25th Anniversary Gold and Silver Britannia Sets

Yesterday, the Royal British Mint launched two limited edition sets to mark the 25th anniversary of the release of the first proof Gold Britannia coins in 1987.

Britannia has appeared on English coins since the seventeenth century and has become an emblem for Great Britain. The release of gold proof Britannia coins in 1987 was followed by silver coins in 1997. Currently, there are annual releases of gold and silver bullion coins as well as various numismatic versions. Designs have rotated, although several years have used the original 1987 design, which has also been selected for 2012.

The 2012 Britannia 9 Coin Silver Set includes nine one-half silver ounce coins featuring all nine of the designs featured since 1987. The sets come with a 25th anniversary booklet and certificate. The worldwide mintage is limited to 2,012 sets and the price on the Royal Mint site is £500.00. (Royal Mint page)

The 9 Coin Gold Set includes one-half ounce gold coins featuring the nine designs. The sets also come with a booklet and certificate. This set is apparently limited to just 25 and only available to purchase exclusively via The Royal Mint’s international contact center at 1-866-519-7298. I have not seen any indication of the pricing, but I am guessing it would be into five figures.

These sets would surely make for a stunning display, but they are priced at a premium to intrinsic value which is more aggressive than most other world mints. For the few years I have been watching Royal Mint products, I have seen them offer some extremely high end products with very limited mintages that are likely targeted at a very upscale market as opposed to the typical collector.

I have been enjoying the Britannia coins with the annual purchase of the one ounce silver bullion versions. I have yet to venture into any of the proof versions or numismatic sets.

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  1. says


    The mintage was one of the things that made consider giving it a shot. I will probably not make a habit of buying Britannias, but I definitely like the 2012 design, and articles about the coins on Coin Update and Coin Week were what originally got me interested.


    Will you be picking up anything other than the proof coins?

  2. SauceXX says

    Ordered one as well. I’ve looked at previous eBay auctions and resale is all over the place. I agree they are a good looking coin which prompted me to get it along with the low mintage.

  3. Samuel says

    I definitely will pick up several single proof ones, but not sure if it is now. i currently have 09, 10, 11 proof ones, and 09 4-coin set and BU ones for most of the years. my concern is that the britannia is very easy to get “foggy”. and UK local dealers/ebayer will be cheaper than the mint. the good thing about this years design is that, it is the same design for the even years before 06. i m still hesitating about the 9-coin set, i think the coins r just too small, only 27mm in diameter, so i probably will pass. and i wont buy gold ones, too pricy.

  4. Louis says

    All this British stuff will probably be cheaper on e-bay and from dealers later. That is what has happened in recent years. Not my cup of tea, though I do like the designs, which is why I get the bullion versions. Some of them have mintages well below 100K and sell for $100-200 a coin or many multiples of issue price.

  5. Saucexx says

    Louis, from what I’ve seen you’re probably right. Seems like the mint has been raising prices over the last few years. I read a couple articles from British coin dealers complaining that buyers are getting ripped off and some saying they won’t purchase from them anymore. I don’t see much in the way of premiums on these coins in the aftermarket.

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