2012 Gilded Year of the Dragon Silver Coins

The 2012 Year of the Dragon Silver Coin Gilded Edition is once again available for ordering on the Perth Mint’s website. This coin originally went on sale October 4, 2011, along with colored versions, the gemstone edition, and the Typeset collection.

The gilded edition is struck from one ounce of 99.9% pure silver and features the Dragon design gilded in 24 karat gold. The coins have a limited mintage of 50,000. The product page is here.

At some point after the initial offering, the product was listed as “Unavailable” on the Perth Mint’s website. Today, they announced that the coins had been “re-stocked” on the website.

Personally, I find the gilded edition to the most visually appealing version. The selectively applied gold provides a nice accent to the design that is a bit more subtle and traditional than the colorized versions.

The Perth Mint has offered gilded versions of the Lunar coins for longer than the colored versions. Here is the look at the gilded edition of the 2000 Year of the Dragon Silver Coin from the Lunar Series I.

For those new to the Perth Mint’s Lunar Series, a different animal is featured for each year of the Chinese lunar calendar. The Lunar Series I ran from 1999 to 2010, and the Lunar Series II began in 2008. The upcoming designs should include the Snake (2013), Horse (2014), Goat (2015), Monkey (2016), Rooster (2017), Dog (2018), and Pig (2019).

Each year, the Perth Mint produces gold and silver bullion coins for the Lunar Series. These are distributed through bullion channels, with some sizes carrying limited mintages. Also offered are a wide array of collector products with limited mintages. These include proofs, gilded coins, gemstone editions, colored versions, as well as other sets and collections.

Due to the popularity of the Year of the Dragon, many of this year’s products have sold out quickly. Right now, the only collector coins available on the Perth Mint’s website are the gilded edition silver coin noted above, the 1 kilogram silver gemstone edition, and the gold proof coins, in colored or standard version.

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  1. admin says

    I believe those have been available all along. The other animals are not nearly as popular as the Dragons, so they don’t tend to sell out very quickly.

  2. Rolling Thunder says

    I like the gilded Lunar coins too, but colored are my favorites. Internationally, it appears that the regular bullion 1 oz coins are usually more popular than gilded – ex. Perth Mint was oversubscribed for 300,000 mintage of bullion coin (and is releasing 200,000 more with “lion privy) whereas Gilden Dragon (50,000 mintage) is “re-stocked”. One reason of course is release price.

    Perth website indicates ~415 Gilded Dragon coins now available for sale (may be the last ones, or maybe they will restock again).

    I usually check Perth Mint daily – the Gilded Tiger has been listed as “unavailable” at some times – but is now available again. Currently:
    2008 Gilded Mouse – unavailable
    2009 Gilded Ox – available
    2010 Gilded Tiger – available
    2011 Gilded Rabbit – unavailable
    2012 Gilded Dragon – available.

    One thing about Perth Lunar series to keep in mind if you watch their mintages – they “can & do” go back and “re-mint” prior year coins if the maximum mintages has not been reached – example 2008 Gilded Mouse now listed as unavailble, but they have not sold 50,000 – so they could mint more this year (dated 2008) and “re-stock”. They do this as long as a series is active only – so they will not re-stock Lunar Series I coins.

    My impression of lunar popularity (so far) – dragon, tiger, rabbit, mouse, & ox. Next year – snake – will be sought after too.

    Mongolia Hedgehog “sold out” at Euro Collections – checked them late into the night last night – no listing & 1st thing this morning listed as “sold out”!
    A zero for me! Anyone (who did not buy this series before) able to get one from Euro Collections?

  3. says

    My favorite coins from the dragon series so far are the colored proofs, though I like the gilded coin quite a bit too. The above picture does not really do it justice; it is a very attractive piece.

    Rolling Thunder, any reason why you think next year’s Snakes will be popular? I can understand the appeal of the dragon and tiger, but I did not know the snakes were popular too.

    By the way, if anyone would like to see pictures of the new 2013 Snakes, and what the planned products are for the Snake: http://www.silverlunar.com/2012/02/perth-mint-2013-year-of-snake-lunar.html

  4. G says

    I had hour of the gilded dragons graded by PCGS- ALL came back 69, and all look perfect. Should have sent to NGC. One thing I’ve noticed, though- not much of a premium on world coins in high grades (except libertads). Especially if they come in cool boxes- I think people like the boxes. So I stopped grading them (except libertads- and I like having the Canadian Wildlife coins in holders, too)

  5. Rolling Thunder says

    @Captain Overkill – “Rolling Thunder, any reason why you think next year’s Snakes will be popular? I can understand the appeal of the dragon and tiger, but I did not know the snakes were popular too.”

    Just based on chatter on some blogs & follow through interest generated by the dragons. I think 3-coin proof set, type set, boxed colored version, an HR Snakes will sell out soon after release.

    I think Snake picture fron Silver Lunar is Baron Barry’s mock up – not something released by Perth – for some reason Perth is very secretive about theur designs and usually prohibits release until a day or two before coin release. Comapring written descriptions with mock up – you can see mock up is quite simple.

  6. Nate says

    Any thoughts on why the gemstone dragon isn’t very popular. Is it that people are not interested in the gemstone lunar coins or is just out of the price range for most collectors? I think they’re cool and have contemplated getting one on and off but I don’t want to buy a dud. $1800 doesn’t seem like outrageous for a kilo of silver when we pay $100/oz for a lot of Perth stuff.

    I think Rolling Thunder is right on what will be popular next year. There will definitely be some follow-through of popularity for the series after dragon-mania is over and piqued interest. I think the most popular items will be the 3-coin proof set, the type set and the high relief as long as they don’t start offering 6 different high relief versions too.

    Cap – was it you who said they’d be putting together some thoughts on what the ‘keys’ to the lunar dragon offerings will be?

  7. says


    I plan to do that, yes, but not until all the dragon coins have finished being released. Some of it is based on my own observations, some on conversations with Louis, and there are some that I consider “question marks” (such as the black dragons).

    On the Gemstone Dragons, the issue is probably price. Provident Metals has relatively good bullion prices: http://www.providentmetals.com/2012-1-kilo-3215-troy-ounces-silver-australian-year-of-the-dragon-coin-perth-mint-lunar-series-2.html

    So for a Gemstone dragon, you’re paying a $500-$600 premium. That’s a lot of money, and often people just can’t afford it. I really want to buy a gemstone dragon, but I do not have the cash at the moment. I am hoping silver prices take off back to the $40 range so I can sell some bullion and amass the needed funds to pick one of them up.


    Many graded world coins do not have a lot of premium because I find that they tend to be almost problem-free. Every Perth coin I’ve ever gotten, even the bullion releases, almost always come in perfect condition. The one Perth coin I received that has problems is their aluminum coin & cover dragon – it had some of the same issues the uncirculated army half dollar did.

    Coin grading is really only useful, I find, when dealing with modern issues where the releases have some problems or when dealing with older coins. I don’t see much point in buying a Perth coin that looks absolutely perfect and then sending it to NGC/PCGS to get slabbed, even if it will result in a 70. On the US coin end of things, I have the same attitude about the numismatic AtBs. Most of the 2011 issues are problem-free thanks to the vapor-blasting technique used to make them, so I think there is little point in sending them to a grader.


    Thanks you the answer on the snakes. I feel the same way about the specific releases you mentioned.

  8. Jeremy says

    That hedgehog coin is soooooo adorable. How awful that I was unable to obtain one. 🙁

  9. Dirk says

    Was able to get some Hedgehogs this morning – very cool coin. Regarding the Snake, that pic is a mockup, and a pretty bad one. Perth embargoes images of their coins right up to release to keep the forgers and presellers at bay. Their Snake will be much nicer then that mockup. Have to be very careful with Perth products, at best maybe only 5% of them have upside value, the rest are a waste of time unless you are just a pure collector. I cringe when I hear people piling in on all these coins, like the gildeds, thats a loser IMO.

  10. Nate says

    I looked back for eBay sales of the previous gemstones. The only ones I could find were:
    2008 Mouse – $2075
    2009 Ox – $2075
    2010 Tiger – $2175

    Looking at those coins I’m noticing a difference in past designs compared to this year. It seems like past colored lunars were more cartoonlike with the animal and parts of the background being colored. For the dragon the color is really more focused on the dragon itself. I much prefer the dragon approach to say the colored mouse or ox.

  11. says

    Just for clarification the picture of the Lunar Snake coin on my blog post mentioned above is only a mockup 🙂

    I did a similar one for the Dragon last year as well and apparently dealers were being asked for the Lunar Dragon coin with two dragons on it!


    The Perth Mint won’t release pictures of the new Lunar Snake design until later this year (probably August/September). When the Dragon was released some pictures were leaked a few weeks early, so hopefully the same thing happens again 🙂

  12. G says

    Dirk- nice on the hedgehog. I don’t necessarily agree. I think the gildeds will do quite well long term- but you’ll probably have to wait until the next dragon release- so in 12 years, I think it’ll be very popular. Up close, it’s one of the nicest dragons- not sure why it isn’t more popular- 50,000 is not a lot, and the premium was very small over the bullion issue.

  13. Nate says

    BB – I love your blog and appreciate the information you bring us, but may I suggest that producing a mockup of the designs is a bit reckless. I’m sure it’s fun to do but I don’t think it adds value to your blog posts and it sounds like it has caused confusion and misled customers in the past. Your posts do a lot to educate collectors, but the mockups have the opposite effect. Just my opinion.

  14. SliderMaker-mp says

    Nate makes a good point, but I think it’s a hoot that your design brought interest. I like the double dragon look too. You need to partner w somebody and mint your own rounds for mass distribution (I’m good for one-ha!).

  15. SliderMaker-mp says

    BB- Yes, the ’88 is nice- but your fields were much cleaner and quite appealing (to a novice like me 🙂

  16. says

    The Dragon Silver Coin Gilded Edition is a stunning coin – thanks for the info for this Mike.
    The price of US$99.78 seems fair. Why can’t the US Mint produce beautiful coins like this?

  17. SmallPotatos says

    My purchase of the Titanic coin from The Royal Mint arrived today! It is nicer in hand than i expected. While maybe not a top tier design, it is far better than most. Now I just have to wait for the Canadian Mint Titanic coin to show up!

  18. G says

    Did you have the previous one already, or you got it clean? I think I’ll get one, but I would definitely have bought another. I looked but nothing. I think coin of the year.

  19. G says

    Bill- I love the gilded dragon. I got four of them graded- I wouldn’t recommend getting them graded, but they look fantastic in PCGS holder- they fill up the entire circle. Really nice looking. As I said earlier- no more grading for me (except proof libertads).

  20. says

    Yes, my mistake on the Snakes, sorry guys. Did not mean to misrepresent.

    BB, I think your dragon mockup is a bit more interesting than the original! I second the folks who say you should produce your own rounds. I would buy one or two.

    As for the gilded dragon, I chose to pick it up because I like it and think it’s a good looking coin. Not every dragon’s going to be a home run and I am not buying for value with every purchase (though when attractiveness and value are combined, such as with Medal of Honor or the proof dragons, that’s always good news).

  21. G says

    Cap- I agree on the Gilded and the MOH. I got inspired to go through and organize my collection today (after work). I was happy to see those dragons. Looking at them together, I think the typeset is my favorite dragon item. (The fact that I got it from the mint direct didn’t hurt). As I looked at them, I wondered if they were overproduced, but they really are quite different (each dragon). I think my high relief arrives tomorrow p, and it will go into the dragon chest. I was starting to feel a bit like Bilbo Baggins with all these dragons, but before I worried about it, I rememnered not all who wander are lost. Time to trade some ASE’s in- silver’s back up.

  22. Rolling Thunder says

    The Perth Mint Blog has an explanation of how they apply the terms “proof, bullion, and specimen”.

    From their definitions, I think it is clear (although not clearly stated) that “specimen” is equivalent to “bullion” in quality – primary difference is “specimen” is released in limited packaging.

    So ANDA 2 oz colored “specimen” Dragon = 2 oz “bullion” Dragon (minus packaging & COA).

  23. G says

    Perth Mint package just arrived. The High Relief Dragon is stunning. Also really cool- the booklet that comes with the Titanic Coin. The Octopus coin is completely awesome. And my make-it-over-300 throw in Koala is actually really cute- it comes in a shrink wrapped card and in a holder with photos of a mom-baby koala. All in all- very satisfied.

  24. says


    Thanks for the notice on Perth’s explanation. I honestly had no clue what defined “specimen.”


    Can’t wait to get mine. Hopefully, they’ll arrive soon with the matter of my credit card seemingly cleared up…

  25. Wes says

    Some are questioning the long term value of the Perth mint Coins. As with any collectable it’s hard to know what future demand will be. That is why I always buy only what I like. I am not a flipper. I have baseball cards I collected that aren’t worth as much as I paid for them. I never regret that I bought them and still like to get them out once in a while. Sure thirty years from now they may be only bullion price but the fun of collecting is the reward not always the return.

  26. Jeremy says

    @Wes, The return, I believe for most, would be the reward. The knowledge that money was appropriated in a manner that has offered a return would provide the sense of contentment necessary for realizing funds have been properly applied.

    Some of these so called “numismatic” items, especially the early dated coins such as the 1909-S VDB penny, 1907 HR Saint Gaudens and many others are starting to demand premiums that may be reaching the ridiculous. I think caution should be taken because once this so called “economic crisis” comes to a full realization that demands real solutions finally be implemented alternative means of saving and investing will once again become available. These “investments” will then be liquidated and prices will come back down. Nobody, of course, knows when the top will be but we very well could reach the “irrational exuberance” moment in precious metals and it is very likely these high priced coins could see large reductions in demand.

  27. jeff72 says

    “Mongolia Hedgehog “sold out” at Euro Collections – checked them late into the night last night – no listing & 1st thing this morning listed as “sold out”!
    A zero for me! Anyone (who did not buy this series before) able to get one from Euro Collections?”

    Power Coin (http://www.powercoin.it/) might have one available -I am really impressed with this company -the owner personally answers inquiries and is very helpful. They have a great selection and cater to unique world offerings.

    On another note, the New Zealand Mint is coming out with a Great White Shark silver ….seen this yet? http://www.nzmint.com/coins/shop-online/2012-great-white-shark-1oz-silver-coin-set -I think this is pretty cool -check out the bite marks! Comments?

  28. Wes says

    Jeremy, Sure no one wants something they paid for to go down, but if coin collecting is only an investment you may be setting yourself up for disappointment. That is why I buy only coins I like. Like the Opal Koala and some of the other Silver Koala coins, or the 25th Anniversary Eagles set. I don’t think that Silver is overvalued at these levels. I actually thought Silver was undervalued prior to 2008.

  29. Jeremy says

    @Wes, I tend to agree largely with what you had said. However, my concern is with the continued increase, over numerous years now, of “numismatic” coins at auctions held on ebay along with the more prestigious known auction houses. The numismatic issues have advanced well beyond that of their actual content. For instance, while monitoring ebay I had witnessed a 1909-S VDB Lincoln cent reach a “gavel price” of $4,748.00. I don’t care if it were the last penny on the planet, I could never conceive of a penny commanding such a premium. This to me means that others are desperately looking for investments to position money in or there may be some lack of rational. I do not have any issues with products that can be acquired near the spot price but have become skeptical of items that appear to be exorbitantly overpriced.

  30. Rolling Thunder says

    Mongolia hedgehog
    Thanks for info. Price at EuroCollections was ~$180. and from PowerCoin is 450 euros (~$600). Maybe I’ll kick myself later, but I think I’ll wait & hope someone who got one wants to flip and I can get for less.

    PoweCoin often has some hard to find coins, and their eBay auctions are sometimes good buys, but I think their website prices are generally high.

  31. G says

    @Jeremy- you’re leaving out another possibility- with the divide between the very wealthy and the rest of the planet, those very scarce items that seem overpriced may just be priced according to the new economy that includes “no matter what it costs” customers (google money/bank bonus money).
    @jeff72- I love that shark coin. really cool. As a surfer, I have to point out that sharks really aren’t a danger to us, but that being said- I’ll get one.
    @Rolling: there’s an eBay hedgehog coin going now, but at 2500 of these and with the Owl and Wolverine, I think it’ll top 1k soon

  32. jeff72 says

    “Rolling Thunder says: PoweCoin often has some hard to find coins, and their eBay auctions are sometimes good buys, but I think their website prices are generally high”.

    I think “timing” is also a factor … -I’ve watched prices climb as inventory dropped on hot coins …or I was trying to make up my mind 🙂 -then got priced out 🙁

    …but when buying overseas.. “sight unseen”….I need to feel “comfortable” with that company -and_good customer service always ranks high on my “relationship” list.

    G says:
    March 9, 2012 at 3:27 am

    “@jeff72- I love that shark coin. really cool. As a surfer, I have to point out that sharks really aren’t a danger to us, but that being said- I’ll get one.”

    ….I gotta have one too 🙂

  33. Two Cents says

    Samuel, on Michael’s other blog, I had seen posts from some Perth Mint buyers who said that despite a notice on the mint’s website, they were charged for shipping.

    I was not aware of any special offer when I ordered the High Relief Dragon and was charged the AUS$19.50 shipping fee. After reading the posts, I emailed the Perth Mint’s Customer Service and politely asked them that I had previously ordered the Berlin Dragon as a first-time buyer and would I be eligible for the free-shipping offer on that order.

    Within 3 days I received a reply saying that the shipping fee will be dropped for the High Relief Dragon.

    Now that’s what I call GREAT customer service!

    My credit card was subsequently charged for only the price of the coin (converted to US$) and the website showed that the order was changed from Created to Approved. (However, the original order total still stands on the website: AUS$100 + AUS$19.50.)

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