New Releases from the Royal Canadian Mint – May 2012

The Royal Canadian Mint has started accepting pre-orders for another batch of new product releases. At this time, the products can only be pre-ordered by Masters Club members, with shipping to begin on May 28, 2012. A number of high precious metals content coins with extremely low mintages are included, along with the final release of the silver and niobium Algonquin Full Moons series.

A .9999 fine 5 oz. silver coin will be issued to mark the 100th anniversary of the Calgary Stampede. This annual rodeo, exhibition, and festival is held each July in Calgary, Alberta and is billed as “The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth”. The design of the coin by Canadian artist Michelle Grant features the six time world champion bucking bronco Grated Coconut ridden by a bareback cowboy.

The mintage of this coin is limited to just 1,500 coins. Pricing is set at $495.95 CAD.

A .9999 fine 5 oz. gold coin featuring the same design is also available. This coin carries an extremely limited mintage of 200 pieces and is priced at $11,999.95 CAD.

The Royal Canadian Mint will release its first 5 kilogram silver coin featuring ‘The Spirit of Haida Gwaii’ design from the masterpiece by renowned Canadian artist Bill Reid. This coin has a diameter of 180 mm and contains 5 kilograms of .9999 pure silver.

The mintage is limited to just 100 pieces worldwide, and the coin is shown as “sold out” on the pre-order page.

Previously, the RCM released a 10 kilogram gold coin featuring the same design with a mintage of no more than 15 pieces.

A Year of the Dragon Fractional Gold Set is included in the latest releases. This set includes four .9999 pure gold coins with a proof finish in 1 ounce, 1/2 ounce, 1/4 ounce, and 1/10 ounce sizes. The design features a classic Asian interpretation of the dragon with lotus flowers and clouds of good fortune. This is listed as a one-time unique set, which is not part of a series or subscription.

The mintage limit is only 500 coins, with pricing at $5,499.95 CAD per set.

The fourth and final coin in the silver and niobium series featuring the Algonquin Full Moons will be released. The Algonquins are First Nations inhabitants of North America who looked to the moon to track time and assigned a name to each full moon. The buck, hunter, wolf, and pink moon, which represent the summer, autumn, winter, and spring, are included in the coin series.

Each coin has a selectively oxidized niobium core with a unique color to match the theme of the coin. The outer ring of the coin is struck in 92.5% sterling silver.

This final release features a cluster of phlox blossoming before a full moon with selective pink coloring applied. This design is by Canadian artist John Mantha.

The mintage limit is 7,500 with a price of $121.95 CAD. The RCM website also already shows this issue as “sold out”.

For a look at the previous issues of the series see the Buck Moon, Hunter’s Moon, and Wolf Moon.

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  1. Saucexx says

    The RCM should have a limit on prerelease sales. Pretty ridiculous that recent releases have been sold out before non masters club members get a chance at them.

  2. Rolling Thunder says

    I agree – but probably with the low mintages of some of these coins, even Master Club members that may have wanted them did not get them on pre-sale either.

    I think the pre-sale “sell outs”, particularly of final Algonquin Full Moon coin, reflect the growing interest in Canadian (and other quality world) coins.

  3. Schalk says

    Michael, you left out the 25th anniversary of the Loonie 1 Oz Silver “Two Loons” coin. Mintage 10,000. Sure to become a classic.

  4. Saucexx says


    Masters Club members would always have another shot at the coins once they were officially released. It would be easy for the RCM to limit pre sales to half the mintage for example. It’s the least they could do, it’s not like the premiums on these coins are cheap to begin with. Particularly so once you add yet another premium from the dealers who you know make up the bulk of the Masters club anyway.

  5. Alan says

    If the US Mint made a coin with a mintage of only 500, they’d get a million complaints from people who couldn’t get their order in! 🙂

  6. Broooster says

    I am surprised that the UHR Kookaburra has not sold out yet, considering the Kook it is a rather popular series. Any thoughts ??

  7. Shutter says

    I don’t think it’s the “Master Club” members that are causing pre-release sell-outs. It’s all the coins sold to dealers who buy at bellow mint’s list price and then sell at way above. RCM obviously has different views on engendering small time customer good will than either US Mint or Perth.

  8. G says

    I have the wolf moon coin. What do you guys think of the pink moon? It’s pretty cool.

  9. DirkDirk says

    G- the pink moon, unfortanately can’t buy it as it looks like already sold out thru RCM. Good old talisman will probably have it fro twice issue price soon though.

  10. Hidalgo says

    @Michael and @Schalk — where I can I find the list of upcoming RCM releases? Where can I find a preview of the “Two Loons” coin?

  11. Michael Zielinski says

    Right now, these are only viewable to Masters Club members. You become eligible for this club by spending at least 999.99 CAD in any one year period.

    I think on May 28, these pages will be viewable by everyone.

  12. Saucexx says


    Other than the 2010 Kangaroo and the 2012 Dragon, all the other Perth HR coins are still available. I think the Kook with eventually sell out but it might be awhile. Personally I love the HR series but the rest of the world does not necessarily agree. Check out the Marathon HR, that and the Dragon are my favs. The Marathon coin is 2010 though and even with a low mintage of 5000 is still available. If your buying for the investment I think your going to have to be in it for the long haul.

  13. dan says

    A lot of the spring moon coins are probably going to those that had the original subscription for all four coins. The original subscription was for up to 7500 coins and included a free case to display all four coins. As I remember, the original coin was slow to sell, but after the second coin, the Hunters Moon, they seemed to catch on and sell out quickly and the wolf moon went very quick. I am anxious to get the spring moon to complete the series and fill the case..

  14. Broooster says

    @ Saucexx, I also love the UHR coins. I started with the Roo’s, have the dragon and the Kook. Not really an investment thing with me, more of a, I really like how the UHR coins look.

  15. dan says


    Is there a link that you know of that tracks RCM coins sold on a weekly or monthly basis like you have for the US Mint?? Thanks

  16. Michael Zielinski says

    If you sign up for the RCM’s mailing list, they will sometimes indicate when a coin is close to a sell out or how many remain, however there is no comprehensive weekly reporting like the US Mint sales reports.

  17. auxmike says

    I really like the RCM’s Coin on Coin offerings. I’ve dealt with Talisman coins and their prices are sometimes LESS than buying from the mint itself!

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