Diamond Jubilee Kilo Gold and Silver Coins

Kilo-sized gold and silver coins to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II were recently released by the Royal British Mint and the Perth Mint. This adds to a large and growing number of coins issued to mark 60 years of reign.

The .999 fine gold and .999 fine silver kilo coins issued by the Royal British Mint are struck to proof quality. The obverse features Queen Elizabeth II in Garter Robes, while the reverse features the Royal Coat of Arms found on the gates of Buckingham Palace. The coins are struck with a deeper relief than any other UK Diamond Jubilee coins to make the design sharp and contrasting.

The kilo gold coin has a face value of 1000 pounds and is limited to a mintage of 60 pieces. Pricing is not listed, but the Royal Mint states that the gold kilo coins “usually sell out within days.” The kilo silver coin has a face value of 500 pounds and is limited to a mintage of 1,000 pieces. The price indicated on the Royal Mint product page is £2,600.00. (I believe this includes 20% VAT, which is not applicable to US customers.)

Additional information can be found on the Royal Mint website.

The Perth Mint released their .9999 fine gold and .999 fine silver kilo Diamond Jubilee coins today. The obverse features the Ian Rank Broadley effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, while the reverse features St. Edward’s Crown with the design encircled by 60 diamonds. Each coin is struck to proof quality.

The kilo gold coin has a face value of 3000 dollars and is limited to a mintage of 60 pieces. The price is listed at US$56,298.35. The current market value of the 32.151 troy ounces of gold content is $50,583.17.

The kilo silver coin has a face value of 30 dollars and is limited to 600 pieces. The price is listed at US$1,779.72. The current market value of the 32.151 troy ounces of silver content is $912.12.

Previous coins issued by the Perth Mint to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee have included a 2 oz. gold proof coin with an embedded diamond and a 1/4 oz gold proof coin, which are listed as unavailable and sold out. The mintage limits were 60 and 1,000, respectively. A 1 oz. silver coin featuring a color design and limited mintage of 7,500 still remains available for sale.

Additional information and ordering for all Perth Mint Diamond Jubilee coins can be found on this page.

Perth Mint Brisbane ANDA Coin Show Special

The Perth Mint has also opened website sales for the purple colored 2012 Year of the Dragon Silver Coin issued for the Brisbane ANDA Coin Show.

This 1 oz. silver coin features a design of a purple colored dragon with the pearl of wisdom. Only 5,000 coins in the special ANDA Coin Show packaging will be released, however it seems that the same coin has been issued within other formats previously. This has included 9 and 10 coin sets issued worldwide or for the Chinese market.

A previous black colored Year of the Dragon coin released for the World Money Fair has sold out quickly and still commands a premium on the secondary market.

Here is the Perth Mint’s product page for the Brisbane ANDA Coin Show Special.

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  1. Wes says

    I bought the Black Dragon from the Berlin show and won’t purchase the Purple Dragon. I might have but I don’t need more than one coin with this same design. They may get an initial bump in price on the secondary market but I am tired of looking at all these Dragon and Jubilee releases. I find the Two Loon coin from the RCM is a nice change and think the RCM is has been out doing the Perth Mint recently.

  2. Wes says

    The Purple Dragon has been up on the Mint site since yesterday and as far as I can tell has no ordering limit. Sales are slowing down for these Dragon Coins.

  3. says

    I haven’t bought any of the Diamond Jubilee coins because the premiums on them are so high. I really like the designs of both the Diamond Jubilee coins featured here, but the premiums on the coins are just way too high for me. I had a similar problem with Pobjoy’s high relief Diamond Jubilee coin as well – looked like a neat coin, but way too expensive.

    As for the purple dragon, I picked one up. I like the series overall and will try to get as many of the pieces as I can. No way am I going to go to this effort for the 2013 Snakes, though. It’s just too much money. I can also understand why some people are bailing, there are really a lot of dragon releases. Can’t wait to see how the five ounce proof coming June 05 sells! 🙂

    For a change of pace from the dragons, does anyone know what this “map shaped coin series” Perth is advertising for June 05 is? The concept sounds potentially interesting and it looks to be a brand new silver coin series. http://www.perthmint.com.au/forthcoming-releases.aspx

  4. Schalk says

    The Kilo Silver Diamond Jubilee Proof coin is available from Chard in the UK for £999.00 (approx. $1567.00 today). See my previous post under 2012 Discover Australia Coins.

  5. Schalk says


    The 2010 $1 Sydney Cove Medallion 1oz Silver Proof & Wedgwood Plate Collection is available from Downies for $185.00. This is the collection with the commemorative plate. I do not think that the medallion is available on its own. This is a large box that needs to be shipped to you – that is probably the reason the Perth Mint does not sell it outside of Australia. I got mine from Downies.

  6. Samuel says

    I just checked my record, I did order the Sydney cove coin with the plate at Perth, it was early Feb. I ordered it with the opal koala and dragon stamp coin cover to make it shipping free. at that time, there is no restriction yet. i think probably because of the recent HR hype, they restrict everything HR except Kangaroo. i remember very clearly that the Fedex was a huge box instead of envelop. at that time, i did not know Downies yet (Thank you for introduce Downies to me, i spent more money than at USMINT). Downies’ actually is cheaper than the perthmint.

    One thing, i heard from friend, there was a version without plate a while ago. the plate is just useless.

  7. Shutter says

    Re Sydney Cove set. There used to be 2 separate pages on Perth Site:

    The first one said “Free Shipping applies in Australia only.). It still works. The second one allowed ordering to USA. If you go there now,it will be blank and afterward will show up under recently viewed as “No Longer Available”. If you still want it, email them and maybe they can do something.

  8. says

    Actually, I’d say the purple sold relatively slowly (by way of comparison to the other dragons). It was up on Perth for almost two whole days, which is unusual. I had been wondering if it might not last a whole week.

    Additionally, Talisman is also still selling the purples as of this morning at the $89.95 price as well. I think the purple dragon will not be in great demand for some time.

  9. psychdr says

    Given it was a long holiday weekend I think the sell out is rapid. To move 5thousand coins of an already drawn out theme in under two days is impressive. I also find the ships that changed the world to be a far more visually appealing coin and we are some time later and no where near a sell out on the cutty sark with the same mintage. The demand for these coins remains high in my view.

  10. Shutter says

    Given it was a long holiday weekend I think the sell out is rapid.

    It was only “long holiday weekend” in US. As it happens, in Perth the long holiday weekend is next weekend (Western Australia Day), which is why next set of coins is being released on the 5th and not the 1st.

  11. Samuel says

    i dont believe any “sell-out” anymore. that night, when i checked talisman’s website, they had about 180 of them. most of those hot coins are sold to dealers.
    both RCM and Perthmint.

  12. psychdr says

    Shutter, thanks for the factoid but US collectors which are a part of this sell out, myself included, did indeed have a long holiday weekend…regardless and to qualify although it may not be needed, its impressive that it sold so fast…

  13. Samuel says

    sell-out at mint, is just a sell-out, u never know how many they put at their website, maybe only 10% of the whole mintage.

  14. Wes says

    It only says unavailable at mint website. That could mean they may become available again. They have done this with other coins recently.

  15. Saucexx says

    Funny, I tried to order the Sydney Cove coin when I ordered the purple dragon and they wouldn’t let it go thru. The website said I was from the wrong region. I guess I’ll check out Downies.

  16. Rolling Thunder says

    Regardless of whether its dealers, collectors, or whoever bought Purple dragons – Perth Mint lists them as “unavailable” after only 2 days.

    Maybe a few more will show up at Perh, but basically a “sell-out” even with the fading of dragon frenzy – still better than all the “Ships” series coins, better than the 2012 Perth ANDA “Celebrate” coin (2,500 mintage), and what about the Titanic which is still available.

    So in my opinion, not a mad rush – but still impressive compared to other releases..

  17. Samuel says

    the “unavil” coins will show up at leaset 4 or 5 times, according to my observation for the past several hot coins-HR/black/chinese dragons.

  18. Schalk says

    2012 Canada 1 Oz Silver Colorized Aster and Venetian Glass Bumble Bee now available from MCM for $199.00

  19. Shutter says

    they can not slab this kind of coins, right?

    Why not? They’ve slabbed everything else.

  20. Hidalgo says

    No purple dragon for me. The Brisbane ANDA silver dragon is just like the purple dragon issued earlier.

    The only difference is the packaging. Reminds me of the US Mint, which sells the same coins, but in different packages.

    To each his own.

  21. Rolling Thunder says

    Hot Hot Hot Summer Coin – The 2012 Canada Two Loons – now $149.95 @ Gatewest

    Hope everyone here who wants one – ordered somewhere already at lower price

    Back to Perth Dragons – appears Perth Mint is releasing 1 oz red colored bullion dragons in mass without packaging or COA – available from silber.de for ~$40. plus shipping

  22. Saucexx says


    The two loons is really been growing on me but I didn’t order in time. With so many new releases coming up and my wallet empty I’ll prolly pass and see where the prices end up down the road.

  23. Samuel says

    my observation is, hot coins will end up around $150 at secondary market, red-hot ones, will be around $200.

  24. says


    When you say the purple dragon has already been released, do you mean in the nine and ten-coin sets released in China and the US? This is the first time the purple dragon has been available to dragon collectors at a reasonable cost, IMO. Or did you mean you just didn’t like the concepts of colored dragons vs. proof dragons vs. bullion dragons vs. high relief dragons?


    Two ounce and larger colored bullion versions have been available for awhile. I bought a two ounce, and despite its relative unpopularity, it’s probably one of my favorite dragons I’ve purchased. I thought the coloring combined with the “reverse proof” style lettering made the piece very attractive.

  25. Hidalgo says

    @Captain – yep, the purple-orange dragon was previously introduced as part of a set.

  26. Rolling Thunder says

    “Capt Overkill”
    I bought a 2 oz red colored dragon too & liked it so much I also bought 2 oz colored Mouse, Ox, Tiger, & Rabbit – hope to eventually complete an entire 2 oz colored Lunar II set. Maybe unpopular , but the much lower mintage is one of the things that attracts me to the 2 oz, I also like larger size compared to 1 oz. Check out current price of 2 oz uncolored bullion 2008 mouse – assume it was unpopular, but would have to dig deep in your pocket to buy today!

    My previous post was about general release of “1 oz” red colored dragons, which I believe have not been available individually – previously only in the type set, 9-coin set, & 10 coin set (the term only is used loosely here since (~23,500 in these sets) & there will eventually be more of these red 1 oz dragons than purple ones or of any other color).

  27. Hidalgo says

    By the way, a look at eBay shows three unsold ANDA purple dragons. And so far, no completed sales. It’s still early, but it sure don’t seem that these coins are flyin off them shelves….

  28. Rolling Thunder says

    Would mostly agree – “not flying off the shelves”, but look at the active listing for $104.95 (Talisman), its a multiple item listing and although not over has sold 20 of 25 available purple dargons

  29. G says

    I think the purple dragon is a good buy at that price. In 12 years, when the next dragon coins come around, I think most of the dragons will be looked at as winners. In other news- glad I ordered one of the loonies- thanks to everybody on this board. I’m excited for next week: SF mint set and 5 oz dragon proof.

  30. Hidalgo says

    @Rolling Thunder – yep, collectors can buy the ANDA purple dragon from Talisman for the awesome retail price of $89.95. With a price like this, why buy from Perth Mint or eBay? LOL

  31. Wes says

    Has any one received the two loon coin yet? I ordered from the Canada post office. The site said coins would ship out May 28th. Mine still says they are processing my order.

  32. Rolling Thunder says

    Do not believe any one has the Two Loons yet – have not seen any photos of actual coin on any blogs or feeBay.

    May 28 was release date initially shown on RCM website – now if you click on the coin (awaiting stock – generally means sold-out) it says June 29!

    Hope we don’t have to wait that long……………

  33. Wes says

    RT Thanks it actually says that they are preparing it for shipment now. Hopefully they have them already.

  34. auxmike says

    God bless the Queen, but I wish they were not obligated to use her likeness on every coin……
    With that said I’m a big fan of the RCM products!

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