Next $20 for $20 Coin: The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

The Royal Canadian Mint has revealed the next coin in their popular “Exchange $20 for $20” coin program. The design celebrates the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II.

The double headed coin features a portrait of The Queen as she is today and as she first appeared on Canadian coinage in 1953. The obverse design is by Mary Gillick and the reverse is by Laurie McGaw.

The coins have a mintage of 250,000 and are struck in 7.96 grams of 99.99% silver. This is equivalent to 0.256 troy ounces of silver, which has a current metal value of about $8. The diameter the coin is 27 mm with a specimen finish.

Pre-orders are currently being accepted from Master’s Club members with a shipping date of May 2, 2012 listed.

This will be the fourth coin in the program. The first release featured five maple leaves flowing upwards and into the distance to form a “C”. The second design depicted a young person on a canoe outing, with an early native paddler shown in the reflection of the water. The third release featured a polar bear swimming.

The program has been very popular with collectors since it represents an opportunity to acquire a silver coin at the face value. The second release sold out in 34 days and the third release sold out in 25 days.

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  1. Tom says

    It will be interesting to see if this release is as popular as the prior ones. Personally, I have decided not to collect the series any longer because this release represents too drastic of a deviation from the design theme of the first three.

  2. Sam H says

    Ordered mine today — can’t really lose money – the cost $20 and are worth $20 — outside of the shipping costs, its an even trade (and you even get the bonus points for your credit card)

  3. Louis says

    This is about a different recent Canadian release, the 2012 Titanic privy mark Maple Leaf, which APMEX, the exclusive seller, has sold out of in all options.

    Mr. Shutter: The coins are sold out now at APMEX and are selling for $60 and up, which is 50% more than I paid. I also like the coins even more than I thought I would.

    In addition, since you said they are not reverse proofs. One, I have two and can clearly see they are RP’s. Two, look at this link to a PCGS slabbed coin on e-Bay that also states it is a reverse proof:

  4. Rolling Thunder says

    For those interested in Canadian coins
    There is a “new” series “Group of Seven” that just started a couple of weeks ago that features silver coins depicting works of art by this famous group of Canadian painters – 3 coins to be released 2012 & 4 coins in 2013

    First coin – Stormy Weather, Georgian Bay (1921), by F.H. Varley with a mintage of only 7,000 is already difficult to find & virtually sold out. RCM says “awaiting stock” (which sometimes means forget it).

    Haven’t received mine yet but reviews of coin have been generally excellent

    If you thimk you would like this coin – better try to find & act fast if you want one near release price of $89.95.

  5. Shutter says


    I am confused by that picture. I see where it says REV PR. I also see the grade as SP GEM. The PCGS Cert validation says the grade is Brilliant Uncirculated. Other slabs that have a numeric grade also have REV PR, but a grade of SP69. In my mind “proof” refers to a coin that double struck. You tell me what you think. Is it Proof or is it Specimen? I think you got a Specimen coin with mirror-like relief. Maybe someone with better understanding of minting technology can weigh in. I also maintain that today’s proof coins are shipped in individual fancy boxes, not monster boxes of 500 coins.

    WRT eBay value, ok some have sold for as high as $75 raw (but as low as $50). If you sell yours now you will win. What will they be worth in 5 years? After all the hype is gone?

    If you like the coin, great. It’s none of my business what someone wants to collect. You should buy what you like and hopefully like what you buy. You certainly don’t need my approval. Enjoy your coins.

  6. Louis says

    RT, Good recommendation. I got one for $80 with a free lacquered wood box for the series. It is now sold out at the Mint and Gatewest. Probably e-Bay is the only option. The last two sold for $100 on e-Bay with no box.

  7. Louis says

    Thanks, Shutter. I am not proficient enough in minting techniques either to say for absolute sure, but it seems different from coins that I have seen referred to as specimen finish because of the frosted devices and matte fields. But then specimen finish seems to be a catch-all category. I appreciate your feedback.

  8. Rolling Thunder says

    Great price – did you order from Gatewest? Do you get free shipping from them?

    I ordered with oot the 7-coin collector box, even though it was same price as with single coin box. Because, I’m not sure if I’ll buy all seven coins in series – depends on what the designs look like when released.

    eBay it is now ~$100.00 + $9. shipping & I expect will go higher with sell-out at RCM and very short supply in secondary market – just wondering about demand

  9. Shutter says

    But then specimen finish seems to be a catch-all category.
    Perth Mint blog almost said the same thing:

    Also money quote: The quality of each strike means that our bullion coins are sometimes referred to as “reverse proofs”.

    3rd party graders are just as confused as the rest of us. For example 1998 Titanic Privy looks very much like 2012. Yet PCGS called them MS. See eBay Item number: 110836209879. Incongruously the seller called it Reverse Proof PCGS MS68. It’s either Proof or Mint State. Can’t be both.

    To bring this back on topic. I took a close look at previous $20 for $20 coins and they also have mirror finish on the devices and almost frosted finish fields.. Canoe more than Polar Bear. Same with the gilded Perth lunar coins. All those are referred to as specimen on respective mint sites.

  10. Louis says

    RT- Yes, Gatewest. No free shipping, $5, which is fair, and that included other stuff like some rolls of last year of issue pennies.

    Shutter- Good point on the $20 for $20 coins, and good catch on the Perth blog. Did you read the article they published about one of my recent articles?

  11. Rolling Thunder says

    Yes – “specimen”, “reverse proof”, and how TPGs designate some of these coins is confusing. Not that Talisman Coins is an authority, but they list most of the Perth lunars (etc.) as “reverse proof” whereas TPGs designate them as MS

    I don’t know if there is an “official” definition of a “proof” coin – to me it means mirror-like fields and frosted devices on a specially polished planchet. And a reverse proof would be frosted fields & mirror-like devices on specially polished planchets.

    IMO – whatever they really are – many of these world coins have a reverse proof-like appearance 🙂

  12. Broooster says

    Man, she just keeps getting uglier and uglier. I will get 3 of these, only because I am doing a set of the $20 coins for me and a set for each grandkid. Otherwise, I would pass on this coin all together. And everyone complains that the FS coins are ugly. LOL

  13. Louis says

    Brooster– She’s in her 80’s! If you want a coin with a pretty girl I imagine the new Marilyn Monroe coins Perth is releasing next week would be something to consider.

  14. Broooster says

    I will pass on M.M., I seriously don’t think she is doing very well either, but thanks anyways 🙂

  15. says

    I picked up the polar bear coin along with my Canadian silver proof set. I have to say, I really like this $20 for silver program of theirs There ought to be more attempts by other mints to do things like this. While I’m not a fan of the Diamond Jubilee products in general, this latest coin is something worth picking up at the $20 price if you can get it.

  16. Shutter says

    Did you read the article they published about one of my recent articles?
    No. Link please.

  17. Louis says

    By the way, the point of my article was only to provide some general advice, not to provide a detailed study of mintages. One of my colleagues (Al Doyle) has something that came out today at the same site (Coin Week) that does some of that. Michael’s new site, is a great way to stay abreast of all the major coin articles coming out every day.

  18. Shutter says

    While I’m not a fan of the Diamond Jubilee products in general

    I actually like the design of this coin much better than all the other (and there are way too many of them) Diamond Jubilee coins. Using the obverse from the first QEII coins is pretty classy and together with current portrait drives home the longevity point. As RCM says 1,000 years : only 2 Diamond Jubilees.

  19. Hidalgo says

    I had thought of buying the APMEX exclusive 2012 Canadian silver coin with the Titanic privy. But the high cost of shipping at APMEX and the fact that some of these Canadian coins with a privy do not appreciate and hold their value in the long-term discouraged me from buying them.

    Right now, the Titanic is in the news. That heightens interest, and thus, demand. I wonder how much in demand these Titanic-related coins will be in a year or two…

  20. Louis says

    Perhaps, but the Titanic has captured peoples’ imagination for a century. And the 1998 Titanic privy, which was around $15 back then, retails for $75-80 now.

  21. Shutter says

    And the 1998 Titanic privy, which was around $15 back then, retails for $75-80 now.

    In 1998 Silver was about $5/oz. So $15 represents 200% mark-up. Is that correct? With patience you could get one for $55. This year silver has been around $31/oz. That’s only about 77% mark-up.

    Put another way. If you bought it for $15 and sold for $75, that’s appreciation of 400%. Nice, right? But if you bough POML (plain old Maple Leaf) for $6, You could now sell it for $45. That’s an appreciation of 650%.

    On purely financial aspects it make no sense. If you want to collect things Titanical or want to posses every type of Maple Leaf ever minted, sure. But if your only concern is long term appreciation, you lose. Short term appreciation is a an unpredictable crap shoot and has more to do with psychology than economics.

  22. says

    I just got an email from APMEX…they say they have exclusive access to the Maple Leaf with a “Year of the Dragon” privy…also with a 25,000 mintage.

  23. Ikaika says

    I am not sure how many are following the ladybug and bubble bee venetian glass coin. The prices are skyrocketing. Sold out everywhere. Seems like a sure winner.

  24. Two Cents says

    APMEX also has a year 2000 Maple Leaf w/ dragon privy mark at about $28 over the price of the 2012 ML w/ dragon privy mark ($69.99 vs. $42.20 at the time of this post). The dragons are different, with the word “DRAGON” underneath the privy mark for the 2000 coin.

    I sort of like these privy marks. I know that they are marketing gimmicks, but they commemorate the lunar year in an understated way, not like the in-your-face colorized and/or oversized versions that the other world mints are doing (though I have also bought those as well).

    APMEX sent me an email, saying that they will sell 2012 American Silver Eagles at spot silver — no premium — for a limited time, ending April 26 (Thursday) at 5 pm CT. There is a limit of three per customer, and you must enter the coupon code 1STORDER when you order.

  25. says

    Wow…I ordered the 2009 5 oz proof Libertad from APMEX a couple of days ago…they had 94 remaining…tonight they indicate “none”…I wonder what’s up with that?
    ps..excuss me…I will also post this on the Libertad post….sometimes you don’t know if everyone just posts to the most curent post.

  26. Shutter says

    Two Cents,

    Thanks for posting the code. I find it interesting that they are selling them for less than their “Buy” price. I took advantage of it since I was going to buy some other stuff from them already.

  27. Two Cents says

    You’re welcome, Shutter.

    I suppose with precious metals trending downwards, not as many people are buying silver bullion. By offering the ASE at spot, APMEX can inspire people to purchase the coins. And, people will tend to buy other items that maybe they wouldn’t buy right now. Smart marketing move.

  28. Jeremy says

    APMEX also has free shipping on any purchases totaling $3000 or more. Unfortunately multiple codes can’t be used on a single order according to the disclaimer that was sent and pasted below. Also the required purchase amount is quite significant making it essentially impractical.

    “$3,000 total applies to all products. Promotional code can only be used on one order per customer and applies to domestic shipping only. Multiple promotional codes on any one order will not be allowed. Promotion code expires 04/30/2012.”

    For anyone that might be interested the code is “FREESHIP3K”

  29. Two Cents says

    Thanks Jeremy … if I only had an extra $3K to spend.

    I don’t know if APMEX has always offered discount coupon codes or if this is a fairly recent thing, but I love it. Sometimes other online mailorder companies will offer these codes and you can save quite a bit of money.

    This could be another blog topic, where people can post coupon codes for numismatic products.

  30. Louis says

    TC- They offer these codes all the time. If you are a registered customer, you can sign up to receive regular e-mails. Or call if you can’t find it as they have good customer relations.

  31. Two Cents says

    Thanks Louis, will do that. APMEX’s prices tend to be a little bit higher than other companies, and these discounts will come in handy.

  32. Jeremy says

    They appear to have offered promo codes prior to the silver euphoria in ’11. Then they didn’t need to offer incentives for purchases but I think its becoming obvious now that they’re experiencing a decline in sales. Therefore, may be necessary to offer some discount.

    Retailmenotdotcom, from my experience is the best promo code site available. Always check there before ordering anything online!

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