Results of the Titanic Coin Poll

Before moving on to some new issues, I wanted to revisit the results of the poll where readers were asked to select their favorite from a selection of the 2012 Titanic Commemorative Coins.

The poll included five different one ounce (or less) silver coins from various world mints, which had roughly similar pricing points. To keep things on a level playing field, the poll did not include oversized coins or coins with embedded elements.

There were 143 votes cast in the poll from unique readers. The winner with 42.66% of the vote was the coin struck by the New Zealand Mint for the island country of Niue. At a very close second was the Royal Canadian Mint’s $10 silver coin, which captured 40.56% of the vote.

Here are the complete results:

The unusual thing about the Niue coin is that the entire mintage of 2,229 coins was apparently made exclusively available to APMEX. One reader pointed out that APMEX raised their price of the coin at some point during the course of this poll.

The $10 Silver Coin from the Royal Canadian Mint has already sold 87% of the 20,000 limited mintage, according to information on the RCM website.

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  1. Louis says

    I received the Canadian $10 coin today. It is really very nice. The one from the Perth Mint, which I have not seen in person, would be my second choice.

  2. says

    I showed a number of my newest acquisitions to some friends and family, including the SSB coins, the high relief dragon, the one ounce USS Constitution coin from Perth, and the Niue Titanic coin.

    Every one of them liked Niue the best, both because of the coin and because of the packaging.

  3. Wes says

    I have seen another image of the Niue coin and like it. The above image is deceiving. but I still wouldn’t change my vote.

  4. Louis says

    I have noticed it looks very different depending on the picture. In some it looks much more silver-colored.

  5. John C says

    I purchased 30 of the New Zealand coins at the original price. I think this coin is a sure winner. Beautiful coin and beautiful presentation.

  6. SmallPotatos says

    Louis, when did you place your order? I placed mine on the 7th, and have yet to see anything. The RCM website has had something different everytime i look at the Status of the coin. The latest is the 87% deal, and “Awaiting Stock”.

  7. Tallon says

    APMEX has again raised the price on the Niue Titanic coin, this time by $30.00. They are showing 40 coins left which, if true, means a sell-out is imminent.

  8. Rolling Thunder says

    And the winner is the 2012 Canada 50 cent colored Titanic coin – at least by % price increase – released at ~$34.95 – sold out everywhere – and now listing at > $125. on eBay

    15,000 mintage – wish I’d bought a few of these in early March!

  9. Shutter says

    now listing at > $125. on eBay

    Or $ 199.95 @ Gatewest. But if spend a kilobuck on other stuff, you can still have one for $35

  10. Louis says

    I ordered one of the silver-plated from Gatewest at about $38 last week, but don’t have it yet. I think that one has not actually been released. It sold out as a pre-order at the Mint.

    I ordered the silver one from Gatewest for $58 two weeks ago, and got it yesterday. It was shipped straight from Canada to the US. They spent $20 on shipping but only charged me $5 because my total was over $100. I also got the all-silver proof set and a polar bear for face value. The amount I saved on the set and polar bear compared to what others charge means the silver Titanic coin was basically free.

    E-bay sellers say the silver one is sold out at the Mint, but who knows. It will sell out soon, if it has not already, but I would not expect prices to increase quite as much as the other one did.

  11. Louis says

    As far as APMEX raising the price by $20, as long as they leave it there, I think it is okay. It is still $30-40 less than e-Bay, and owning most of the mintage means you can set the price. Eventually, they will sell them all, and prices should go to $200 or more, but with one company having so many, that may be a while.

  12. Hidalgo says

    @Louis, eBay prices may be $30 – $40 higher, but many of these auctions are going unsold. Those that have been purchased have sold at around $100 – $120.

    As I was saying in a previous post, the true value of a collectible is what folks are wiling to pay for it — not what a seller thinks its worth ($$) is.

  13. Shutter says

    On the subject of APMEX and Niue coins, has anyone taken a look at the Pearl Dragon? Any thoughts?

  14. Schalk says

    Shutter, are you referring to the Fiji Pearl Dragon?

    That is a stunning coin with very nice packaging.

  15. Shutter says

  16. Schalk says

    I was referring to the last link on your list. That is the only Dragon coin with a pearl inset into the coin I knew of.

  17. Shutter says


    I was partially responding to G’s comment about it being $1,000. The only thing close to that price is the Mother of Pearl Dragon. I don’t care what someone on eBay is asking. Govmint still has them for $799. Still to much for me and a bit to gaudy for my taste.

  18. G says

    Too expensive- but I like the presentation package and the photos really make an impressive case for a great coin. 5 ounces of silver- below 400 and I would buy one

  19. SmallPotatos says

    I finally received my coin from RCM last night! The coin looks much better in person than the pictures. I can see why it received as many votes as it did!

  20. Dolores says

    And I finally received my Titanic coin today from the Perth Mint. It is beautiful and what I like most is that it is a copy of the original Star Lines poster to promote the Titanic. Got this one for my grandson – he loves it!

  21. SauceXX says

    After seeing the coins close up I have to say I really like the Royal Mint/Alderney. It’s Sterling and a bit overpriced compared to the others but It’s a really nice coin. The Niue is a very very very close second, I’m just not a big fan of coloring.

    BTW Apmex raised the price on the Niue again to $120.

  22. John C says

    Sauce, Apmex still has 550 of them left, I wonder if they will continue to raise the price on these as their inventory drops further. It will be interesting to watch. I am glad I bought 30 of these at the original price of 80.00 To me it seemed like a no brainer at that price. Low mintage, one ounce of proof silver, cool art work and topic, great quality and packaging to boot.

  23. John C says

    Apmex just raised the price again on the Niue to $129 with only 209 remaining, should sell out within the next two or three weeks unless they keep raising the prices even higher.

  24. John C says

    166 Niue remaining and apmex just raised the price again for the fifth time now to139.99.

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