Vincent Van Gough 5 Euro silver coin.

  2. Louis says

    The Van Gough coin is excellent. I got it when it came out. The packaging is really nice too. It shows lots of his paintings in color.

    Michael: Care to say which world coins you collect? Do you focus on certain countries, or just whatever appeals to you? Personally, I do some of both.

  3. Michael Zielinski says

    Louis- I have come to concentrate on certain countries. In recent years I have picked up many or most of the releases from Netherlands, Latvia, Bulgaria, and the Perth Mint. On a more selective basis, Canada, the Royal Australian Mint, and Finland. I’ve also picked up coins from other countries that I have found particularly interesting and at least a few examples of each of the major world silver bullion coins.

  4. Hidalgo says

    I received my 2012 $20 silver coins featuring Queen Elizabeth today from the Royal Canadian Mint. They appear of the “reverse proof” style (they really aren’t proof quality though).

    I really like this coin and the accompanying cards/covers. These $20 silver coins are affordable, limited in quantity, and quite attractive (even the latest one featuring the queen). I wish that the US Mint could have a similar program where special low-mintage silver coins could be produced on a regular basis at an affordable price…. It never hurts to hope…. LOL

  5. says

    G…kinda off topic…you mentioned you hope the DoL Welsh Red Dragon would perform like the 2006 red back spider (I didn’t realize that this 6 coin series was released only one every year) and I looked it up on ebay and was amazed at would the 2006 red back spider sold for…well I mean ACTUALLY sold for, not what is being asked….but it seems to SELL for $1000-$1300 in ogp, while one recently sold for $1425 in NGC PF69…the asking price for NGC 70 and PCGS 69, 70’s are all over the board…very high…but I couldn’t really come up with a “fair market value”

    Anyway, I wonder how prices of the Welsh Red Dragon OGP, PF69’s and PF70’s will compare to the 2006 red back spider down the road.

    I would hope very well…as I bet $10,000 on “I’ll Have Another” in the Kentucky Derby…and need somewhere to spend my winnings…yeah, right

  6. Zwiggy says

    Well Steve, not all Perth Mint issues have taken off – they have over 20 series going on now from the “Deadly and Dangerous” to the new “Dragons of Legend” series. It just remains to see how many collectors there are for this. When the 2006 spider was released, there were not too many other Perth Mint series going on. Now there are perhaps – too many. Hopefully the Perth Mint will not go down the path of the Franklin Mint of the 1970s…

    Besides “Deadly and Dangerous”, some other series that took off in price that come to mind were the Treasures of Australia Series (Perth Mint), Tiffany Art Series (Palau, Liberia, Coin Invest Trust), Venetian Murano Glass Series (Royal Canadian Mint, just started) and the Wildlife Series (Mongolia, Coin Invest Trust). There are other coins that cost an arm and a leg, but most started out at those prices and never appreciated.

  7. Samuel says

    i just dont understand why this spider coin is so expensive. anything special about this coin?

  8. says

    Zwiggy…good point…most Perth Mint series (while actractive) do not perform well…but looking at the interest thus far on blogs like this, it appears that the Dragons of Legend series has the potiential to do well.

  9. says

    My UK uncirculated set came yesterday (but oddly enough, the proof set is being shipped separately, go figure). My two experiences with ordering from the Royal Mint have been quite different; in the case of the Britannias, our order was closed and shipped almost immediately, but it took two full weeks for the coins to arrive. In this case, my order took about a week to close and the coins shipped separately (with the uncirculateds arriving just after my order had been closed). Reminds me a bit of the US Mint.

    The uncirculated base metal variety of the Dickens coin actually looks better “in-hand” than in it does on pictures on the internet. The profile also emerges much better when the coin is held away from the eye rather than up-close.

    I liked how the uncirculated variety looked enough that I am considering buying the silver piedfort variety of the Dickens coin.

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