30th Anniversary Chinese Panda Coins

Today, March 30, 2012 marks the release of five gold and silver commemorative coins to mark the 30th anniversary of the issuance of the Chinese Gold Panda.

The coins feature a common obverse design depicting the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests (The Temple of Heaven) and the words “30th Anniversary of the Issuance of the China Panda Gold Coin” in Chinese. Five different reverse designs feature one or more Pandas with inscriptions indicating the weight and fineness in silver or gold and the legal tender denomination.

The 5 oz gold coin shown above has a face value of 2000 Yuan and total mintage of 3,000 pieces.

The 1 oz gold coin has a face value of 500 Yuan and total mintage of 30,000 pieces.

The 1/10 oz gold coin has a face value of 50 Yuan and total mintage of 100,000.

The 5 oz silver coin has a face value of 50 Yuan and total mintage of 30,000.

The 1/4 oz silver coin has a face value of 3 Yuan and total mintage of 300,000.

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  1. admin says

    Panda America is one of the official US distributors of the Chinese Panda coins. I was going to mention this in the post, but didn’t want to seem to be recommending them, since I have never personally bought from them.

    I am sure the coins will eventually be distributed down the line to other coin and bullion dealers that sell Pandas.

  2. says

    @Captain – I usually get one Panda coin a year (the 10 yuan silver) in MS-69 from any of the coin places online – I just shop around when silver seems lowish. Ones that I’ve bought from before are Paradise Mint, APMEX, and Modern Coin Mart. I’ve also trolled TeleTrade but they always go for MUCH higher than the other places … though I have picked up previous issues from there.

    My only complaint on this is there’s no 1-oz silver. No friggin’ way I can afford the 5-oz gold, which I’m okay with since I don’t care for the design. 1-oz gold is kinda nice. 1/10-oz gold looks tacky to me like the issues prior to around 1997ish. I DO like the 5-oz silver. The 1/4-oz silver looks like a token you’d get at a zoo made out of aluminum.

    But thanks for the news — I’ll definitely be looking into the 5-oz silver.

  3. Natatack says

    Called pandaamerica today, no prices yet but left my number with a sales person who will get back to me. Will post when I find out.

  4. Ikaika says

    I am guessing the price of the 5 oz gold panda will be around $15000. That’s what the 2011 Panda 5 oz Gold Proof with a mintage of 2000 is going for.

    Will you have any article on the Queen Elizabeth II $50 Ultra-High Relief Gold Diamond Jubilee from the RCM? It has a very interesting portrait of Queen Elizabeth and a mintage of 500 coins.

  5. Louis says

    @Natatack. I checked Panda America online yesterday and they were listed at $50. I got some for $43 a couple weeks ago from one of the big bullion dealers, but they are out now, as are most other large dealers. You can buy a graded MS-69 for $57 from MintProducts.com, or wait til the bullion guys get more, though silver may be higher then.

  6. natatack says

    Thanks Louis. I can’t find anything on either site about the 1/4 oz or pricing on any other 30 year anniversary coin, except for the regular issue panda’s for 2012.

  7. mike1960 says

    My hope is that one day we can buy from the China mint directly. Like we can with other world mints.So that avid collectors could get the new releases at a resonable price.

  8. Samuel says

    The way China mint works is that, first you have to be a member of it. second, it is a kind of lottery, you have to order first, then base on how many points in your account and how many people is ahead of you, then it will be decided if u r eligible to buy it. for got coins, points will be deduct from your account, for not popular coins you will earn points. amount of points added/deducted will be decided by the mint. it is very tricky, since you need to count your points not only for the current release, you may also want to think about future coins.

  9. Samuel says

    5oz gold, 81850RMB,
    5oz silver, 3260 RMB
    1oz gold, 15990RMB
    1/4 silver, 190 RMB

    USD1=RMB 6.3

  10. mike1960 says

    To: Samuel Have you made purchaces from the mint of China. How do I become a member. And do they have a web site where I can shop for coins.

  11. Samuel says

    Unfortunately, not everybody can obtain the membership even for Chinese people. So, for people outside China, the only choice is the dealer. I checked the COA # range, it seems there are some blocks for not-Chinese dealers.

    they dont have a website for shop online, but they do have a nice site for the pictures of the coins of the past years.


    I have my own way to buy.

  12. mike1960 says

    Thanks for the web site. Its great for reference. And just to look at the amazing coins. Can I translate it to english.

  13. Dirk says

    I understand that the 1/4oz silver and 1/10 oz gold coin will be sold only as a set together, in box with coa etc.

  14. Natatack says

    1/4 oz silver $39
    5 oz silver $595
    1/10 au+1/4 ag $395
    1 oz gold $2695
    5 oz gold $14,995

  15. Dirk says

    Issue prices I’ve heard are 1/4 oz $26.70 and 5oz $505. 20% markup on these thru PA which is not surprising.

  16. Natatack says

    Got any leads on buying them at issue prices in the U.S.? PA is the only place I can think of at the moment on these, the other places I deal with just seem to sell the routine bullion issues….thanks

  17. natatack says

    prices have jumped already for the 1/4oz silver at PA, now $59, and higher on Ebay.

  18. natatack says

    Got a set{1/10oz gold,1/4oz silver} this week off of Ebay{China} that turned out to be fake. Lost $41.50 shipping it back insured. Buyer beware! The seller had thousands of positive feedbacks!

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