Next Generation for the Canadian Loonie and Toonie

On April 10, 2012, the Royal Canadian Mint announced that they began circulation of their next generation of one-dollar “Common Loon” and two-dollar “Polar Bear” coins, minted at their facilities in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The coins replaced their paper counterparts in 1987 and 1996, respectively, and come on the heels of the announcement that the Canadian government will end production of the one-cent coins this year.

Both of the new designs will feature a laser mark micro-engraving, whereas the two-dollar coin will include edge lettering and a virtual image. With the exception of these additional security features, the new coins will have the same diameter and thickness as the current coins.

The actual coins are minted using the same patented multi-ply plated steel (MPPS) technology from which Canada’s lower denomination circulation coins have been made since 2001. By using a steel core plated with alternating layers of copper, nickel and brass, their manufacturing process employs far less metals than alloy coins and produces highly cost-effective circulation coins. This technique also allows for the fine-tune control of the electromagnetic signature of the coins, a fact that is key to the RCM’s production of coins for other countries seeking cost containment, security, and high quality.

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  1. Jeremy says

    Les or Michael, Do you know if Royal Canadian Mint’s silver bullion coin sales are made public?

    Also, might it be possible to release some background information providing any qualifications and or pertinent personal information regarding individuals responsible for this blog? Perhaps an “about us” tab? I apologize if any such information already exist, however, any such search has not revealed any. Furthermore, if wishes to remain somewhat anonymous are preferred that is respected as well. Was just curious so it might be known just whom it may be necessary to address at times regarding particular posts or requests.

    Thank you

  2. auxmike says

    If you don’t have the 2012 all silver proof set yet, get one! last year/only year for a pure silver cent with the incredible rose gold accents to the maple leaf.
    Only 20k made. That penny slabbed will be worth the initial cost of the whole set as soon as they come back from PCGS….

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