No Website Sales for ANDA 2 oz. Colored Silver Dragon Coins

From March 3 to March 4, 2012, the Australian Numismatic Dealer’s Association (ANDA) Show was held in Perth. In conjunction with the show, the Perth Mint offered a 2 oz. Colored Silver Year of the Dragon Coin. The special coin show release was limited to 1,000 and offered at the show for $172.00.

Photo: Perth Mint Blog

There were some earlier rumblings that a small number of the ANDA Dragon coins would be available for sale on the Perth Mint’s website, however this did not take place. The Perth Mint Blog reported frantic demand at the show, with collectors lining up outside from 7:30 AM and inside the venu lines stretching from the entry door to the Perth Mint booth.

Under vociferous pressure from several buyers, we had little choice but to make all remaining coins available to buyers on Sunday. Sincere apologies to anyone hoping to be able to purchase this coin on the website today – we have none available as a result of the extreme level of interest at the weekend.

Last year, it appears that the Perth Mint was able to offer at least some quantity of ANDA 2 oz. Colored Silver Rabbit Coins via their website. Of course, the demand for Dragons has been significantly higher than for previous releases within the Lunar series.

The Perth Mint did make available for website sales, the other special 2012 Perth ANDA coin show release. This is the Celebrate Australia Shark Bay Coin.

The proof coin is struck in one ounce 99.9% pure silver with a reverse design featuring a dugong, one of the inhabitants of Shark Bay’s sun warmed waters. No more than 2,500 of the ANDA Perth Coin Show Specials will be released. The coins will come in an illustrated shipped with the 2012 ANDA logo and will be accompanied by a numbered certificate of authenticity.

This issue doesn’t carry nearly the excitement of the ANDA Dragon coins.

Several other past coin show specials from the Celebrate Australia series remain available on the website, it seems going back to 2010.

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  1. Nate says

    The Canada $20 for $20 program is awesome. I just wished I lived in Canada – the chance to exchange a $20 bill for a $20 face value coin with a limited mintage, some really cool designs and with silver content (roughly 1/4 ounce I think)? Yes, please!

    Is anyone else collecting these? The 2012 polar bear and 2011 canoe are awesome designs. The first in the series maple leaf is an OK design and growing on me.

    I haven’t been able to find much info on how long the program will run or what the next releases for this year will depict but I’m excited for them and signed up for the subscription from the Royal Canadian Mint.

    With an order of 3 the shipped price ends up at $25 per coin for $20 of face value and a cool series of silver coins. Pretty hard to lose there.

  2. Shutter says

    I agree with Nate $20 for $20 program is pretty awesome and is worthy of emulation. The polar bear is now sold out, but if you were planning to order something from APMEX anyway, they will sell you one for US$20 as long as you buy some other Canadian coin.

  3. Broooster says

    For those of you who like Royal Canadian Mint stuff, Gatewest Coins is a great place to order from, I have ordered many time from them. On top of that, their prices usually beat out the RCM prices, and there shipping is usually cheaper also. If low serial numbers are your thing, they seem to get their coins first from the RCM, and the coins I have ordered from them, that have a serial number, usually have a low #. Here is a link, hope it works.

  4. Nate says

    Broooster, thanks for the link – I hadn’t heard of them. The $20 series just got me introduced to the RCM so this could be a valuable resource. The website looks pretty chincy but you say you’ve always had good experiences with them?

    According to them they have all three of the $20 for $20 issues available at $26.45 each. This would be a very good price if it’s true that they’re in stock.

  5. Ikaika says

    Great job in putting the World Coin blog up!!!! It will be very useful for all us into foreign coins.

    @Captain: Thanks for the comment on the ANDA vs regular 2 oz colored silver dragon. If it turns out true, many people paying the high premiums on the secondary market for the ANDAs will be upset. Is the box worth $400?

  6. says


    I don’t think it is. Good packaging is nice, but for me it’s just a bonus. The point of buying a coin is to buy the actual coin. I’d have been willing to (maybe) pay $200, but $600? No way.

    When I realized how cheaply the regular two ounce editions were going for, I decided to grab one of them instead. I may post a side-by-side comparison between the two ounce when I receive it and the stock photo of the ANDA dragon to see if I can clear up any doubts.

  7. Nate says

    Schalk, I wonder how anyone can become a ‘previous buyer’ to get these offers if we never get a chance to purchase one! Catch22.

  8. says

    Schalk or others following the Mongolian wildlife coins: Are these coins actually minted in Mongolia, or is another world mint doing this on their behalf (like New Zealand and Niue or Perth and Tuvalu)?

  9. Schalk says

    Nate / Captain

    Nate, they made the coin available yesterday at 7.49pm EST for $175.00 for previous buyers (of which I was one) and the email urged collectors of the series to buy it immediately and that, after a “few hours”, they would make it available to the general public – if there was any left. I bought mine just 10 minutes after receiving the email – and hopefully I will get it. …and you are right – it is a Catch22 situation.

    Captain, I just checked the CoA of the Ural Owl – no indication of the mint – Downies gets it from their European suppliers. I think that I read somewhere that it came from the Polish mint, but I cannot be sure.

  10. G says

    Schalk- thanks for trying. I did get my order at powercoin in back when it was 199 euros, so hopefully i’ll get it. I’ve never ordered through powercoin, before though. (for those who still want one, they have literally 1 in stock- and it’s 459 euros- somewhere around 600 bucks).

  11. Nate says

    Schalk, I actually think it’s kinda cool that collectors of the series are given an edge for being early to the party. Those who knew about it first get a leg up on trying to complete the series at a reasonable price. Of course, it’s easy for me to be gracious on this one because I’m not dying to have one.

  12. Ikaika says

    @ Captain

    Yes, I look forward to the side by side comparison between the ANDA and the regular issue. One can get the regular issue for around $130, which is $50 less than the Perth mint sale price for the ANDA. I already have the regular 2oz colored silver dragon. Lets see how they compare!

  13. Shutter says

    another world mint doing this on their behalf (like New Zealand and Niue or Perth and Tuvalu)?

    Just so we’re clear. There are two types of coin outsourcing that occur. You have relationships such as Tuvalu–Perth, where Perth Mint does everything from design to manufacture to marketing. As is often in such cases, Tuvalu dollar is pegged to Australian dollar and in fact Tuvalu uses Australian banknotes.

    A different situation occurs with some small countries (e.g. Israel) that design and distribute their own coins but outsource the actual minting to foreign mints (i.e. Finland, Poland, Romania, etc).

    Niue may not be tied exclusively to New Zealand. Most of its coins are made by Kiwis, but it’s recent Love coins were designed and struck in Poland. Those allergic to queens effigy on obverses of commonwealth coins, might appreciate that the old lady queen takes up only a small portion of real estate.

  14. jeff72 says

    admin says:
    March 7, 2012 at 7:37 am
    Jeff72- I was planning on doing a post with the Titanic coins today. Per your suggestion, I will include a poll so everyone can vote for their favorite.

    Thank you! …should be interesting to see what the “collector-pulse” is for the many different world mint versions ….and which mint ultimately produced the most favored design.

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