Austrian Philharmonic Silver Bullion Coins

The Silver Philharmonic bullion coins have been issued by the Austrian Mint since 2008. The introduction of the series followed the success of the Gold Philharmonic, which had been issued since 1989.

The obverse design for the coins features the Great Pipe Organ found in Vienna’s Golden Hall with the inscriptions “Republik Osterreich”, “1 Unze Feinsilber” (1 ounce pure silver), the date, and the denomination of “1.50 Euro”. The reverse design includes an arrangement of musical instruments including a cello, violins, Vienna horn, bassoon, and harp. The legend reads “Wiener Philharmoniker” (Vienna Philharmonic) with the word “Silber” below. The same design has been used for each year of the series.

Each coin is struck in one troy ounce of .999 fine silver with a plain edge. The series represents the first silver bullion coins that were denominated in Euros.

Sales of the Silver Philharmonic have risen dramatically in recent years. The total sales achieved for 2010 were 11,358,200 coins. For 2011, the amount rose to 17,873,700, representing a gain of 57.36%.

The coins have sometimes sold at premiums that are lower when compared to silver bullion coin offerings from other world mints. Back in 2009, I had purchased Silver Philharmonics in lieu of American Silver Eagles since the cost was about $2 lower per coin.

More recently, the difference in premium has not been as dramatic. A major bullion dealer has 2012-dated Silver Philharmonics as low as $2.29 per coin over spot, which is the same premium as the most recent dated Silver Maple Leafs and Silver Libertads, and only slightly lower than the $2.59 per coin over spot for Silver Eagles.

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  1. G says

    I got a few of the 2008 philharmoics (the first year of issue) in PCGS 69 back when silver was 12$.

  2. says

    Despite the silver Philharmonic only having been out a few years, it’s going to be a classic, IMO. I have a friend who swears by them and greatly prefers them to ASEs or maples.

  3. Shutter says

    Despite the silver Philharmonic only having been out a few years, it’s going to be a classic,
    It’ll be a true classic just as soon as Euro collapses and they switch back to Schillings.

  4. Tom says

    I too have preferentially bought some Phils over the past few years due to their lower premium over spot compared with Eagles and Maples at the time of purchase. They are my second favorite bullion coin after Eagles, due to the lower premium and the fact that it lacks the portrait of Queen Betty.

    The only problem I have run into is in speaking with my local coin dealer, he said that the Phils and Maples are still looked at with suspect by bullion investors who come into the shop. They want mainly Eagles only because they think the Phils and Maples may be counterfeit. They are obviously just not familiar enough with them to be comfortable buying them. My dealer said that he has sent many Phils and Maples to the melting pot for spot price because he just can’t sell them. Therefore, liquidating them when the time comes could be more challenging when compared with Eagles.

    I still think Phils are attractive as a bullion investment, and I plan to continue to buy them, along with Eagles and Maples. However, they will likely never command much of a numismatic premium. If one is looking for price appreciation that includes a numismatic component, one ought to look to the Perth Mint items or Pandas.

  5. says


    I find it strange that this dealer’s customers would be suspicious of the silver maple. Those coins have been issued since 1988. While the silver philharmonic has only been issued since 2008, the gold variety has been around since 1989 and is one of the most widely recognized bullion coins in the world. Some of these customers must either be new to buying bullion or poorly informed.

  6. G says

    Did anybody else notice how the ural owl’s from mongolia doubled in the last month? Going for around 800 now. Dang.

  7. Rolling Thunder says

    Yes G!
    Have been watching these owls – hoped prices would decrease some as hedgehog fever diminished – so I could get an owl – still hoping!!

  8. The Asian Guy says

    When I first saw the owl few months ago, they were around $180. Not until I saw the hedgehog which I relly admire the design. I had the opportunity to get the hedgehog for $390 and I didn’t. I was thinking the same way to hope the prices would drop. After thought, I pulled the triger for the owl for $699 and Hedgehog for $560 couple of days ago. Most expensive 1 oz non grading silver coins that I have purchased.

  9. Samuel says

    T.A.G., u missed the $175 hedgehog several weeks ago. my credit card was just charged last Sunday……………………

  10. Louis says

    Do you guys know about the hippo coin from Niger (the country)? It’s not my cup of tea, but the mintage is only 500, and I just saw it advertised for the equivalent of $100. I think someone commented on this a while back.

  11. Tallon says

    I’ve been mostly into The Year of the Dragon silver (from all over the advanced time zones) and the innovative Canadian coins (glow in the dark; are you kidding me?) but I did pick up a couple of Niger Hippos for in the $110. range, on average. I just couldn’t resist the semi-precious gem stone and 500 mintage attributes.

    Louis, where did you see them advertised for $100.?

    Will they be worth more than melt (one forth what I paid) down the road? Who knows but I’d rather take a chance on them than “special coin show packaging” coin from the Perth Mint.

    By the way, I found the Cameroon dragons at 500 and 888 mintage to hard to resist too.

  12. Louis says

    Tallon, It was a German dealer, 79 euros I think, but I don’t know how much shipping is. Euro is about 1.3 dollars, as you probably know. I just checked again and was going to give you the link but it seems to be gone. Probably sold out.

  13. G says

    I did pick up one of the Hippos- I think it’s a cool coin. yeah, I thought the owls would dip below 300 and I’d grab one- oops! I did get my 2012 libertad order in!

  14. Samuel says

    R.T, i saw it around 11:30PM. but my feeling is that these 10 coins are from the canceling orders.

  15. jeff72 says

    FYI: EuroCollectioins

    AT504 – Mongolia 2012 500₮ Long-Eared Hedgehog Antique-Finish Silver BU
    Sold Out

    Hedgehog can only keep going up…first in the series is up to $2500 -these are not minted yearly 🙂

  16. Louis says

    G: Where did you order your 2012 Libertads? I know they have been announced, but I have not seen them for sale yet anywhere.

  17. G says

    Louis- I ordered mine from Don Bailey- I’m on his newsletter and he gets them direct from the Bank- he’s in Texas so he goes to Mexico City and buys them.

    I don’t think he would be upset if you sent him an email asking to be on his newsletter which comes from:

  18. Hidalgo says

    I just received word that the Royal Canadian Mint is going to sell another $20 silver coin for $20. The $20 coin will be the 4th in the series. The others were the maple leaf, canoe, and polar bear. Here is the message I received:

    We’re delighted to inform you of the release of the $20 for $20 Diamond Jubilee commemorative coin, to which you have subscribed. No need to call – your credit card will be charged when the coin ships. Watch for its arrival by mail in the next 2 to 3 weeks.

    We hope you enjoy your memento of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, as Queen Elizabeth II becomes only the second British Monarch to reign for 60 years.

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